Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Decor and more..

Back when I was searching for cute nursery decor for Jacob’s room, I found this site. I fell in love with all the cute things. This boutique has quality artwork and it's all extremely affordable. I have the Bunny Gingham collection in my nursery and it's so cute. I also love all the girly things she has and would love to add to girls room. There are also some great ideas for low budget decorating, and a drawing giveaway each month.Best of all there's Free shipping !


Look how precious these are

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day at the Dentist

Yesterday I had to take Madisen to the Dentist. During her appointment Kailey and I waited in the waiting room. It’s such a small clinic and with having a sleepy 9 month old it wasn’t a good idea, for us all to be in the back the whole time. Here we sat in this tiny waiting room full of people. Kailey was trying to do homework, so I was trying not to talk to her. I hate sitting with nothing to do in such a confined area. The whole situation is just awkward to me. I don’t want to just sit and stare at the person in front of me. If you barely glance at them too long they instantly give some weird look, it's really uncomfortable. So then I try my darnedest not to look their way, which makes it even harder. (What do you do?) I hung my head and stared at the floor a while. I realized then I really need new shoes, a nap, the floor could really use some cleaning, and I feel like some depressed fool looking down so long. So I looked up for a while checking out those around, and stare at the wall and read what little signs are posted. Knowing I can’t read Spanish and I’ve read all the others so much I could repeat them by memory, I sat in boredom. Every five minutes felt like hours until the silence was broken and they called me. Thank goodness the torture was over so I could go home. She was such a big girl. This time they didn’t have to hold her down to clean her teeth. She didn’t even cry about having x-rays, it was wonderful. From the way she cried all week leading up to her appointment, I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out she’ll have to have one big appointment at the hospital at a later date. I think in the meantime I'm not going to tell her to avoid the anxiety and I will go buy some new shoes and a good book.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Choking game

I heard on the news about a new deadly game the kids are playing ‘The Choking game”. This wasn’t new to me as I remember the kids playing it while I was in middle school. It looks like more than just bell bottoms and leggings are back from the past. It’s a game where the kids choke themselves to get high, in some cases having deadly results. The game is known as Gasp, Space Monkey, rising sun, knockout, space cowboy ect.. It is a known drug substitute for children starting around the 9-14 age. Here two days after I caught Kailey with a dog leash wrapped around her neck pretending to choke herself, this aired on the news. I was shocked and scared when it happened and then very aware of the talk we needed to have after the show. I quickly confiscated the leash and went over the dangers. I don’t believe she knew what she was doing, but that’s where it starts. The innocence of children can be deadly. Be aware and know what's going on before it's too late.
Warning signs
Sore throat (continues not due to allergies or cold)
Marks on the neck
Bloodshot eyes
Severe headaches
Shoe laces, leashes or belts lying around

The game
They choke themselves or have another child choke them until they pass out. At this time oxygen is cut off to the brain, which causes brain cells to die. This gives the child a light headed feeling. As chemicals are released this gives a feeling of being high. This is really the brain dying, starving it of oxygen.
Some children report this as a dream state. It can lead to brain damage, seizures and death. This game can be very addictive leading children to play it alone more and more often. Some have been known to even hang themselves just to get that high, resulting in suicide.
With in 3 minutes a child can suffer from noticeable brain damage.
4-5 minutes with no oxygen and you brain will die.
In some cases the children were only alone 15 minutes and it was deadly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not a happy camper

At 5am Daddy was being too loud and woke him up early. Everyone was too busy getting ready for school to play with him. He was drug out in the rain during a thunderstorm to take his sisters to school. His morning nap was continuously interrupted by the phone ringing. During lunch after working so hard to grab a foil lid, mommy was so mean and took it away. The cat has been stealing his toys all day. He managed to crawl between the couch and table to grab some cords, but mommy came and snatched him up. He crawled as fast as he could but it wasn’t enough. Then she just had to vacuum, even though she knows he’s terrified of it. Heart beating and tears welling up she had to put him down to put away the vacuum. He’s been in so much pain cutting 4 upper teeth, and its given him diarrhea. Cranky he had a ba-ba and snuggled with mommy, just to fall asleep in time to leave 10 minutes later to pick up his sissys. Who come home ill and won't let him play with them. Bless his heart he's had a rough day. I would be ill too!

Monday, February 25, 2008

10 Ways the kids can help take some of the load off, giving you more time to relax.

Having your children help you will give them a sense of responsibility & maturity. It will teach them how to clean and show them the importance of keeping it clean. I know first hand how frustrating it can be when you want things done a certain way, and those little hands just don’t give you that result. That’s why I think you should limit their duties to very simple yet time consuming tasks.

1.Let them empty the dryer for you, putting all the clothes in a basket for you to fold. My girls pretend they are dump trucks and take little bits in the basket and dump them on the couch for me.
2.Give them easy things to put away after folding Ex; socks, underwear ect..
3.Leave them a pile of hangers and have them put the clothes on them. Then you’re only left to hang them in the proper place.
4.Dusting is very simple for young ones. Rag with spray and their good to go. Those little fingers can get in places you never knew dust even existed.
5.Have them help you carry in groceries.
6.After grocery shopping leave everything that goes in the fridge for them to do.
7.Make their beds but leave the pillows and stuffed animals .
8.When empting the dishwasher leave all the silverware for them.
9.After supper let them scrape off dishes and put back all fridge items.
10.Have them pick up all their dirty clothes and put in the basket.
Letting them do these little things from time to time will better their lives and yours. Yes, they are small but five minutes here and there adds up fast. If you’re like me by the time you sit down in the evening it’s 9 pm and you can barely keep your eyes open from exhaustion. I don’t know about you but I think it’s worth paying a quarter here and there for some free time.
When using these concepts do expect your child to experience these phases at any given time:
Excitement Phase- The first time they are getting to do grownup stuff with Mommy. They’ll grin form ear to ear and can’t wait to hear the next step.
Complaining Phase- The whining begins as to “why do they have to”,”Do I have to?”, “How long” “why? Why? Why?
Toughing it out Phase- They’ll pout and walking around. Maybe crying for sympathy, mumble stuff behind your back...
Eager to please Phase- “Did I do a good job?”, “what else can I do?”, “Come look!”
Trained Phase- They do it regardless of anything.

In the end you’ll be surprised when they begin to do things without you asking.

With all the extra time this will save you can then use it to pamper yourself.

Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

5 drops of fragrance
4 cups distilled water
1 cup Castille soap (or unscented shampoo)
1 ½ oz liquid glycerin (skin moisturizer) found in health food stores

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Banana Mystery

Just the other day I was running late, as usual trying to get out the door. I know why do I need to be all dolled up at 7 am just to drop off the kids? I’m not even going in, but God for bid I get in a car wreck and someone see me. What can I say I have issues. Well, this morning I had a good excuse I was trying to get everyone ready and do housework, because I wasn’t coming back home. I was going to spend the day taking care of my dad, to relieve my mom. I had plenty I could do there, but I thought I would take everything to make banana bread and pudding. I had two big bundles of banana’s ruining and this would be a good way not to waste them. That morning, I told Kailey to put them in a bag for me and set them with everything I had packed. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I thought that’s the least she could do. My biggest mistake was I did not make eye contact with her, while she was sucked into the show ‘Pet star’. I should have known my simple clear directions could not breakthrough her comatose state without broken reception. When I arrived at my moms with bags of stuff for the day, I couldn’t find the bananas. So frustrated and too far from home, I just stood sighing in disgust. That evening brain fried tired, and the fact I had no sticky note to remind me, I forgot all about not having them. The next evening once I remember my loss and I began looking for them again. They still were no where to be found. Come to find out Kailey had stuffed them in a bag, and threw them away. By that time they were way beyond recovery and she just stood wondering what the problem was. After I explained why I’m not going to just dig them out of the garbage, she proceeded telling me she didn’t like banana bread anyways. (Oh!, Well silly me what was I thinking? Getting my panies in a bunch all for nothing.) ..You see this is excactly why I try to do everything myself, and go crazy in the meantime.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Fight the frump with Fussy

I think eventhough we desperately need to work on fighting the frump, when we go out. I do believe it's also important, if not more important to start inside the home. Our wife roles are what lead us to motherhood so shouldn't we start there. I know there are some days you want to relax in something comfy, But let's try defrumping our bedtime wear.

Mommy Fashion Don'ts

First off toss the moo-moo's and curlers, your showing no effort with those.

Pajamas with cartoon characters, what are you 13? Get rid of those!

Pull out your good panties and the purfume and get to work

Look at these, really cute non-Frumpy PJ's

A little conservative for around the kids, yet a little sex appeal thrown in for the hubby.

Feeling a little froggy you can go with these other options;

1. Something that says I'm still hot, but hides most any flaws. Gives you enough coverage, so you can wear it infront of the younger kids.

2. Shows a little more skin, say's I'm cute and frisky.

3.For those nights the kids are gone to grandmas, or out cold for the night.

Warning: Please proceed with Caution

(this option could lead to more babies)

This say's come here Big Daddy..

Believe me if you have Any flaws, in this he'll Never see them!

These are all great for mixing about, just make sure you don't mix the do's with the dont's;

Tune in again on Fridays for more Fight the Frump with Fussy


Thursday, February 21, 2008

GH gossip, Carly will be back

Did you hear the old Carly is comming back? No, not the one who is now Claudia Zacchara. Which I predicted would be Johnny's sister all along. ( Who I'm so glad to see learned not to flare her nose anymore.) I'm talking about the older Carley, the one who Rick had locked in the panic room when she was pregnant , Carly. Remember her?

I read headlines she'll be back! As who I don't know? All I know we will then have three Carlys running around? I'm having enough trouble getting used to the fact that Claudia is not Carly as it is. What is it with this program? Can they not get any one new? Hello...I'm right here!! I'm such Carly material, I swear they need me. Any GH agents reading ( Call me..) Okay,
Here's my prediction; I'm thinking she may have something to do with Kate. They've been asking if she has any family now that she's been shot. Maybe a sister? I may change that we'll see..

I also think Drama queen Liz is trying to steal my identity. I had Jason's baby and I named him Jake first! And for the record he was planned.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She's definately mine

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running on Fumes

Today’s bit of advice from the kitchen. If you’ve had trouble with your coffee maker from day one I suggest you return it as soon as possible. It will save you a lot of headache in the near future. One warning sign that you bought the wrong one might be; when you find your coffee maker is spewing grinds and coffee out the top of the machine making a huge mess. If you do not heed to this red flag and decide to keep it, even though this continues to happen on any given day, buyer Beware. For one day you might wake up to a burning smell and see your kitchen filled with hot steam, and still no coffee. If this does happen to you, you can still make coffee by pouring boiling water over the grinds themselves. FYI this will take well over 25 minutes, causing you to be late and your coffee will taste like crap. If you’re lucky you will not live out in BFE where a Star Bucks does not exist. In which case you will not be forced to run off just the smell of the fumes from the coffee you couldn’t drink.

(BFE)-‘Butt F#@* Egypt’- a place where normal civilization does not exist.
Ex: You might be there If;
You can look around and only see cows.
Your children think it's funny to sneak chickens in the house
Someone in your family is married to a cousin.
There isn’t a gas station for miles.
You can drive for 15 miles and wave to almost every car you pass, because you know them.
It only takes 1 phone call for the whole town to know all your business.
Where you live there is No cable TV / internet.
Your property taxes showed $1000, for a chicken coop built out of spare lumber

Monday, February 18, 2008

Scrambled Mess

I’m not sure what the appropriate age is to introduce girls to cooking. I do know, if you asked my two little mother hens the time is long over due. They have always done the occasional stirring of brownies and cakes. Mostly I think their eagerness to help is just so they can lick the spoon. Even so it’s nice to have that mother daughter time. Kailey is getting of age where she is dying to cook. Really cook, as in I might get burned stove top kind of cooking. The stove makes me very nervous with her lack of understanding of how hot the burners can get. She is about as graceful as I am and I can just see it leading to a trip to the emergency room. Putting all fears aside, Sunday morning I decided I would let her do a little more than usual. With close supervision I had her making scrambled eggs. I had bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast also which I was cooking and with Jacob next to me in his walker, my hands were full. For the most part she was doing it on her own. Well, I don’t know if it was the excitement of cooking or the chocolate milk she drank, but she could not be still. Here she is jumping around holding up one leg with one hand and a spatula in the other. I asked repeated if she had to pee or something but the answer over and over was “no”. Trying my patients before I knew it, she had eggs thrown all over the kitchen. Across the stove, on the burner, under the burner, they were everywhere. I was lucky there was enough left in the pan to even feed Jacob. Meanwhile I’m thinking, maybe I should have started this long ago. With this kind of progress her cooking skills may take some time. Bless her heart she tried and at least they were edible. I guess for this being a first it didn’t go all that bad, except for the mess. I think next time we do this we will skip the cheese, cleaning up dried cheesy eggs is not easy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Compliment or Insult?

All this past week I’ve been at the hospital with my dad. I was there with the baby and my mom started a guessing game with the nurses. That seemed to be the only way they would stop by seeing how they are too lazy to do anything. Apparently all they are there for is to stand around and get fat stuffing their faces. Why would they come in to bathe him and change the bed, they are too busy not charting to do that. I was a CNA, so I was a little peeved they weren’t doing their job. Anyways, they were guessing how old Jacob was as each one came through. I found out not only are they lazy but stupid also! Come on would a baby be eating cheerios if it was 3 mos old? Not only did they miss his age over and over they all thought I was 10 years younger. In a way it does make you feel good to think you’re young looking. On the hand it bothers me as to why? Is it my looks? My attitude? The way I dress? What??? Should I feel insulted or take it as a compliment? I guess depending on what question and how you answer it would decide that. People mistake it all the time. One that’s really embarrassing is when I get carded for buying smokes for Jason. For one thing I hate buying them. I feel like I have to justify that they aren’t for me. I especially did when I was pregnant. I didn’t want people thinking I was smoking while pregnant. Now that I’m not, It’s stupid I know, like I would be some bad mother if I was a smoker. But every time I buy them I’ll say something to let them know they aren’t mine. Little comments like, “Oh he’ll just have to deal with it if they aren’t in a box.” You only have to be 18 to buy smokes, surely I look older than that! I’m 31 running around with three kids and wearing a wedding ring. Although around here that’s not uncommon for 18. I just hope the comments don’t ever stop, because one day I’m sure I’ll be begging to hear it. In the meantime I'll just be annoyed and try and take advantage of it. Like using it to keep Jason from chasing younger woman.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Alright Alright I'm writing..

I was tagged by Karen from; The Rocking Pony Here I am face covered in chocolate drooling over Jason and this crazy chick fiddling with her bra tags me. Had I seen her coming I would have thrown the baby and left the girls to fend for them selves. Instead I’m forced to write 6 weird things about myself. (Really forced... she is standing her with her under wire threatening to poke me in the eye.)
As if everyone didn’t already think I’m weird enough here goes.
1.I unaware say “Say” all the time. It’s like saying “hey’ to get ones attention. Example; “Say, get that wire away see I’m typing!” most of the time I say “Say” until they answer. About everyone I know teases me about it. What’s sad is most of the time I don’t realize it and just keep talking with them.

2.I must have a little fork and spoon when eating. They can’t be real silver either; I hate the way it tastes. It a little embarrassing when company is over and everyone has a large utensil and I’m the only one with a small one. I will even get up and look for one if I get the wrong one. That with the fact I hate eating in front of others doesn’t make for a pleasant time. I get nervous or something and I feel like I eat all funny. I then end up trying to concentrate on eating so hard that I can’t think of what I’m saying. It’s then give or take which is worse the conversation or my eating manners.

3.I do very superstitious things. Such as I carry a rusty nail in my wallet that I found. I believe it’s supposed to keep money for you? So far it doesn’t seem to keep bills in there. So, really I don’t see the purpose. Maybe I should throw it away. Another is if I see a black cat run across in front of my car, I spit on the windshield and make an ‘X’. It’s not something that happens often, but it does happen. This is something passed down through the generations in my family. Why? I don’t know I just do it.

4.If I am extremely tired and I wake up after sleeping a while I will hallucinate and say all kinds of non sense things. I’ve seen huge spiders a lot. Jason’s favorite is the smoke detector light above our bed. He loves getting woke up to me scared out of my mind with the huge spaceship light coming at me. Once I was screaming and when he sat up I thought he was one of two Aliens over me, saying “poke her in the eye”, and I started hitting him and fighting for my life till I woke up. Yes, I would say this is his favorite characteristic of me.

5.I must be obsessed with hygiene. I brush my teeth several times a day. I’ve counted 6 times today and it only 6:30 pm. I’m the same way with deodorant. It’s not like I stink. Just wanting to be fresh I guess. You would think I would just grab a mint and some body spray and call it a day.

6.I can’t stand to have my feet covered up at night. I absolutely feel like I can not breathe. If I don’t notice it I’m okay. Especially if I’m really cold. If Jason curls up to me and my feet are constricted in the covers I start hyperventilating until I get loose. I used to sleep with my head covered up and my feet out, until I had kids. Now I have to hear them so I got over that part. Thank goodness because I’m sure it was really weird for Jason. Like sleeping with a blanket burrito I would imagine.

Well, that’s the 6 I narrowed it down to. If you didn’t read karen’s post first then you really must think I’m weird. Either way I did this crazy task and she can take her bra and go back to her Blog now.
Next I Tag;
Mary -Almost Somewhat Positive
-Caffine Court
-Peas in my hair

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is...

When he's constantly professing his love with I love you's
When he rushes home just to be with you
Spends the weekend on the couch hanging out when he could be doing other things
He carries your purse and bags while shopping at the mall
when he curls up to you at night and runs his fingers through your hair
Comes up from behind just to steal a hugs & kisses
When you find those unexpected roses he went out and bought
Getting a phone call or text message from him while he's at work
When he puts you on a pedestal and treats you like a queen
Finding a love note by the coffee cup that he's set out for you while you slept in
When he rubs your feet or back every night while you watch tv and cuddle
Makes you smile when you've had a bad day
Buys you candy and ice cream when he goes to the store, because he knows you won't
Tells you how great you look you are when your having one of those days
When you know he will come running when ever you need him
When he chases you down the hall after the kids are asleep
When he sneaks home from work just to see you
When you still get butterflies after 12 years
Sorry Ladies he's already Taken
Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesdays Toot

After 4 years and Kailey sitting on her hair, she was in dire need of a hair cut. Being broke with a pair or scissors and no cosmetology skills, I thought I would take the honors. I was thinking how hard could it be to cut a straight line? A bunch of third graders are the only ones who will be noticing her hair and what do they know, right? Little did I realize I was dealing with a horse's mane here. This child has the thickest hair, add a little curl to that and it was wee bit harder than I thought it would be. I put it in a pony tail and whacked it off 7.5 in., before cutting, eyeballing and cutting more to get it straight. So it didn’t turn out all stylish like a beautician did it. At least it appears to be straight and that’s all that matters. Besides I was going for that choppy look that used be IN, anyways. No I'm just kidding, I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I may just have to think about cutting my own hair. Of course I think that would require lots of baby steps and a good mirror. Seeing how I have no coordination in the bathroom as you found out before. I don't think I will be trying this anytime soon.
Also, for the record the kids loved her hair. So in that case their opinion does matter.
I guess I should have done my homework first it must be 10 inches for Locks for Love!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sheet Lessons

I’m 31, married right now 12 years and I am ashamed to admit I just learned to fold sheets. (Well kinda sorda learning). The regular sheets are big, but those I can handle. It’s those darn fitted sheets that give me a fit. As if I don’t have enough trouble with them while they are on the bed. At night I find myself face to face with the mattress when the corners flip off. If I put our satin red sheets on it’s all I can do to stay in the bed without sliding off. If I do manage to hang on all night the covers slide off, leaving me to freeze. It’s a constant battle with them on and off the bed. Once they are off and clean the fight is on. I get so frustrated trying to fold them nice and neat when they still look a mess. I get so mad I just roll it up in a ball and stuff it in a drawer with the rest. Well one of the women at church was nice enough to try and show a bunch of us how she thought her mother in law did it. Half way through her concept she got confused and hers ended up looking like mine. We then all stood there looking confused. I was just glad I wasn't the only one. The idea yet tricky looked like something that would be easy after lots of practice. Somehow you stand holding up the sheet with your hands inside the two top corners, then fold these corners over one another till eventually all the corners are overlapping. Then once you have your flat folded square you put it and all the other sheets ect.. into one pillow case and wa la!
Here is my cobbled up square I made. It's not perfect but better than before.

1. It would help if your sheet wasn't wrinkled. Not that anyone wants to iron a sheet.
2. You must have someone to help if your taking pictures. Thank you Madisen!
3. It turns out nicer if you start with your sheet inside out.

Here’s a link to a video I found online.
This is a woman has more time than I do to make a video and patients figure this out.

Folding A Fitted Sheet

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Date night

Tonight is finally our big Valentines Day party at church. Finally a date with my husband all to myself with no kids. All the ladies at church have worked so hard to make this a big romantic night. We all know we won’t get it unless we do it ourselves so we have. We have candles and roses everywhere under a big canopy lined with Ivy and lights we built. All we had missing were our men. Now it’s like getting ready for prom only with kids under our feet. Even though I am dying for some adult interaction I am nervous about being away from the baby for the first time. I know he’s in great hands with grandma and grandpa so that helps. Now if only I can get rid of all my worries enough to enjoy myself.
1. I hope Jacob doesn’t cry.
2. I don’t spill food on my white shirt.
3. I can come up with some adult conversation that doesn’t include sponge Bob.
4. I hope my phone works there.
5. I hope my outfit doesn't make me look fat or slutty.
6. I hope the girls don’t fight while I’m gone.
7. I hope Jacob lets my mom feed him.
8. I hope I don’t say anything embarrassing, or Jason doesn’t embarrass me in a game.
9. I hope get my purse instead of the diaper bag.
10.The canopy doesn't fall.
Oh this list could go on forever and I need to get ready in time to get there.
I’ll let you know how it went.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Damsel in Distress

I’ve been at the church early every morning to get ready for our big Valentines Day dinner Saturday. This morning I was extra early and the first one to arrive at the church. It’s freezing cold and while locking up the car and getting Jacob out, the back door closed on me before I could catch it. There sat Jacob locked in the half shut door. Everything but my phone was in there with him. I have locked my keys in the car I can’t tell you how many times but never with the baby! I instantly panicked when I couldn't reach Jason and called 911. I was so upset and shaken, I knew he was okay but that didn’t help. Two cop cars one being the town sheriff showed up along with the fire department. I was so embarrassed, I had a spare key and where was it? In my purse locked up also. I can’t imagine what the church women were thinking as they pulled in and saw all this going on. (As if the other day wasn’t bad enough!) After 30 minutes I was finally able to quit playing peek a boo through the window and get him out. By that time Jason finally showed up coming to my rescue yet again. After a kiss from my chattering lips he was able to see we were okay and inform me of what I already knew I did wrong. I guess after umpteen times of coming to my rescue it was hard to believe this time it wasn’t my fault. Needless to say I had a Bad morning and i'll have a lot of petting to do tonight!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Announcing Mommy Tantrum winner

Winner of Mommy Tantrum!

Mary Krajnovich
Almost Some What Positive

"I bury by head in my hands and stare at the less than appealing clumps of slightly greenish hued scrambled 'used to be eggs.."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At least I found it

If the women at church didn’t have a bad impression of me, they do now. Between hair bows, bottles and diapers I barely have time to get myself ready on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday I ran out the door with my slippers on and high heels in my hand, to finish dressing in the car. My favorite comfy ratty ol slippers I have had since I was pregnant in the hospital with Madisen. Well I’ve been missing a shoe since then and couldn’t figure out what happened to it. That is until I arrived at church yesterday morning to help out. What did I find in the parking lot sitting in the pouring rain? My dirty soggy other shoe! Part of me was too embarrassed to pick it up, but I wanted it so bad. What did I do? I looked to see if anyone was around and ran as fast as I could to pick it up and throw it in the car. A little soap with some bleach and it will be good as new. Once I was coming back from my car I noticed I wasn’t the only one early. I didn’t say anything hoping no one saw me. If they did I can’t imagine what they are thinking. Poor thing she’s that hard up that she has to pick up clothes off the street, I can hear it now. I guess if I get any special treatment from them I will know. Otherwise I’ll nonchalantly be on my way.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Not in my house

Getting pants to fit my girls has been a constant struggle. Everything I buy them has to have either adjustable waist or be slim fit. They have never been able to wear regular sizes. By the time the waist fits the rest is too small. Unless the Hoochie Momma look is what you are going for, they Do not work. Nothing screams “young lady get your butt back in there and change those are too small” as when I see tiny butt cheeks hanging out on the couch. They might as well have nothing on but panties, it's all the same. At age 4 I had to steal Madisen’s size 24mths red stretchy shorts, because she could still manage to get them on. Everytime I turned around she was wearing them. It was cute for a while when she hid them under her dresses, but it didn't take long and they had to go! I ended up putting them in her memory box because she was so attatched to them. If she ever finds out, I'm afriad she will go digging after them to see if they still fit. I know some of the styles now are made to be that way, but they are not making their way into my house. It's so frustrating shopping for something trendy yet descent for little girls.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Slumber party with Mommy

Last night was Madisen’s very first slumber party at a friend’s house. She was only a mile down the road, which felt like states away. I left my cell phone with her, to call home whenever she wanted. Little did I know that would be every 15 minutes. I was kept informed of every detail that was going on during her stay. She couldn’t have played much with all the girls, because she was constantly on the phone. I do know she made time to play a balloon game, because she called with a hurt finger. I kissed it across the phone and then she was back off to the girls calling her in the background. I’m glad I left my phone or that poor mother would have been run to death getting the phone for her. At 9 pm when she called I thought she decided to come home, but I was wrong. She just wanted me to come over and take her to the bathroom. Here I thought I was going just to take her the pajama’s she forgot. No, apparently she was too scared to go by herself and with the fake fingernails she was wearing, she needed help with the paper. After hugging and kissing her I was back on my way home, just in time to answer her phone call. She called 3 times to tell me she was tired and going to bed. She just didn’t know why everyone wanted to stay up all night, and not go to bed. After getting a call at 10:30 when I was already in the bed, I knew this would be a long night. I remembered how it was for me as a child and told her to call as much as she needed, and that she could come home at anytime. From that call on, the phone didn’t ring. I thought she finally fell asleep. I slept restless with my baby down the street. I had a phone next to my pillow, one on the floor, and one on my dresser. 7 am came along and I thought she must have really slept good. That was until I found 5 messages on our phone that had never rang. It was Madisen stating they had lost power, in a scared little voice. My heart sank and I instantly got sick to my stomach. Our phone must have went out or something because it never rang. Five minutes later she called; with tears in my eyes I was so relieved to hear her voice. I know my five minutes didn’t come close to her entire night. I don’t think we will be doing anymore sleepovers for a while, unless they are at our house

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cell phone Drama

There is no mistake for the fact Kailey wants a cell phone. Some how every conversation turns into the phone discussion. The fact that she is dying to have one, have I changed my mind, and when is she getting one. She drops little hints and suggestions everyday. I don't feel she needs one bad enough right now to justify spending the extra every month that we just don't have. Yet explaining that to a 9 year old can be a difficult chore. I have been over and over with her. When I feel she needs one she will have one, but not until. She has one friend she can call once or twice a week on the home phone. So I don't know who she thinks she is going to call. The school doesn't allow them, and when she isn't at school she's at home. Hello we have a home phone! I think TV plays a big part. All the TV shows of kids with phones, and of course all the ads. They know exactly what they are doing advertising them to our kids.

Wednesday after school;
Me; How was school?
Kailey; Did you buy me a phone today?
Me; No...I said you didn't need one.
Kailey; Well I had this dream you had changed your mind, so I thought you bought one.
Me; Your right it was a dream, I didn't change my mind.
Kailey; Hugh! Well when you do can I get a razor?
Madisen; Why do you need to shave if you get a phone?
Kailey; I don't!
Me; Kailey buy the time you need a phone they may not make razors anymore.
Kailey; Well, Hailey has a razor and that's what I want.
Madisen; I don't get it WHY DO YOU WANT TO SHAVE?
Kailey; I DON'T just forget it!

Thursday in the Dr's office;
{{{My phone rings}}}
Kailey: It must be YOUR phone, because 'I' don't have one!

Right now we are just poking fun back and forth. Although, I can see this quickly turning into a needed attitude adjustment down the road.

I was thrilled to hear Disney is supposedly coming out with a new kids phone. I just can't wait till they start marketing that on the Disney channel.