Saturday, December 29, 2007

Madisen and the Tooth Fairy

Last night Madisen finally lost one of her two front teeth. With some of the bottom ones still missing she truly looks like a jack o lanturn. The same as the others this one was left for the tooth fairy. Only this time she actually saw the tooth fairy. Yes I know, I was shocked over the news also. This morning as she came running into the kitchen claiming she knows who the tooth fairy is my heart stopped. Until she continued on and on and on with her story. Oh she told me how she felt her tiny little hand touch hers and she looked and saw she looked like Tinkerbell. I heard all about how she put yellow dust all over kailey and she saw Madisen and screamed this tiny scream. It was this long drawn out story describing every little detail of her experience. Now I don't know what this child saw, but to her it was all too real. I just stood there relieved to hear all about her, so glad to know she didn't leave a twenty dollar bill this time. Yes apparently she once reached into her tiny little bag which Madisen claims is carried by her tiny little cat, and took out a twenty instead of a dollar. That was a surprising morning for all of us!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Highlights

I can't believe we actually survived the Christmas holiday! Here's some highlights of how ours turned out. For all of you wondering about the tree it's actually still standing, and the angel is still in one piece. Madisen got better and we made it to our big Christmas party, where 10 people took home the worst Christmas present the same stomach bug. Jason and Jacob were both included, which made for a wonderful weekend. Jason was so sick one night he didn't even know I left for three hours to take the kids to a play. Kailey who for a few weeks was trying to decide whether Santa was real came to the conclusion he really is. That is after he left her some of his wife's amazing candy and brought her long wanted bird she was asking for. I heard he really got a smoking deal on it and the cat and couldn't resist.
I was so impressed with my girls on Christmas when they chose to spend the whole day at grandmas instead of staying home and playing with all their new toys. As with every year we spent the day there eating, playing around, and gossiping about everyone from the big party. It ended up being the only day no one was sick. Kailey luckily didn't get it till that night.
We've had so much fun having Jacob this year. He was just so amazed by everything and so excited over presents. That was the best present of all because his excitement was priceless. It didn't take him long to figure out what a present was or how to get it open. Even though Christmas is over, the girls are still on break till January 2nd. We are having so much fun playing with all the gifts and spending time together. I hate it will all come to an end soon with school and our daily routines. Although it will be nice to have the Be-bratz all to myself when they aren't home. (I know your reading this girls, I'm only kidding!)
With feeling sick myself and the kids begging me to open another toy, I will now stop jabbering. Hope you had as good a Christmas as I did!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Party or Puking what will it be?

This of all times the kids at school decided to share a cold/stomach bug! It never fails the kids can go months without even a sniffle and the minute you plan something they get sick. Here I am at the final days till Christmas when I should be cooking and doing last minute shopping and wrapping, and I am stuck doing nothing but holding a trash can and getting more medicine. Madisen has been home sick for the last three days. I can't even get everyday chores done more less anything extra. The last thing I had on my list for this week was shampooing the rug! I don't have a single present wrapped or any ingredients for making anything. The traditional making candy with the girls I can do Sunday but I need to make food. Tonight is our big family Christmas party, I would hate to have to show up with just a bottle of soda and a bag of Cheetos. I'm pushing vitamins and she seems a lot better today. The throwing up has stopped and her fever is way down. Hopeful she'll feel good enough to make it to the store later. Fingers are crossed she's better by this evening to go, the other two don't take it, and I can pull this off.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post Updates

Good news..Last night at the school play, I heard the weirdo man lurking about was finally caught! He's back in jail, thank goodness. The sad thing is I know he is one of many in this sick world we live in. I also did some complaining at the school, and got better security measures taken for the students.

Jessie our bird found a good home a couple of weeks ago. We all were very sad to see him go and miss him but not his screaming!

Madisen gave up on the horse and is going to add it to her birthday list for next year. By then hopefully it will be forgotten.

This week Santa and I were battling over which presents we were getting and he was bringing. For the most part I'm disappointed he gets all the good ones, but it's resolved.

The rotting pumpkins and scarecrows are still waiting to be taken down outside. I can say the tree and inside Christmas stuff is out, but the tree doesn't have a cord, so the lights are still not working.
I still have yet to get an appointment for Christmas pictures!!!
I haven't wrapped a single present and no candy is made. Lots of Christmas parties and running to do.

Christmas is in one week....MUST QUIT TYPING AND GET BUSY!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's really freaking me out!

After school yesterday I received a note to all parents about a man that has been seen on our campus, and also at other schools in the area. The letter said the school would be in lock down from now on. Last night we had another ball game and I was told alot more information. One this guy is a crack head and just got out of jail for theft, drugs, ect.. Then I find out he was seen at our game on Thursday night. It was also reported someone broke into a classroom during the game and stole items and recked the room. Here Thursday night all our little girls are freely running around. I even walked out to my car in the dark with three kids hoofing a stroller to my car, where there are no street lights and everyone was in the game! How safe was that? I am paranoid to begin with never mind hearing all that. Last night I toughed it out and stayed till the game was completely over to walk out with others. Even though that's not convenient when Jacob needs to get to bed. There was no way I was going out by myself. I hate to scare my kids to death, but they need to know. I have always told them stories and warned them about things that could happen. Now with the stories of this guy and the fact that they could see his picture it has made the danger all too real to them. I tried to explain to them that the danger has always been there, you never know who is good and who isn't. The fact that Madisen actually saw this man at the game on Thursday, really scared me. I agree with Madisen's words "It's really freaking me out!" It's sad to have to worry about your kids so much, especially when they go to school, a place they should feel safe at.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chasing the boys

Last night the girls had to cheer at a basketball game at their school. While they were on half time I see Kailey and two other girls standing giggling and ewing and awing over some boy. He looked to be about 16-17 years old. As they stood staring at him and talking, I leaned over them and commented " Ladies I think he's a little too old for you". You would have thought I just embarrassed them to death. They are all three blushing and trying to play it off as if they were just talking. Little do they know I heard everything they were saying.It was too cute. I don't know why they can't see the boys their own age falling all over them. Doing the same thing to them as they were with the older boys. You can only imagine who I heard about all morning. CHAD! ( The boy she was gawking over!) Lol I don't know what I'm gonna do with her.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snatch and Grab

Yesterday I went to do a little Christmas shopping for the kids with my mom. I came to the conclusion that stretching a dollar this year was just an illusion. I can not believe the prices of toys. As if the confusion of which toys are safe wasn't enough. Everything I looked that was $25.00, well between three kids that really adds up. All the toys the girls had on their list were $60 & $70 a piece except for the Ninento ds it's $130, and the horse Mady wanted was $250, so needless to say they aren't getting anything they asked for. Can you believe I saw the same Brats doll at four different stores all different prices. That just blows my mind. We stopped at Toys R Us, for their big sale. What a joke that was, all their big sale items were priced at Wal-marts regular prices. What I couldn't believe is the shoppers grabbing them! I'm glad I have looked enough to know my prices. Some bird Kailey had wanted was $70. at Toys R Us, and $59 at Target. Both of which I refused to pay. We had a bird why do I want a stuffed one? The trip to Target was fun. Here I am pressed for time and 10 minutes in the store I need to change Jacob. I go into the Ladies room, to find some woman standing on a cell phone with all her belongings on the baby changing station. She refused to acknowledge I needed to use it and just turned her back to me. Rather than get into a cat fight in the bathroom, I just stood him in the sink and changed his diaper. It wasn't the most convenient thing but I made do. Lets just say I was not too pleased.After getting back to the other side of the store where the toys are , I continued my frustrating mission. Round and round fighting the crowd figuring in my head, I tried to find things they might like. With my cart half full 30 minutes later Jacob decides to poop! I grab a diaper, gave my cart to my mom and dashed to the bathroom. Finally happy to see a empty changing table I open up his completely filled diaper and realize I have no wipes! One hand holding him I am leaning trying to get paper towels and wet them in the sink. Do you think anyone in the bathroom would bother to help seeing I am struggling? Nope no one, the lack of friendliness was just unreal! I managed to get him clean and get back to the toys. At that point I was out of time and had to leave to pick up the girls. By the end of the night I was exhausted, my brain was fried and yet I hadn't accomplished anything. I can't wait till all this hussle and bussle of Christmas rush is over!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweet Nothings

Kailey had to go to the eye Dr. yesterday to get her eyes checked. She's been having trouble in reading and we thought we would rule that out first. They had to dilate her eyes to really get a good evaluation so she looked like some wild animal leaving the office. They gave her a prescription for reading glasses, so I thought it was best to wait till she could actually see them herself to pick them out. From the time we left the office until this morning all I heard literally every fifteen minutes was "Mommy am I wild looking?" , "Do they still look big?", "Look at my jaguar eyes!", "Are they still big?" it went on and on..... By the time I was making super I had heard just about enough. So when she asked again I said"Nope they look fine now". I thought that would be the end of it, and here she comes running back from the bathroom "You lied, they are too still big!" By that time Jason was walking in the door and she shifted on to his nerves.
This morning when she got up only one eye was still dilated, she looked so funny going to school. I didn't dare mention it! I just bragged on her still looking like a wild cat. I know everyone at school must have gotten a real earful. After school I took her back to try on glasses to order. They had the cutest light pink rectangle vogue looking pair, she looked so darling in them. She tried on a few and ended up picking a pair she liked. Of course, not the pink ones I liked. As long as she was happy and would wear them it was fine. She really looked cute in all of them so it didn't matter what she picked. As we were walking out to car I mentioned to her, the ones she picked out were just like the old ones I used to have. That is when I had money to afford taking care of my eyes. Jumping into the car she said, " I know that's why I picked them"! I was so surprised she said that. She picked them just to be like her MOMMY!!!! Awe... she just made my day with that comment. It's the little things like that, that really let you know how much they love you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Tree is Iffy

We have all our ornaments we have collected over the years with the kids on our tree. I have the sweet crafted ones they have made every year and those I have bought them each year. Jason and I also have irreplaceable ones from when we were babies on there. This year the girls hung all the ornaments themselves, so we have two or three to a limb. They are so proud of their decorating, so I will control my impulse to move them. We also have a new ornament this year. Yes it's Maxi, I can't seem to keep him out of the tree! He keeps climbing our tree and stealing ornaments. It's a wonder our Angel hasn't broke as much as it keeps falling off. The lights are barely hanging on and the tree skirt no longer looks like a skirt, more like a tree scarf! Every time I turn around I see the tree start swaying and every ornament is hanging on for dear life. Grabbing for the tree I Look and there he is half way up the tree peeking out. I gonna kill him! As if that wasn't bad enough Jacob makes a mad dash for the tree in his walker every chance he gets. He gets just close enough to grab an ornament and then screams if the tree touches him. He is so afraid of the texture of it, yet he won't stay away.No matter what the tree looks like I just hope it makes it till Christmas.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mommy Tantrum

All Mommies Need


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Add a post to your blog telling us your story.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Michelin Man's Kids

Yes it's true my kids really do belong to the Michelin Man! Or at least that's what they looked like last night. Their cheer leading squad rode a float in the Christmas parade here. It was one of the coldest days we have had here lately, of course. They always have it on the coldest day of the month! I knew they would freeze so I bundled them up in layers upon layers of clothes. They could barely walk with all their clothes. Kailey looked like she had gained 30 pounds after getting dressed. I had them dressed for the Arctic with thermals, two pairs of gloves, and a toboggan hat with two hoodies on. They thought I had lost my mind when I kept on dressing them, as they were complaining how hot they were. After three hours in the cold they were thanking me! Mommy really does know what's best.
After rushing to get ready, I didn't even get a picture of them fully dressed. Here they are without thier hats;

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting ahead of myself here

Today I was really struggling to get a Christmas tree into the house by myself. As I am tugging and pulling on this huge tree, I hear Kailey. "Mommy I think my pumpkin is rotten" she said. Half way falling down the porch stairs hanging on to this tree, I look up and see a scare crow staring at me. Crap! I completely forgot about the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. They have been there so long I hadn't even noticed them. I Guess I better take those down before I put up Christmas lights. I'm thinking now it's a little too late to carve pumpkins.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Poked and Prodded

Jacob had his 6 month Dr. visit today. The poor thing had to have four of his immunisation in the leg and one orally by mouth. As if that wasn't enough he was given a flu shot.They also gave him a fluoride treatment for his two little teeth, which was the only thing he did enjoy. I can't stand to see the look in his face as he looks up at me holding him down. It's not like you can even explain what is about to happen, it just all comes so unexpectedly. I know it's for their own good, but I still don't like it. The fact that we aren't even given a choice, really upsets me. You don't even know what in the heck they are even getting. The nurse comes in Jabs them to death and hands you a fist full of papers. Like those are any good. Why read all the risks when you get home after the fact.Every paper has a list of possible reactions and numbers to contact. What gets me is how in the world would you know which one caused what, with that many! What really aggravates me, is when they do have a reaction.Like his last appointment, he ran a fever for 3 days and had vomiting. Well when I called the office to report it the nurse really made me mad. It must be a virus she said, you may need to be seen. Okay yeah that really makes sense! My child just happened to get sick the same night he had shots. O_Kay That's when I just say "Never mind, I'll handle it myself". I pretty much have to just Dr. the kids myself when it comes to dealing with nurses. Anyways, fingers are crossed that this time he does better. He's not a happy camper so far, so we will see.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do we have to go to bed?

Every night we have trouble getting the girls to go to bed. Jason and I together tuck in the girls every night. And every night it’s the same excuses as they come back down the hall. There’s the drink of water they need, or something they need to tell that just can’t wait till morning. We have the usual “she’s bothering me” or “I can’t feel the fan” complaints. One of my most favorite excuses of all Kailey uses all the time. Here she comes down the hall two minutes after you have tucked her in and says, “I can’t sleep”. As frustrating as it is, because I have just gotten a chance to sit down, I can’t help but laugh. How can she possible not sleep? She hasn’t even had a chance to close her eyes and try. As she sits there on the couch looking so serious, I’m laughing trying to explain she needs to go back to bed.

About a year ago I bought them masks to help them sleep. I thought if they can’t see each other than they won’t bother one another. They looked so cute on them, but they took some getting used to on my part. Every time I would check on them in the middle of the night, here were these big eyes looking at me. That’s not too funny when you’re half asleep. The masks didn’t much help with them going to sleep. Here they were walking down the hall with a mask flipped up on their forehead still complaining. Oh the things we will miss when they grow up.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do you believe in Little's?

Do you remember the books "The Little's"? Well I swear they are real and they live in the walls of my house. Don't believe me? Well then you explain to me why every pacifier I buy ends up missing! I started out with ten and now I am down to one. I have searched all over the house looking in and under everything. I even lost a bunch when Madisen was a baby. She is now 7 and they still haven't turned up. So, where do they all disappear to? I told you they really do exist.