Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"High dollar lemonade, get your high dollar lemonade here!"

Kailey has her heart set on buying a Nintendo Ds. She has been begging me to buy one for the longest, and we just haven't had the money to purchase one. (That's because one is really two. Let's face it we all know they can't share!)
Well after school being the little entrepreneur that she thinks she is, she came up with a plan. Seeing how "she just has to have money coming in!"... (She's 9, and has to have money coming in! Where does she come up with this?) Her bright idea is she's going to hold a lemonade stand. (I remember as a kid having one myself. Makes you wonder why do all kids do this? Too many little rascal episodes maybe?) Anyways, I've tried to be very encouraging to her master plan. That was until I had to burst her bubble and tell her she couldn't charge $10.00 a glass! "Why do you think that's too much?" she said. I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh (I almost choked on my drink! That's highway robbery! Is she giving out burgers with them?) Bless her heart she actually thought she would get that! So needless to say she was a little disappointed in the fact she wouldn't be getting near her asking price, or earning everything she needed in one day. I'm sure in her mind, she had been counting up how many family members she would see, and that determined the $10 a glass. Well, I got to hand it to her, she sure goes after what she wants. She's at least using her brains and not her looks. (That's my girl!) She's very smart conniving a plan, going to over charge people, and being sneaky about it. Hey, Wait a minute...she sounds like a con-artist in the making! (Note to self... Seek counseling!) You know, maybe I should have just taught her to flip her hair and look cute after all.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Red door will be bolted shut for me!

At least two to four times a day I am forced to drive by my favorite salon, and envy all the cars parked out front. It's called the Red door salon and it's this white building with a big Red door. Today we were all in the car and driving by it and Kailey asks "Mommy have you ever been in that place with the big red door? What's it like?". I told her "Yes, and It's like walking into a piece of Heaven. That place is magical, you can walk in looking like a hag terrible and come out looking like a beauty queen. (that result can very from time to time but she doesn't know that) You can be pampered from head to toe, get your nails done, it's so wonderful and relaxing... " All while I'm telling her this I'm hoping Jason is taking notes, with Mother's day just around the corner. (Sneaky but clever don't you think?) It's like when those junk mail jewelry store catalogs never get thrown away, and are instead left out in plain view. Bad thing is it wouldn't matter what I say or do he gets what he wants. He'll come home with the biggest most expensive thing to get the 'Holy crap what did you do' effect. (which gets him lots of brownie points!) The only problem with that is once the shock has worn off and I see the price tag, I usually freak out and run with the receipt back to the store. Sad thing is this year I'll miss all that schmoozing and the little fight we have, when I threaten to take it back. That's because this year there will be no spa treatments or diamonds, no matter what I drop hints about or drool over. (No thanks to the little prick Mr. Bush for putting us in Recession...that's right I said it, it's not a 'Slow economy' you dweeb! Man up and act like you know a little something. He lies by omission better than Clinton ever did. Oh and I'm sure his wife won't be going without her pedi!) Nope instead this year our money will be going towards Gas and Groceries. Here I'd just settle for a new pair of BoGo's and a candy bar, yet I can't even get that. At least I know my little babies won't leave me hanging. They always treat me to the best homemade gifts ever.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

This was Madisen the other night at the supper table. Dinner first started out with her having her arms crossed pouting, because I was going to cut her corn and not Kailey's. After leaving it for her to eat off the cob (with no front teeth I remind you), she quickly changed her mind and realized I was right. (Imagine that! ) Continuing to eat with her lovely table manners (Chomp, smack, slurp, smack... My ears can't take it!! "Put the cow back in the barn, Madisen! ") She went into her complaining routine about her teeth.
"How much longer is it till I get my teeth?"
"Why does my corn have to be cut?"
"Why won't my teeth grow?"
"Can you see any teeth coming in?"
"It's Not fair!"
"Why can't I have teeth?" ..."I think this tooth is loose too, can you look at it?"(
She still doesn't get the fact that she can't afford to loose anymore teeth.)..."How much more do I have to eat to get desert?". From whining back to pouting. Next thing she's mumbling "Look mommy!"
With Madisen you have to be prepared for anything.( It's always unexpected with her; kinda like when your at the zoo watching those cute furry orangutans and all the sudden they start chucking poop at you. That kind of shock!) Therefore, I have to carry my camera on my hip like a cell phone, to catch these moments. The one thing that is killing our economy and my child has it stuck between her teeth!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just let me do it!

Ever since Jason and I got together I have always babied him. Now that we are older and the I have kids to tend to, his babying has dwindled down quite a bit. He's since been forced to learn how to pick out his own clothes (which just means grabbing whatever he left in the floor last) and make his own drink every once in a while (calls one of the girls to get it). When he gets home all I want is for him to be sweet, lovey and happy. The saying is true "If the woman isn't happy, ain't nobody happy"! Well, one if he dreads coming home because he's going to have to help out, he's not going to be anxious to get home. Two he's tired and had a rotten day, believe me I know. ( I hear about it Every night!) Add all that up and the ending result leaves you with an ill butt husband. ( Not sweet, lovey, happy, like I wanted) Then it doesn't matter what type of day I've had , the kids have been angels, no meltdowns it was Great Good or I want to pull my hair out, he's fussy and into everything, they've fought all day and my nerves are shot!!! Bad. No little kiss can fix it, my night is ruined, which ruins everybody else's. (I hate being in that crabby hormonal funk, it's not pretty.) So, at the end of the day I don't want help with my nightly routine. Just get out of my way sit, relax and forget about your day, I have it all down to a science, and I we can snuggle on the couch when I'm done. Well every once in a while he doesn't listen ( Lately, I think it's because of some of the spoiling comments, I've gotten. Plus my posts) and he tries to help out. (Which really irritates me! I like spoiling him, it makes me happy, so leave it alone!)
The other night when he came home, I was already feeding Jacob and supper was on the table. Well, all but a pan of fries which was beeping in the oven. Trying to help out he told me to sit and he would take care of it. Hesitant I just let him do without putting up a fight. Next thing I hear is him gasping in pain. I had the oven at 500' , to rush cook the fries and hear he goes and sticks his face right in the door to grab them. Being the drama man that he can be ( funny I know, we're talking about my big burly guy) starts screaming "My face!", here It sounded like I was talking to one of the kids "What did you do,now?". "I singed the hair off my face!" (This coming from a guy with all sorts of talents. He's around saws, big equipment all day for goodness sakes the man used to be a welder. Yet he can't understand the concept of a stove.) "What?, Shut- up you aren't serious!"I said. Then here he comes hands holding his forehead "Look!, did it singe my eyebrows?". I'm laughing so hard, not looking just telling him to get away, getting the fries myself. It's times like this I think I may have babied him too much. Then again it just re-enforces the fact he needs to just let me take care of it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It took Bumble bees and Bubbles

Now that spring is finally here and we don't have to bundle up like Eskimos just to go out side. We can enjoy running and playing in the grass, without freezing our tushes off. Believe me we have so needed it! Staying inside day in and day out has left us all stir crazy and out of patients. It's a thousand wonders we haven't all killed one another, seeing how I ran out of ways to entertain them months ago. Being outside is an all new experience for Jacob. He was absolutely terrified , when we introduced him to Grass. You would have thought he was in excruciating pain if it touched him in any way. He would draw up his legs , cling on to you for dear life, shake and scream. After a few attempts we decided to give it a few days and try again. Nice pretty day, sister's home...perfect timing!
Unsure of his well being he quickly panicked!Scared & curious with encouragement he decided to stay.So afraid of the grass ...but Not of the Bubble Bee!

After lots of convincing he sat by himself.

(Although, Not without a balancing act... patiently looking for Mr.Bee.)

Bubbles helped him sort of relax.

(Yet, still refusing to touch the grass)

~Lots of Bubbles and Bumblebees later~

And...Before long he was picking grass and trying to eat it, I was so proud!

I can't wait ill he's older tromping in it with his boots, chasing bull frogs. Then we can look back at this and see how far he's come.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sooeey pig pig pig....

You should see my house Monday mornings after the weekend. I swear I live with a bunch of pigs. It's not like I don't clean all weekend, I do, I just can't keep up with it like during the week. During the week they are off to work and school, and I have time to catch up, but over the weekend forget it. It's an exhausting never ending battle. The clothes and dishes just keep piling up while the washers are running. I can't imagine what it would look like if I just took the day off. (To me it would be unbearable, but I know they'd just step over it and go on.) I would die of humiliation if any company showed up at my door. Monday morning after everyone is gone it literally looks like a tornado has blown threw the house and left it's destruction behind. There are clothes, toys, shoes, everything... Everywhere! I walk in the door after taking the kids to school, and wish I had a paper bag. That way I could just sit in the floor, rocking back and forth breathing. All because I know what's ahead of me for the day. Not only will I have the house to clean with a baby (that is having withdrawls from all the attention over the weekend), but I will have grocery shopping to do, all before the piglet's get out of school. Over the weekend they eat like there is no tomorrow so the cabinets and fridge are completely bare. I have to do a complete shop again Friday afternoon, just to get them through the weekend. If I don't then they wonder around the house all weekend searching for any crumbs. If you've been to the fridge once and there was nothing, then trust me...nothing has suddenly appeared. Yet still they'll stand with the door open staring. Then it's " We have nothing to eat, no chips, no snacks...we're gonna DIE!" So if your wondering where I've been all day. You'll know I had to clean after the pigs, and buy feed for them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Blue Day Book

Last night Madisen as usual was sitting reading a book.
Being the little comedian that she is she flips the book around and says real serious like...
"Look daddy your pictures in this book"
Showing him this picture;

After that a war was on. Only for some reason I was left out of being targeted.
(Probably because they know I could and would, use my blog as sweet revenge!)
We were all Joking around and looking at the book.
(Blue Day Book by; Bradley Greive)
I noticed an uncanny resemblance. Whoever illustrated this book snuck in our house and went through my photos, I just know it.You take a look and see if you don't think so.

Tell me this isn't Kailey watching Tv!

See...I told you! Yet no residual checks here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why me...not now?

Today Madisen had a pre-op dental visit, which was about an hour away. Since we were going that way, we spent the afternoon at a Nature center. No complaints there accept the fact that, every school within the state was there. (At least so it seemed) Later on our way to her appointment I found out it would be a three hour visit. (Which wouldn't have been such a surprise, had I read the pamphlet earlier.) Therefore Kailey went with my mom and we went on to the Children's Outpatient Center. Ten minutes after our arrival we're sitting in this huge waiting room, and two women with badges come walking straight to me. They asked if Madisen was my child and would I mind if they took pictures of her to endorse their hospital. I agreed and signed some paper work and they went on taking tons of pictures of her. Next they came back and asked to take some of Jacob and I. In my head I'm screaming, "No No No...Absolutely NOT!" (It was the hottest, most humid day we have seen in a long time. I'm tired, I feel hot, sticky, and frumpy and the last thing I want is a camera in my face). Of course the part of me that just can't say "No", because God for bid I hurt anyone's feelings said "Sure you can". Why is it these times happen when you look your worst? It's never when you've just walked out of a salon, and you look fabulous with the wind blowing. (Nope never!) So hours later I'm driving home on the interstate and the worst thought enters my mind. My luck… the next time I drive down this road I'll look up to some billboard and see my face plastered on it! That's when I would DIE of complete humiliation.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dust bunny treasures

With the girls home I decided to do a little spring cleaning with their help. One of the things they helped me with was vacuuming under the couch. (I know... Why? No one ever looks under there anyways. Because, I have weird cleaning compulsions that's why! I'll end up working my tush off cleaning all day and in the end no one even notices. Why? Because... I'm the only one who saw it to begin with.) Regardless, today I had one of those cleaning itches, which I am so glad I did. When we flipped the couch over... Oh My Goodness! It looked as though I had some little homeless kid living under there. There were toys, crayons, candy wrappers, marbles, you name it, and all piled in with some Major dust bunnies. It's a wonder we all haven't died sitting there breathing all that in. To me it was just a filthy gross mess. I felt like I needed a breathing apperatice, just to finish cleaning. Yet, to the girls it was like Christmas morning. Here they are snatching and grabbing and digging all in it, " that's where that went!" Madisen grabs some nasty old ChapStick that was clearly trash..."Awe...that's mine!" All I could think was Surely you aren't going to use that! After seeing them like that, I've come to the conclusion ..."Clearly, I must be OLD, cause that is something I just don't get a thrill out of anymore!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Mamaw's house we go..

This morning my mom called as usual pressuring me to come over with the kids. So, with the girls on spring break this week, I decided we go over and spend the day. Before getting off the phone as usual she says , "Hurry over , but don't rush!".With all my usual house work to get done and getting ready for the day, it turned out to be 11:30 by the time I could get out the door. Which, I thought was doing pretty good considering all I had to do. Needing diapers and a few things we ran by the grocery store. As always the grocery store was a real treat. Today we entered the door and saw a sign posted about Heely's. "No Roller shoes in store!". Needless to say Madisen wasn't the least bit happy, seeing how she was wearing hers.
"Why can't we use are Heely's here?"
"Why are they not allowed?"
"It's not fair we can't roll!"
"What if we accidentally roll?"
"What if we slip while were walking and roll?"
"If they kick us out, does that mean we Never have to come back?" (She'd like that!)
"Why don't they like Heelys?"
"Mommy, she's wearing Heelys!"
"Mommy, I just seen a girl wearing Heelys!!"
"What if she rolls?"
"Why can't I roll?"...Through the WHOLE STORE!
By the time I arrived at my mom's it was 1:00. The kids jump out of the car screaming and playing. I'm lugging Jacob, and loaded down with baggage. There stands my mom hands on her hips complaining as to what took so long. Gee, I don't know I only had to pack everything but my kitchen sink just to come. Had I been in her shoes, I probably would have ran back inside and locked my doors at the site of of us coming.
Without any influence, she ended up keeping the girls for the night. ( I know.. can you believe it? She's great!) so whoo-hoo a night off. (not really) I've been home 2 hours and they've called 3 times, and Just my luck, Jacob has started running a fever.