Friday, March 27, 2009

Staying at home is SO worth it!

I can hang out in my sweats and no one cares.

I can play on the computer for as long as I want.

I can relax and watch TV. In my jammies, even if it's NOON!

It doesn't matter that my kitchen is always a mess.

I can nap whenever and where ever I please.

I can even clean while eating chocolate, anytime I feel like it!

Yep, Life is great staying at home. It's way better than daycare!

(Play Friday's Foto finish fiesta with Candid Carrie)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life with children


What it feels like going anywhere...

Packing for a weekend getaway...


They tell everyone everything they know...


School Field trips...

Life just wouldn't be the same without them!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Times are tough

*Thank you, Gayle ; ) !! You made my day*

I want you to look at all these bills!

The sad part is, this doesn't even include the ones I just toss in the garbage, our E-bills online, or the ones coming in today's mail. What the heck do these people think, we have money trees growing in the backyard? They just keep piling up, and the ones I actually open, keep adding up. Each month they are higher and higher.

Things are getting so bad here. It's getting to the point, that I'm going to have to either find a poll to swing on or rob a bank.

So, can you help me guess the code?

(What!! Don't judge)

Didn't you get the point I was trying to make? I'm broke, so what makes you think I own a pair of stilettos? (If I did I would have sold them for money by now.) What? You can't be a sexy chick swinging on a poll in ratty tennis shoes? (Alright, and too I'm just not that type of girl!)

Now get to thinking!!!

CODE? What's the darn code?? I know between grandma and holidays this thing has got to be loaded. They never buy anything. Little tight wades, don't even splurge for a pack of Bubble gum unless I pay for it.

Hey, Jaina & you to Gayle I heard that!!

Snicker all you want. But, do you see this little guy?...

Now, could you let that cute little belly go hungry?

HA! Not so funny now is it? I didn't think so!

So THINK People!!

Time is of the essence. In a few more hours they will be home and I will get SO busted.


Note; Conscience kicked in (I couldn't find tools) and no banks were robbed. Also, No bellies were actually growling during the making of this post.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Abracadabra ~ Poof!

The other night Jason and I realized we are doomed. We better hope and pray now Jacob never gets into drugs. If he does we will NEVER find his secret stash.

That night, we searched for 2 hours straight for even one of his 4 missing paci's. Searching with flashlights we looked in every nook and corner, of the house. I did find 2 which had been lost eons ago, but none of the original 4.

Why the need for so many Pacifiers you ask? If your asking I'm assuming your child is not a paci sucker. If they were, you would understand the need for so many. I've had plenty of sleepless nights looking for a paci's, he has either spit or thrown across the room. I've been half asleep crawling on the floor in the dark, searching for paci's. Searching his covers, in between the cracks of the crib, all over, all night.Trust me, we NEED 5 paci's! My brilliant idea? I'll buy lots of paci's, and every night I'll put them all around his head. This way he is surely to find one of them, if he wakes up. And Ta-da it worked!! There was only one draw back to my master plan. Now he is not only addicted to one paci but 5! Every morning we have to carry ALL of them, for about an hour. Taking turns sucking each one. From there they go up to the cabinet, until bedtime. ( My new rules since the missing incident)

The day after the missing 4~
All paci's that morning went to the cabinet, per the new rule. Except the missing ones of course! Which made their way one by one, as I found Jacob sucking on them. Where did he find them? I still have no idea? All I know is the little Houdini, could have saved us a whole lot of headache, if he had been awake.

When should he give up the paci(s)? Dr.'s say sucking needs end after 6 months. Other people argue over the dental issues and appearance. Blah blah blah...
Personally I don't care about what the statistics are or everyone's opinions.
Right now I'm thinking, the Easter Bunny's little bunnies may need them, so we may shoot for that!