Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just try it...I promise you'll like it!

I get asked all the time, how do you get your kids to eat That? I for one know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat meat and veggies or sometimes anything. I have definitely had my share of frustration in that area. I've heard all the whining comments and excuses from my kids. What's that smell is that dinner? Ew...I'm not eating that! I'm not hungry! My tummy hurts, I can't eat another bite. Aw...Do I have to eat it? Chances are; 1. They've ate it for years and just decided they don't like it. 2. They've never even tried it. 3. They aren't full because they are asking for desert. Some of the things I have tried and had success with are 1. Associate whatever they are eating or going to eat with a movie, cartoon or animal. Mine will eat it every time. What are these? These are chicken nuggets from the movie 'Cars'! They will examine it a few minutes and then just swear they see the character. "Oh yeah I see it...look I'm eating ..."Take for instance Broccoli, what are we having? Dinosaur trees of course. They tend to associate it with the box of cereal that has the characters on them. Where's the box? When they want to see it? Oh darn. It just went out with the trash! See where I'm going with this. You just have to try and out smart them. Condiments can be very helpful but expensive. Our wonder sauce is Ranch. They will eat anything if you put ranch on. You don't like it? Here try it with ranch. Then all the sudden it’s good. I personally think hot dogs and ranch is disgusting, but what ever works, right. You can also try pretending to steal their food. It can be lots of fun when the whole family gets involved. They will eat really fast so you don't get, meanwhile they are eating more than you imagined they would. For the really little ones I found puppet shows work really well. Especially, when they sneak up and try and steal food. Be careful which games you teach the little one in the high chair. For instance Peek a Boo...mmm NOT too good. They will continue to play Peek a Boo every time whether you want them to or not. Yes the dishtowel constantly being held in front of the face doesn't make for an easy time. Trying to take the towel away even harder...believe me. Even with no towel they will be relentless at hiding their face. Really bad idea! Acting crazy making silly noises and faces doesn't seem to hurt either. You might feel stupid doing it , expecially when no one is home, but the baby will eat. As a mom you can always find new ways to be inventive in getting that belly full. If nothing of this nature works for you, remember there’s always money as a last resort.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fridge Report

Here's a list of what's on the side of my refrigerator this week.
Pictures of the kids and Magnets of course.
The school lunch calender
Invitation for a birthday slumber party Madisen was invited to.(which reminds me I need to buy a present for!)
Madisen's spelling test words for the week.
Kailey's spelling test words and bible verse for the week.
Sticky notes:
Appointments for both of the girls to go to the dentist.
Jacobs check up Dr. appointment date.
Madisen's Dr. appointment for her ears.
Kailey has a science test on Friday.
Madisen has a history test on Thursday.
School notes:
The girls both need a recorder for school
Note to self: reminder Friday send in school tuition. (What a chunk that is, more than a house payment would be. Guess that's why I don't have a house payment. At least they are getting a good education. )
Each child needs to bring in $5 by Friday for PTO, for the purchase of gifts for teacher appreciation day.
The 7th is picture day, volunteers needed
The 7th is 100th day of school, please send in 100 things for each student. 10 bags of 10 things (That would be 200 for us.)
For the 100 day of school please send in things to decorate a cake and room with. (must add that to my shopping list)
Volunteers needed for the 8th Teacher appreciation day.You will also be contacted regarding donating food or drinks for teacher appreciation day. ( I'll have to watch my caller I.D for that, gee I don't know why I didn't get a call? That's terrible I know..)
The 8th is a ball game, cheerleaders be at school by 4:00 (Kailey & Madisen are both Cheerleaders, schools out at 3:00, so that doesn't leave us enough time to come home. Guess, I will be at school from 3:00- about 8:00. Yeah that will be so much fun with a 8 month old. I can't believe I signed up for this willingly. I even hawked a ring for them to do it. How crazy is that! Never again.)
Valentines day party scheduled please sign up for donating to class party. Please send in Valentines day cards to hand out, here are the list of students. (Again both girls! Yet more to add to my list of things to buy. Wonder how I'll even afford a card for Jason on top of all this.)

And I wonder why I'm always broke and have no time for anything?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Grade Love

Ut-oh... Looks like Jerimiah done something wrong!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Boom Box on wheels

Well Jason worked out in the freezing cold last night and got my boom box on wheels working again. Yes that’s right I have my very own supped up Chevy Tahoe. It has large tires, tinted windows, amplifiers, and a subwoofer box in the trunk. Oh Yeah… Oh I know all you ladies are jealous of that. Mmm- huh yep the girls and I really kick it with Hannah Montana at 7am in the morning. You know I just can’t imagine how we would ever listen to it without all that bass. Yep I’m one Hot momma. I’m sure I have chicken nuggets rolling around under the seats which thump around with every beat, melted crayons in the carpet. Toys and clothes tossed on the floor, trash falling out the door. He...I mean I just can’t wait until we have the money to buy a lift kit for it. I’ll be able to just toss Jacob up right in his car seat, after I crawl up through the door with him on my hip. Oh and just think of what calves I will have from loading groceries on my tiptoes, won’t that be wonderful!

For all those wondering about the Volcano project, I'll wait till the grade comes back before I brag. I'll I know is the glue gun and I do not get along. Regardless Madisen and I had fun, and we weren't outside near as long as Jason.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I should have known

Friday Madisen has a project due for school. She has to build a volcano, for science class I am guessing. I consider myself to be very crafty. I can do all sorts of things with posters, paint, and sewing. All the girly things I'm into it. I'm the one usually doing all the kids projects, I mean helping of course. (Yeah right). I can handle turning a potato into a rockstar diva.It's all the boyish stuff like Volcanoes, growing mold, science and history projects you can forget it. I don't have a clue where to even start, that would be Jason's department with the kids. Even if I have directions I'll find a way to screw it up. My husband Mr. Procrastinator has known about this project for two weeks. This morning I went out to the car to take the kids to school, and I couldn't even leave the drive way. The water pump was completely trashed and therefore it’s undriveable. Which Jason has been meaning for months to look at. Now tonight he'll be working on the car in the driveway till late. Guess, who will be inside trying to figure out how to make a last minute volcano?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making Babies

Making babies was my passion. Fake babies that is! One look and I was hooked, I instantly became a reborn addict. Back before Jacob was born I was a Reborn Artist for 4 years. I'm not sure if any of you know what they are. These are Artists which take ordinary baby dolls and reborning kits to transform them into babies that are so real. They look and feel so real it is scary. You can even make them with a heart beat. The only thing missing is their breath of life. Being a Reborn Artist gave me a way to bring in extra income, set my own hours and have a great outlet from the kids. I was able to meet lots of friends by guilds, forums and customers. It was very rewarding and had excellent pay. I was getting from $250-$600 per doll. It's a lot of work but a ton of fun. Why am I not still doing this? I kept my business with them up until Jacob was born. I thought I would take a short break and go back to work. As you know with a little one they are just so time consuming at this age. I decided it was just too much with all I have on my plate and just quit altogether. It was very hard to give up something I had loved to do so much but I knew it was just time. I have a real baby to get my baby fix and so I moved on to blogging for an outlet which is less time consuming.
The link to my sight in the sidebar Silent Angles is now inactive,
Here are some examples of my past babies.

Not very many people know about reborning and they are really missing out. These babies feel so real and just flop in your arms. I had allot of customers who had lost children who bought them for to keep to remember a loss. There were also many who purchased those that resembled there children to cherish that memory of them when they were so tiny.
I have a dear friend I met through this work in the business.
JaNan Duncan with Forever Babies.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing one of these you should look into her site she does some amazing work! My Forever Babies

If you have a interest in the field and are a talented artist you can find more information through the guild I was a Charter member to at Life Like Reborn Artists

Just don't do like I did, and tell your husband you want to make a baby. He might just get the wrong impression!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Seconds

I've been going through piles of stuff the kids have outgrown. I never have time for a garage sale and I don't always have someone to pass my hand me downs to. Therefore it all just sits around cluttering up closets until I find someone or toss it to the salvation army. I would sell it on Ebay but why, with all your fees and competition you don't make anything and it's all a waist of time. Somethings I look at and wish I could keep them. Things that are just so cute! I've done that so much in the past that now my trunks are over flowing. Now with Jacob I have even more. The girls are just getting too big for that anyways. So, I've decided to find a good use for all those sweet things. I have set up a new website to hand these things on for others to use. Please take a peek .... I promise it's worth the click! Besides I've worked the past two days on this and it was my birthday, so make me happy and just peek. The best part is it's all FREE!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I deserve my birthday spankings this year

Every year on my birthday my girls do all they can to make the day special. They sneak around and make cards or they find something they have to wrap up to give me. As for Jason it's never much because we always seem to be broke this time of year. I can at least say he has never forgotten ( yet). Well I don't know if it's all the snow we've had and the fact that I've been stuck inside with the kids since last Tuesday or that I'm just in a fowl mood just because. Anyhow, I did something so mean I should just punish myself with timeout for the day. Sunday is really my Birthday but I received a birthday card in the mail from my brother yesterday. Jason as usual brings in the mail after he gets in from work. Inside all the bills was this card. After I opened it I told Jason it was a card for my birthday. He immediately panicked thinking he missed my birthday, the girls upon listening panicked also. Kailey immediately says "today's your birthday?" ! Playing along I said "Yes and not one person has even mentioned my birthday, no card, no gifts and all you two have done all day is FIGHT!" Let me tell you the look on all their faces was priceless. As I could see the tears welling up in their eyes, I said "I'm just kidding, but you could stop fighting for my present on Sunday." Their relief took a second to sink in and then they were stomping off like Sephanie on Full House. " How Rude!" Yes, I guess I admit that was rude, I was just having a day and took advantage of the moment. Jason bless his heart gave a huge sigh of relief, and said he was getting ready to fake a heart attack for sympathy before I confessed. Now that they all have had a two day advance notice , they better come up with something good. Although after that I'm sure I'll be getting more birthday spankings than anything else.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Toast to all Desperate Housewives

This was in my email today, Here's to All women...

This is a toast ...2... us!

For the Men who have us,

The losers that had us,

And the Lucky people that will meet us!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day...No School!



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Voting ends January 30th Ladies. Get those Entries in!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New house Rule

Rule: All little girls not flushing the toilet will be charged .25 cents per flush.

Our house will be experiencing the culture of a third world country, if better manners are not met. If you think that's bad, if this persists I'm going to let the experience what a out house is, when I have a 'Porta Jon' delivered. I'm sorry but this has to stop I am so sick of the smell and the toilet paper clogged bowl. I am supposed to have little girls, for God's sake!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mommies wild ride

Last Thursday was just a typical day for me, the day to day routine and I was feeling fine. That evening I had all three kids in the bathtub. The girls were playing sponge ball and I was leaning over the tub washing Jacob, who was trying to make a hoop himself. Without any warning whatsoever, to me everything in the room flipped upside down. I have Vertigo which is a balance disorder. Bet you thought I was on drugs there for a second huh? No this is something I have lived with for many years. It must be something that is inherited because my mom and sister both have it also. Usually I just have a quick bad dizzy spell and a bad headache for a day when it happens. I haven't had a bad episode in over 2 years. That consists of medicine and the rest of the day of dizziness and nausea. Kind of like morning sickness in a way, only worse. It comes on so sudden with no warning. You instant hang on to the nearest object for dear life and instantly get hot and bad nausea. Well this time I had the worst one yet. Here I was clinging on to Jacob's arm with one hand and grabbing the tub with the other, as I went on my wild ride with my head. I was able to tell Kailey I needed help before hitting the floor of the bathroom trying to puke. Unlike before this time I was helpless and instantly drenched in sweat. I have never been that bad. As I was lying there Kailey my little hero wrapped Jacob in a towel and set him in his empty bathtub near me. She ran and handed me the phone and I could barely figure out the numbers.My hands were going numb and I was blacking out,something I have never experienced. I thought something was bad wrong as I reached Jason and my mom on the phone. Within minutes he was home and she was on her way to take me to the E.R. I wasn't worried so much for myself as I was for my babies. Here the girls were so scared and Jacob was crying. I felt so miserable and looking at those helpless eyes just wanting me to help him killed me. Jacob that is not Jason, well I guess him too a little. lol...I knew Jason was going to have a hard time with Jacob once I was gone, because we are never apart. After going to the E.R to get lots of medicine and a cat scan for safety, I was okay. Kudos to Jason for doing a great job with the girls and dealing with a sick baby who was missing his mommy! After two days of rest and lots of Medicine I am finally feeling better. That is one thing I wouldn't wish on anybody. Thank goodness it's over. Now I just hope and pray my kids never get it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Mom's Paycheck

For all you moms out there that always wonder which bubble to fill in under occupation for surveys.
For those of you like me who failed to see a time clock next to the alarm this morning.
I have some food for thought for you to ponder on for the next time someone asks you what you do. You can think about what you should be getting paid as a MOM.
I think every mom who stays at home misses the recognition for all she does all day everyday, from time to time.

I'll let you figure based on my small compiled list of a fraction of what a mom does, what your pay check should be if you actually got one.

I'm sure you can take a portion of these figures with all you do.

These are based on full time averages of wages from one set of statistics.

Driver/ Chauffeur gets ................................................................$825.00 wk.

Think of all that driving to and from school. After school activities ect...


An average family has three meals a day. There's lunchboxes and snacks to prepare. Sometimes your a short order cook. Think of when you've prepared dinner and then one child decides they don't like it. Your up and cooking again. Never mind your also the waiter and dishwasher.

Childcare caretakers............................................................................$499.wk

And to think that's a worker who actually clocks out and has breaks at a 8-5 job. I don't know of any daycare that gives baths do you? What about all those sleepless nights.


I have balanced my checkbook and taken care of enough bill to qualify for some of that!


How many times are you stuck on the phone with a baby on the hip discussing payment arrangements to one of the many bill collectors. The phone just doesn't stop ringing because your busy. How about all the time on the computer paying bills ect...Or all the paper work sent home from school they have us read and sign everyday.

Cleaning, maid, household duties........................................................$385.00wk

I do enough laundry alone to double that price. All those dishes, made beds, vacuuming, bath tubs you scrub, and everything dirty ect...

Messenger, delivers goods, mail, documents .............................$750.00wk

I would chalk that off to all those trips to the post office, delivering forgotten homework to school, sitting in the car line, waiting for the kids at there after school activities.

Supply/distributor manager.................................................$1012 wk.

Think of all the inventory of supply you do for your household. Planning , Grocery shopping, shopping for all the family needs. ( Okay now clock out for the time you sent trying on clothes for yourself when you went shopping for the kids shoes, that doesn't count)

Pre-school teacher...................................................................................$750wk

I personally don't know any that make that per week, but that was the statistic I found.

That's for all the homework you do at home when the teacher sends home too much and all the tutoring you do because they didn't explain it enough in class. What about all those projects they have. Admit it they are really for us parents because we do most all the work. I don't even want to think of what you go through if you have high school students.


Although my list is very small I'm sure you have compiled a pretty big check by now. The sad thing is you will never see any of it. If it was a paying job I can tell you this much no one could afford us.

Even though it's 24/7 job, breaks far and few in between ,with no punch out clock, no real appreciation, at least it has good benefits. You get all the hugs you could ask for!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We got more than a treat bag!

I spent two hours this morning at the pediatrician to find out Jacob has RSV and an ear infection. The birthday party we went to two Saturdays ago got us this! I would have been happier with just a treat bag and sugar filled kids. Oh No I couldn't get off that easy. My bright cousin dropped off her son which she new was sick to the party. He had RSV he got from his little brother. With a fever of 102 and coughing he left straight from the party to the ER. I was not thrilled, I new the count down was on till we had it. Four other kids got it also that I know of. My kids had it by Thursday of that week. Now the girls are almost all done with it but poor Jacob has just gotten worse. He is so miserable, he can't breathe, his ear hurts and he absolutely hates the tissue. Bless is heart he's so cranky and can't hardly eat or sleep. It's so heart breaking when you can't do anything for them.Especially when you know it could have been prevented. Mommy is the only thing that makes it all better. So,we'll be here cuddling and bathing in the Vicks, until he's better.

Follow up: Thursday;
Madisen came home with a fever and throwing up. After another Dr.'s visit, she has a severe case of a double ear infection!!! Caused by the RSV. A big snide Thank you goes out to my lovely Cousin.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stop fighting and get busy

With today Day five of being stuck inside because of snow and sickness, we are all about crazy. The kids are all too sick to go out, yet not sick enough to stay in the bed. After playing all week inside they are becoming bored, now they don't feel good and are sick of one another. I have cleaned all I care to clean and have absolutely had it with all their fighting. So to ease all the tension I decided to get them active doing something productive. I cleared out my kitchen threw soap and water all over the floor and we had our very own inside slip n slide. In less than five minutes everyone was laughing and having fun. Fussy Jacob sat attentively giggling and watching trying to understand what they were doing. The girls loved it, my floor got clean, and now they are too tired to fight. The girls said it was the best punishment they have ever had. It was a win win situation!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Poor man's playpen

Jacob just loves his new playpen. He loves doing laundry with me. He's such a big help, although some of the clothes come out a little wet afterwards. He loves to play in it long after the clothes are done. Not that we can't afford a big playpen for him. He actually has a really nice expensive play pen his Grandma and Poppy bought him. It's really nice it has a changing table, mobile toys on it and it even vibrates. It also has a plug in feature for a MP3 player, which we haven't even used. I'm not to sure if there are babies out there who own them or if this is strictly for adults use. Sounds silly I know to even think it's a for the baby, at least that's what I thought. I don't know we really do spoil our kids this day and time. I remember I didn't even have a T.V or a phone in my own room until I was in my teens. I was 22 before I had a cell phone, which my 9 year old is dying to have. Before that all we had were those beepers on our belt loop. Remember those? Yep that was our way of text messaging! You had to run to a pay phone (which now barely exists) to call who ever was beeping you. Which never really was important but oh we thought we were cool! We didn't have Internet to use for our parents to fear. Guess that's why kids back then got in less trouble. We had nothing to do! That is if you compare it to now, Yet we have plenty to remember. All of which we can say was never boring. Now they all have T.V's, DVD players, phones, computers etc... by the time they are old enough to use them. So I guess really a baby owning a Mp3 player isn't all that far to fathom.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow is glistening and I'm not listening

Well a 1/2 inch of snow wasn't exactly what we were hoping for this morning. The forecaster teased us again, with their cry of wolf. By now we are all used to it, so it was no big surprise. It was enough to get them out of school and that was the main goal. The kids were disappointed there wasn't enough to sled on, but they would have an easier time sledding on dry grass. With the wind chill at what it is, the kids can't even go out and make spit balls out of it. Therefore were forced to entertain ourselves inside today. We spent the day organizing and trying to find room for all their new toys. The only eventful part of the day was when I fell off my bathroom counter putting on makeup. I know I know I shouldn't have been up there to begin with. What kind of role model am I? Here I am constantly telling them not to climb and warn how they can get hurt. Then who ends up hurt? I do! Jason has told me hundreds times not to sit there. I do because I can't see, and if I had only remembered to shut the drawer this never would have happened. The phone had rang and I go spinning around to jump off and I flipped right over the open drawer onto my knees face first on the tile. I'm lucky I didn't knock myself out. I guess it's a good thing we didn't have snow to sled I would have never been able to. I have hobbled all day like I've been in a train wreck. With bruises everywhere, back pain, and a completely cracked toenail, I guess I have learned my lesson. Hmm... which is... that I need to pay attention better or get glasses I suppose. What? I'm not actually going to quit sitting there. The draw is now broke so I should be fine. My kids don't listen , so why should I?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crossing our Fingers

Today was officially the last day of our Christmas break. Tomorrow the kids are expected to be back in school. That is if school isn't closed because of snow. Forecasters are predicting 6-10 inches accumulated by tomorrow evening. They've been crying this for days now, upping the warnings every time it runs across the T.V. I don't see it happening seeing how we have had sun and clear skies all day in the lower 40's, but anything is possible. Especially when you have two little girls praying their heart out for snow. As I'm sure every other child in the state is doing the same. We are running and preparing just in case getting the very last loaf of bread left in the county. Clouds are finally starting to roll in and the temperature is dropping so we will see. Hopefully tomorrow we will be spending our day playing in the snow instead of heading off to school. I can't wait to dig out the snow gear, suits, gloves and the Wd40 for the sleds. Oh the anticipation, we haven't had a good snow in a few years. That would make a great end to a already fun break, so we will see. I'm crossing my fingers that we don't wake up to a big empty ground of disappointment.