Friday, August 27, 2010

Sounds like hog-wash...


By looking at this above, you would think I just let Jacob type.
Well, believe it or not, this gibberish is actually a word!

Kailey has it on her spelling test at school today! The word came from her math book and it's originated from the Dutch language, I believe? The teacher decided it would be fun to add the word to their list as extra credit.

Spell it?!! You can't even pronounce it!

Here's the kicker, she didn't receive the word until yesterday afternoon and the test it today! Impossible for anyone to memorize it that fast, and know it for today, right? WRONG! Not for my little genius. (Not without my help of course! ) Not to brag But... We had it memorized in a matter of less than 2 hours!!! And we didn't even eat Wheaties for breakfast! Alright, Alright ...I know answer the burning question HOW??

We're secretly Dutch and this is our first language?

NO! I'm kidding!

Seriously, we took each letter and turned it into a word, and then turned all of the words into a song! A catchy little song at that. It all tells a story about my girls AND has movements. Pure genius, I know!!

She'll probably be THE only kid in class who gets it right & can't get it out of her head. Or mine ( "Love, love, girls...")

Funny thing is everyone including the teacher will think she some how cheated. I can't wait to hear all about it when she gets home...

"The best mom EVER!"love, Kailey~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And to think I'm not a smoker or drinker...

This week;

Jacob tried to make Kool-aid on his own, and in the process gave a packet to Butter.

Kailey AND Madisen are both running for student council. So, I'm working double duty on their campaigns & speeches, while they watch T.V!

Kailey brings me a booklet of approx. 20 pages on Social studies, Sunday evening. Then proceeds to tell me she has a big test on it Monday morning, and she doesn't know ANYTHING!

During a storm the other night, sitting in the dark, we were all admiring the lightening, until we heard dripping water... INSIDE! Two of our oversized windows were pouring in water through the WALL. Really not good!

We had an unathorized charge on our bank account which put us broke and overdrawn. ON our anniversary! (14 years!!)

AND, as I sit here typing the motor on my dishwasher is going out!!

The worst part is I could keep going!