Sunday, August 24, 2008

Celebrating with Rats

Today I have Chuck E Cheese anniversary party reservations for five. Well, No not really but it might as well be. It's our 12 year wedding anniversary, and Jason and I will be toting along all three kids for our celebration dinner. Not that we weren't given the opportunity to go out solo, or even considering the fact we haven't gone alone since February. (As temping as it sounds) We just know there is no way we can sit and enjoy food at our favorite restaurant, knowing they would give anything to go themselves. The Japanese fire tricks just wouldn't be the same without their little face lighting up.

Did I mention this is our 12 year anniversary! Seeing how we moved in with one another two weeks after we met,we've actually been living together 14 years. Yet,anniversary number wise, I guess those two years just don't count. I'm sure by now my mom has given up hope that I will be moving back in. Besides, I'm sure bringing back a husband and three kids, wasn't exactly what she was crying for. I knew that day and the day I got married he was Mr. right. Even the huge fight at my reception with my brothers over shaving cream, didn't change my mind. So, here we are 12 years (+2), three kids and a cat later, still giddy over one another. Who'd a thunk it?
All I know is I need to keep all of this on the back burner of my mind. That is until the day one of my girls shows up with a boy (that she had claimed was Only a friend, that I've barely met), and says she's in love and she moving out. FYI~ No matter what they say, Friends don't ask to leave a dozen roses on their bed while their at school!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A stand in for Romeo

It all started back in first grade when Kailey met Tom. He stole her heart over a game of tag, and from then on she has been whole heartily dedicated to him. He has bought her many gifts through the years and been the center of all her future dreams. Even when he moved to another school last year they have kept in touch. They only get to talk about once every six months. (He's the one who took her rafting for her birthday) It's very sad considering they only live about 2 miles a part. ( Long story but a divorce and witch of a mother is the cause for that!) Each one is just as dedicated as the other. All along I thought wow, Jason and I must be great role models in this area.
That was until today!
New school, new boys and suddenly we have a new perspective on the (Do you want to be my girlfriend? circle Yes or No.) dating scene.
Jumping off the bus she was telling me all about this boy who has a crush on her. How cute he is, how him and his friend were whispering about her, yada yada, he wants to be her boyfriend.What is she supposed to tell him about Tom? Talking away without pause, she resulted in her own conclusion.
"I think it's just good to keep my options open, I think I'll keep him as a substitute back up."
Yes, I too was surprised by that comment. Hmm... Now that she definitely didn't get out of mommy and daddy's marriage! (And she certainly doesn't know about the days when I was a double dater!) Guess, that whole BS about I'm her biggest role model really is a load of crap. Or, Maybe it's just in the genes?
Either way, Oh my what I have to look forward to!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cruel and unusual punishment? You decide...

"Daddy are you serious?"

We are now going on day 7, of the girls believing our cat has a twin. At first they were skeptical as they rolled their eyes and listened in disbelief.

Two cats?
Could it be?
An identical twin which appears out of no where?
No way!

You see we supposedly purchased a twin set of cats instead of one. Cats go off and hide for hours to take a break, so we needed two. This way when one was hiding, the other could come out and take his place to play. The switch secretly happens when no one is looking.

That's why the cat wouldn't answer to Max when you would call it. (It had nothing to do with the fact that, it would never have babies and you refused to believe it was a boy, calling it 'Maxie'.)

The extra twin is very easy to distinguish when they bring it to be identified. You see, he is the calm one. He's friendly, doesn't scratch and appears to be just awakened. As each day passes they are more and more convinced the other twin really does exist. Every once in a while one will come running claiming they saw the other. " It had to be him, Max was just over there!"

Pretty soon they will either wise up or I will have to reveal the truth about Daddy's Myth. Until then the mystery claim is still unproven!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crack addict Daddy?

An eyebrow raising conversation at the dinner table~
Madisen: "Daddy is that a line of crack?!!"

Very confused, she was a little upset with all our laughter.

Ps: Yes, I am in desperate need of new dishes. Any charity lovers out there feel free to donate at any time. Consider this as me standing here with my card board sign begging!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost in translation

I know what your thinking I've been gone long enough, right? Well, today the girls finally went back to school! So I guess it's time I stop ditching the house work and blogging, seeing how now I have no excuses. Besides laying out by a pool watching my imaginary children would just be plain weird. I just have to face it, play time is over and it's time to go back to our normal routine. Which I have to say was a hard pill to swallow, when the alarm was going off, at the the butt crack of dawn this morning! I don't know if it was all the anxiety about the girls going to school , the full moon or what , but I got No sleep. I tossed and turned all night going over everything in my head. What all I need to do, should have done, or didn't get to do rassled through my brain over and over. I think this morning I was more nervous then they were, about their new school. I gave them more instructions then they can comprehend in a month. The basic who, what, when and where's...

Who they should and shouldn't talk to.

What they should and shouldn't do, say, or act like.

When they should, shouldn't, can and can't.


Where they should, shouldn't, can and can't.....

By the time we were in the car, any and all fears they may have had about school quickly disappeared. They both agreed they knew exactly where to go and tried to convince me my assistance getting them to their classes, was unnecessary. After lots of questioning them about their fears from the night before, when visiting their classes, they announced I would be embarrassing. Embarrassing? What? So that's how it's gonna be, huh? Reluctant they let me walk them in regardless. Well, not really it was more like they let me follow them in. I toted Jacob as they ran off down the hall and left me in their dust trail. Once I caught up to them, I didn't see a single forth or second grader noticed me, but I kept all hugs and kisses to a minimum. You know not to Embarrass anyone or anything! It was clear when their was no eye contact and a shoulder shrug that it was my time to go.

So now I am left with a less quieter house, with plenty to do and no idea where to begin. Here I spent days waiting for this moment and here I sit like a lost puppy. A rejected lost puppy that is!