Saturday, March 29, 2008

What!... You went to the Principal's office!

Kailey came home from school with a note to her from a teacher. She was so excited for me to read it and see her precious note. Little did she know the note revealed a big secret. That secret being a little incident at school she just happened to forget to tell me about. The note was to Kailey about how her teacher wasn't mad at her and she was so sorry she was so upset at school blah blah blah. How she thought none of that would raise red flags is beyond me. Anyways, turns out Miss Kailey had been in the principles office the other day with another little girl over something silly. Apparently this little girl didn't like what Kailey was doing, causing a little argument ending with her hitting Kailey. Now everyday when she jumps in the car I hear every detail about her day. She said this, so and so did that! So, how come two days later I was finding out about this? You don't just forget a trip to the principal's office and having a meltdown, I mean really. I know she would have never told me had I not have questioned her about what the note was pertaining to. When I did ask what it was all about she was very apprehensive to tell me. She beat all around the bush, acting as though is was no big deal, telling me the story. In her mind she thinks it's bad anytime your in the principal's office, which is probably why she didn't come out and tell me about it that day. All in all it was fine she wasn't the one in trouble, but I wish she would have been comfortable enough to tell me. Most of the time I just rely on the girls to tell on each other to get my information. This time it just so happened Madisen didn't know about it. So, I guess this is something I need to figure out how to deal for upcoming secrets . I know she is not going to grow up telling me everything like Madisen, who tends to tell on herself. With Kailey I'll just have to start getting better tactics, like spying, sneaking around and bribery I guess. ( Oh dear God, I'm turning into my Mother!) I'll have to start now before those teenage years are here, and I'm out in left field trying with my pants down wondering what to do. Oh how I'm dreading them already.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The high heel workout

After running up and down a mountain chasing the girls during an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, my body is killing me. Muscles I didn't even know I had, hurt. I'm thinking high heels weren't the best attire for the day. Next time I don't think I'll forget to pack my tennis shoes. As it was the back end of my Tahoe looked like we were going camping with all the gear we had to pack for the day. Between shoes, clothes, food, baby stuff ect.. we looked like the Beverly hillbillies. Yet the one thing I needed I didn't have. Hunting in high heels was super fun, let me tell you. It turned freezing cold and windy. Every time I looked kailey would run one way while Madisen ran another. They looked like they needed to be on Ridilen with the attention span they had. " Look an Egg...." !!! Then there running off another way. It's unbelieveable what sugar can do. Meanwhile I'm shaking cold, trying to keep my balance while video taping them. I just hope the tape turns out half way descent with something on it. It will be a thousand wonders if the camera was able to focus on anything as much trouble as I had. For all I know it's a video tape full of the ground and the camera moving back and forth searching for the girls. I can't imagine what it will be like next year with Jacob running also. Well, at least I got a good work out right. Who needs the gym when you have kids.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Our Weekend was filled with Pounds of Chocolate, Church, tons of food and Lots of smiles.

With 20 other cousins Kailey's digging paid off, when she found the lucky Egg! Winning $12

Even though they had stayed up late giggling over the anticipation of the Easter bunny, they still managed to get up at 4 am. With a constant sugar rush all day they still had plenty of energy.
Baby's first Easter was the best ever. His joy was overwhelming! I don't know if it was all the excitement or the fact he managed to choke down some chocolate and foil first thing that morning, but he refused to nap. Little man made it as along as he could but missed the egg hunt. I don't know which was louder his snoring or all the other kids laughter.

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thirteen ideas for filling a Easter basket

Don't waist money on those Easter baskets filled with cheap junk. Make your own, you will get more for less.

1.The basket is your preference, they have tons to chose from. Think of this though the child is going to care more about whats inside than what it's in.

2. Edible grass for filling the bottom of any basket. It comes in all colors, it's edible so it doesn't just end up in the garbage or all over the floor. You can buy it for under a dollar a bag.

3. Shop the dollar racks, for great deals. If you have more than one child you save alot, the packs are usually come with two or three things. They have bubbles, games, stickers, toys, necklaces, ect..

4.Candy!!!! Everybody needs a hollow chocolate Bunny. Did you know they also make plastic eggs already filled with candy. These save lots of time.

5. Think outside the box. Leave the Easter aisles and head to the kids department. The clearance racks always have hair doodles on them, purses, and all those Little girly things. You can find alot ranging from $1-5.
6.Stuffed animals are great for the little ones. Wait till closer to Easter and they mark them down considerably. Most store buy more stuffed bunnies than anything. The stores don't want stuck with them so usually they go on sale first.

7.What girl doesn't love make up? Bonnie Bell brand is really cheap and they have a big selection.

8.If you have any empty baby jars ( which you clean out first of course!) you can add a candle to the inside and tie a ribbon around the top. Wa-la cuteness.

9.For a baby's first Easter you can add a Easter bib, soft candy, rattles and Wal-mart carries the cutest little tiny Bibles for .99. These make a great keepsake.

10.Coloring books, Magazines or books

11.Fun Bubble bath, toothbrushes, and toothpaste

12. Movie tickets ( some theaters will give you a cheap deal if you tell them your buying them for a birthday party, the child pass will then include popcorn and a drink)

13. Flip flops, sunglasses, and hats are all inexpensive and must haves for starting spring.

Monday, March 17, 2008

That sneaky Leprechaun is back

Finally the long awaited dreaded day has come, St. Patrick's Day. The girls have had the calender marked with a big warning sign 'Beware of this Day' since March 1st!! Every week they have watched the days count down until the Leprechaun comes. You see last year he came to our house while they were gone at school. He messed up their room, and left glitter everywhere. They found the blinds in their room all a mess with candy left at there window. He even peed green pee in their toilet which left the two of them running and screaming for their life. The worst part is this was the same day our baby St. Bernard 'Saddie' (the crazy dog with the severe case of separation anxiety), ate a hole in the sheet rock of our kitchen while I was gone. The girls were terrified and there was no convincing them that the dog did it. They would not leave my side that entire evening and getting them to go to bed that night was a huge issue. This morning they were excited to dress all in green today and couldn't wait to go pinch everyone. Although, they were very much dreading what they may come home to. This afternoon they came home to a room filled of mischief from a Leprechaun named Olis. We know this because he spelled his name out in green blocks that he left in their window, and signed his thumb print next to the warning on their calender. He dressed their stuffed animals all in green, left a green hand print on their mirror, dyed the soda green (where he must have taken a sip), and he even washed his hands and left a wash cloth in the bathroom. That sneaky little man not only visited our home, but went to their Webkinz home on the computer. Where he painted their room green and put green clothes on all their animals. I don't know if it's just that they are older or the fact that nothing terrified them as they came in the door, but I haven't heard any screaming or crying only giggling.
Happy St. Patty's Day~

Friday, March 14, 2008

There was no period in the whole story

Tonight both of the girls are off to sleep overs, leaving the house in unsettling silence. Kailey went to a friend’s house for a party and sleep over after school. I know she is in good hands but still my stomach is in knots with her gone. Madisen decided to go to my mom’s since Kailey is away. Kailey has yet to call home so I assume she is having a blast. She was already in sleepover mode when I left her this afternoon, and she ignored me talking to her friends. Madisen on the other hand has called three times in the last hour. She has yet to mention the big incident at school, which she told my mom about nonstop the entire way home from school. Apparently when she was in the bathroom today at school, and some older girl started her period for the first time. The whole incident was taking place when Madisen walked in the bathroom. She told my mom some girl was in the bathroom with blood all over her panties and …down there too! The girl was screaming and crying to other girls in the bathroom that she was dying. Madisen said she really thought she was dying, so she immediately started praying for her. As the other girls ran and got the teacher, Madisen panicked and made her way back to class. (I would imagine everyone there probably heard all about it. No doubt my little drama queen freaked out the entire class. So much for that girl’s privacy, huh) Well, she continued to tell my mom, she thinks the girl doesn’t eat enough and that’s why it happened. Which leaves me curious to know what else was said in class. My mom said she wasn’t going to touch the conversation with a ten foot pole, and refused to even comment on the story. I guess when she comes home I will have some explaining to do on her level about the situation. Until then I will at least know she will be eating well and she won’t forget her bedtime prayers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thirteen things about Madisen's Boo-Boo at school

1. She was running and having fun playing kickball .

2. Kayla tripped her and made her fall.

3. Blood was gushing EVERYWHERE.

4. Ms. Hept came running and carried her inside.

5. Everyone thought she was dying! (including her)

6. The teachers poured alcohol (peroxide) on it and boiled her knee.

7. They put lots of band aids on it.

8. She was still crying so they brought her candy.

9. She raced the teacher back down the stairs (the teacher informed me)

10. Back in the classroom she got lots of hugs and attention from the teacher.

11. Her friend Brianna told her it wasn't fair she was getting all the attention.

12. With a pouty lip, she limped to the car very slowly to come home.

13. She has propped her bum leg up on pillows and is now resting watching cartoons.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Toddler Tales

Ever since Madisen was a toddler she has loved clothes. Before kindergarten she would sneak clothes into a back pack where ever she went. She was always changing clothes, all day everyday. I tried hanging all of her clothes up high in the closet to keep her from getting them. Still that didn't work, I would still catch her trying to climb on something to reach them. Before you knew it here she would be wearing something different or just layers upon layers of clothes. I remember, one time I was in a rush to get her to a Dr.'s appointment. Late after driving across town I jump out of the car to get her out. Little did I imagine what I would find in the car seat. There she sat in a pajama top and a pair of shorts, hair all a mess. I just panicked in disbelief trying to get her descent enough to go in.
Well, most kids go through a stage and then it's done with. Well not Mady now at age 7 she is still doing this! Every day after school she raids her pantie drawer and heads for the closet. After cleaning all day it drives me crazy to peak in her room and see the drawers hanging out with clothes spewing out of them. Hangers and clothes all over the floor. While she's running around in outfit after outfit. By evening there's toys and clothes all over and you can't even see the floor. The next morning I can't even distinguish what's clean and what isn't. That is if she doesn't clean up the night before. If for some blessing she does then clean clothes are tossed in the laundry, while others are crammed in the closet hanging on to dear life on hangers. I can just see she is going to be the teenager girl I dread. She'll be one of those who leave the house and change while their at school. I don't know what I'm going to do with her? All I can say is Thank Goodness Jacob was a boy!

Look my crystal ball was right!!

Can you believe it, I was right!!!(doing the happy dance) Ah HA.. Dr. Devlen is AKA wing tattoo mystery man. I think Elexis was right when she commented last time. He's also the other person they spoke of with the same tumor as Nikolas. Which was one moment I must have pushed the DVR skip button and missed. Sorry but I have such a short time to watch, I skip through if I get bored. I can say that's mostly when Rick comes on with that new Mexican girl he's got. (Sorry I like Rick, but her not so much a fan.) Besides why did they change her character, I liked the first girl.
Anyways, I guess now we just wait and see if the old Carley comes back from Kate's past as I
said before. Well see..

Monday, March 10, 2008

Literally a Rotten Sunday

Yesterday's schedule was overloaded with places to be. I knew we would not be returning home until that evening, so I had lots to pack the kids for the day. Sunday mornings are a disaster anyways trying to get out the door early for church. Having a stupid time change didn't help either. Jacobs diaper bag was still stuffed in my backseat from the week before so I just packed his stuff in a plastic bag until the car ride. On our way to church I got out the diaper bag to throw everything in it. With being sick all week I hadn't been anywhere besides quick trips, so what was in there hadn't been touched in over a weeks time. First thing I noticed when I opened the bag was an old bottle of milk. It was still capped so I just tossed it below my seat and continued getting everything ready to take into church. As I'm filling up this tiny bottle of hand sanitizer to take in we all started to smell something absolutely nasty. Now I can't smell anything yet being so stuffy but I could really smell this stench. We are all looking everywhere until the smell became very distinctive... Rotten soured Milk! The bottle was leaking all under my shoes and soaking in the carpet. Quickly leaning over to grab it, hand sanitizer went everywhere. With only a roll of toilet paper in the car ( don't ask!) and hand sanitizer I cleaned it up. Leaving my hands smelling oh so wonderful, just in time to run into church. In the middle of church I realized not only I could still smell it on me but the bag as well. Little did I find it had leaked all inside in the bottom of the diaper bag that I had stuffed everything on top of. I felt so nasty, I refused to shake hands or take anything out of his bag. I kept everyone away using the Germ excuse to scare them off, letting them know I had been sick with the flu. Luckily, I don't think anyone got close enough get a wiff.

If you follow my blog, you know this isn't the first time I've had trouble at church.Do you think God's trying to tell me something? If so, please help me figure it out. I know they've about had it with me there.

Friday, March 7, 2008

That's it your GROUNDED

Yesterday after school I had to ground Kailey. She had the phone, computer and TV taken away until Saturday. All of which she just can't live without. Last night with nothing else to do, she somehow convinced Madisen to play with her instead of watching TV. After an entire week of nothing but fighting I heard them in their room laughing and playing together. As much as I was relieved to hear them actually getting along and playing, I was a little concerned. Isn't she supposed to be moping around learning a lesson, being grounded? It was as if she wasn't even on punishment playing and having fun. Makes me wonder should next time I say "Your grounded from your sister?".

Thursday, March 6, 2008

General hopsital prediction

My latest Gh prediction; Jerry Jaxes pal, The mysterious mob man with the wing tattoo on his shoulder. I believe to be the NEW Dr. in town none other than Dr.Devlen. Okay let me know what you think? Prove or disprove my theory~

Who new a sticker could cost so much!

If you will notice my inspection sticker says May ,07. To some they would be in an absolute panic seeing how we are in March, 08 and this means I am beyond late for an inspection. Every year it's the same story for whatever reason, and I am late. It usually takes a ticket to get the attention of my husband to help resolve whatever the issue is of why I haven't gone. Which I have gotten the last three years thanks to road blocks and had to wiggle my way out. For instance, last year dead sticker because my tint was too dark = Ticket. First of all it's not a good idea to run from the road block, you will get caught no matter how soon you turn around. The kids will be scared and a snotty cop will cop an attitude, even if you think of a good excuse... Not that I would know ;) . After that ticket I ended up peeling all the tint off myself. What a mess that was! (Jason knows better than to leave me alone too long.) I then got my inspection, pleaded to the district attorney, got out of court and had no fines. (na-na-na boo-boo... Mr. just got out of training, cop)
Well, this year I actually tried to get my inspection after it was dead for only a couple months ( I know i'll never learn). Seeing how this year our state has a new law, if your vehicle is older than a 95 you will just receive a ticket in the mail. Being a good little girl that gave me a little umph to take it in. Well I was refused service until I get a new tire. I can still see a few tread imprints what's the problem. Now a $39 inspection just went to about $160! I didn't have the $39 to begin with. So seeing how I can't afford that and I don't know how to change the tire to my spare, I sit and wait in desperation for help. Changing a tire was the first thing my dad taught before he would allow me near the vehicle to drive. I guess I should have focused more on that lesson, instead of where I wanted to go once he gave me keys. Even so , if I did go outside and try to figure it out on my own I still would be stuck. Lucky me my check engine
light came on causing more problems. Little red light = No Sticker! My once small problem is slowly growing. Too bad the state doesn't recognize feeding my kids is a little more important than some stupid sticker. So, all I can do is drive scared hoping not to get pulled over again for no reason or get stuck in a yet another road block. Still awaiting my dreaded ticket in the mail. (..Wonder what they do if that's not paid?) Until then hopefully the cops will stay off my back and do something productive. They can start by wiping the jelly donut off their face instead of hunting down Innocent women. In any case if I turn up missing I may be in a cell with some woman named Berta. All because I don't have the money to pay for a ticket, get my car fixed and get a STICKER!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drink it and lets go!

I'm still battling the flu and I am really dreading the kids getting it. I know from when I used to work in the hospital vitamin C is a huge benefit when you are sick. Taking 2,000 mgs day once you first start felling sick will really help. (No, it won't kill you. Sure it may give you a little twitch but isn't that worth feeling better..Just kidding) Really, a lot of those in health professions swear by it. It seems to help you get over your sickness a lot faster than using nothing. For the kids I am just pushing a lot of vitamin C through orange juice, because they can't take the vitamins. Now Kailey loves oranges but this morning decided she hated orange juice. It's all because I said she needed to drink it because it was good for her. You would have thought I was giving her slop, a ground up vitamin drink or something. Here she sat making faces, and holding her nose to drink. It took her 45 minutes to get down half a glass. I never knew drinking a glass of squeezed oranges and sugar could be so difficult. Tired and sick I was not amused in the least little bit. I don’t understand why they have to be so difficult when you’re sick. It’s like they gang up on you and decide to kick you when you’re down. The fighting increases, homework becomes a struggle, all rules just go flying out the window as if they never existed. Let me tell you, their just loving taking advantage of the situation. If I didn’t feel like complete total crap I’d kill em, for sure.
Here’s a little tid bit for Kailey to prove mommies not just some crazy fool.
"Vitamin C is prized for its immune boosting benefits to the body. When you get a cold or the flu, the virus tends to attack your healthy blood cells, which then have fight back – this makes you tired and drains you of energy. When you drink orange juice or any other citrus juice packed with vitamin C, you are literally giving your healthy blood cells a boost of power to repel those nasty cold germs. Many people choose to take the tablet form of vitamin C. Either way, vitamin C is one of the most powerful home remedies you can take to fight off a cold." (

Sorry for my lame post, but Give me a break. Did I not just say I don't feel good. Man, what do I need to do to get some symaphy around here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mayday Mayday moms down

(Warning; while reading this, please back away from the monitor)

Lucky me, yesterday morning I woke up sick. I don't have a doctor’s opinion but I am diagnosing myself with the Flu. I have Fever, chills, coughing, headache, sore throat, nausea and everything else above (In other words..'I'm dying'!). With the flu going around here rapid, I can only guess I picked it up at Wal-mart. With all the germ infested buggies there, I'm sure that's what did it. I slather in germ-X, every time I shop but it must not have been enough. With all the hackers out there that won't stay home when they are sick (thank you very much) I may have even gotten it air borne. Regardless I have been on couch duty and being avoided like the plague. With it being Monday and having no help and my household duties still await me. Unfortunately there was no way to call in sick and so I am forced to keep up the pace. The fact that Jacob is now crawling, our house isn't completely child proof, he learned to get out of his walker, and he isn't fond of staying in the playpen, makes it hard to rest. I was hoping the kids would hold off on getting this until I am better. But with Jacob already not sleeping well and fussy, I am sure he is taking it already. He has done nothing but cry and nothing seems to please him. It's only an hour before I try and drive to pick up the girls. Jacob is now asleep and I don't see the cleanup fairies coming anytime soon, so I will painful force myself out from underneath the covers to get things done. Please make it end!!

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