Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celebrating with the Best

Today's Birthday Hotties in the News;
Pop star Cory Hart born in 1962

Actor Colin Farrell Born in 1976

Actor/producer/director Clint Eastwood born in 1930

Cutiest one of all , Jacob Tyler Regish Born 2007!

(He's already got the Colin Farrell look down! Next he'll be chasing the ladies in pre-school!)

Yes somehow I've managed to keep him alive for an entire year! ( Can you believe it?)

" Hap-py Birth-day Little ma-n...hap-py birth-day to you!"

Bad idea! ( hind sights always 20/20)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planning what I hope is not a big headache

Today I have been running all day, getting ready for tomorrows big road trip. We're (Yes, somehow I managed to convince/guilt the hubby into it.) going with the girls on a school field trip. We are driving 2 hours away to visit an amusement park! All parents will be driving instead of taking a bus, Thank Goodness! The trip will be bad enough traveling with just my own two, more less dealing with 30 or so others! I have tons of things to do like run all over buying last minute necessities, and pack by 6 am in the morning. So, tried and out of breath off I go run run run... (crossing my fingers & hoping we have lots of fun!)
Check list for packing the car
1.Lots of snacks (Busy mouths can't complain about how much further it is! And we all know Madisen is always starving.) Check
2.Cooler with drinks (Setting myself up for disaster on a long highway with no bathrooms!!) Check
3.Two Walkmans, extra batteries and music Check
4.Ear plugs (I wish!) , For all the loud singing they will be doing. (Each singing to different songs on their walk-mans!) Check
5.Games, for after they are bored with the music Check
6.Puke bags (for the curvy mountain roads) Check
7.Extra clothes, towels,garbage bags,carpet cleaner & jug of water (Just in case they miss the puke bag and we repeat the last time we made this trip!) Check, check, double check check!
8.Nerve pills ( I wish!) & Anti-nausea medicine for me ( just in case I have to clean up puke!) I wish - Check
9.Pillows For the ride home ( After all the excitement where's off,they finish rambling about their day, and crash!) Check-ity check check...

Need help planning a trip?
I found my games, coupons and tips at;
And, Even with having plenty of experience with Kiddie road trips,
I found this video very useful!
Although, the kids in this video make me want to start unpacking, Now!
(Darn it! Was that field trip this week?... Mommy forgot all about it, too bad maybe next time!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Pool Puleeze!

I took KaileyShopping yesterday to pick out a new bathing suit. The thoughts of her tushie hanging out of a skin tight bikini bottom (2 sizes too small), was enough incentive to warrant
needing a new one. After all, school will be out soon and we will be spending many days at the local pool.
Which reminds me, I think we will need to rethink the need of buying a plastic pool for the yard this year.
Good reasons
No waisting gas at $4.00 a gallon!

No fees to swim
Not having to keep up with two kids and a baby at an over crowded pool. (with every darecare/camp visiting)
Not having to leave 15 minutes after arriving with disappointed kids, because the pool was evacuated due to a poop log swimming in the pool. (which has happened three times! Nasty daycare kids, it's just NOT funny anymore!)
the list is endless...
So were shopping and I let her take a pile of bathing suits in the dressing room to pick one. She had a blast and I was just happy I wasn't the one trying them on. Having to look in the mirror and see every flaw you own...TORTURE! She's still young and firm so to her is was just alot of fun. I am just thrilled she is still at the age where I can influence her into getting what pleases me. I'm sorry but I don't know of any 10 year old that needs a push up padded bikini top! What are these manufactures thinking? I mean really Come ON! What is it exactly they think they are going to squeeze and push up? (Nothing on my daughter, that's all I know!)

I remember when I was little my bathing suits were alot more wornout then theirs gets. The bottom print would be wore down white through the fabric. From scraping my butt on the cement steps of our pool in Florida. One thing their bathing suits will never endure in a little play pool. They get swimming lessons where as my mom just threw me in and you either sank or learned real fast how to swim. All part of the memories I was talking about last night at the dinner table. That was till Jason descided to try and out do me. (silly man) Going on and on about how he had a pool growing up too. The facts;
Jason & his pool-
Grew up way North where it's cold (my thoughts...I didn't think people had backyard pools up there. )
Probably only had two months of the summer, when he could actually swim because of the cold
Turns out his pool was only 4-5 ft deep, and needed to be assembled. (You mean, Blowing it up??)
And...It was an above ground pool!!
My pool-
was in my back yard
you could swim all year round
A Concrete pool below the gound
9ft in the deep end
And Had a diving board
I told him he didn't have a Real pool, he had a Wal-mart pool!
Needless to say, he had plenty to rebuttle and didn't like my Wal-mart comment!
( yeah yeah yeah, so you had some little deck built around it, and it took more than air to put it together...Bah ha ha ha!)
In the end I still won the challenge with.... "Oh Yeah well I got to go to Beach, Everyday!"
(Daytona Beach, So... nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo)

PS: Turns out he didn't even have walmart!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's called Fishing NOT Catching sweetie

Today we decided to take the kids fishing. Seeing how the last time we attempted this we were on a lake, spent a ton of money renting a boat and were rained out. (which was the only way the line got wet!) We felt it was long over due, and with a bright sunny day why not!

We picked out a spot out on a creek bank, other than a little wind you could say it was a perfect. Unloaded all our gear (which with a baby is like camping out, you bring everything you own!), and only stayed long enough to slather on some sunscreen and get a fishing line stuck in a tree. In less than two feet of a rocky creek branch with a rushing current, it was like fly fishing trying to keep the line from getting stuck. We knew if we stayed the day would be destined to end in tears and decided to move to a better location (a local lake)...
Notice here how everyone is so far ahead of me going to the car. That's because I'm behind toting the baby and all the gear loaded in the stroller. What you can't see in this picture is the ground is very uneven, full of high weeds, and I'm trying to push a stroller with one hand that is clearly not designed for this rugged terrain! Yet, not a care off they go...

Once at the lake we found an awesome spot with a park bench and all. The best part was we could park right at the water. (No toting, yeah!!!) The very first line Madisen threw in she caught her very first fish. In the process of taking it off the line daddy accidentaly slipped and lost the fish back in the water. (which she has yet to let him live down!)

Everything would have been perfect had the lockness monster not showed up. (my biggest fear!) About 3 feet in front of me I see a snake come charging out of the water towards me! Once he popped his head up luckily my screaming scared him back in the water. Up on top of the bench I was ready to abandon all children and run for my life. Unfortunately he wasn't scared off for good. At one point he caught a fish and was standing way up out of the water like a cobra. Holding this fish again he was heading my way! Once Jason scared him in another direction I felt safe to take a picture of him. (Safe, yet still ready to pack up and go home!)

The children were left terrified at my performance and it changed their entire outlook on fishing.
After seeing the snake Madisen's started screaming in terror "something has my line!!" (in her mind it was a snake). At that point were all yelling hurry get it , it's a Fish!! Turned out to be this tiny little 3 in fish, which to hear her tell it now it was 5 ft!

Kailey unfortunately had many bites but didn't catch any fish. All in all there was no complaining or whining to leave, which made for a perfect time. In fact, Kailey didn't understand why we had to leave before she could catch a fish. (we stayed 4 hours!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lovein Life

This was taken last summer on a day I will never forget! I took this picture as Kailey my little dare devil was riding her bike. She played this little game where she would ride as fast as she could aiming right for Jacob and I, and turn her bike at the last second to avoid hitting us. About 15 minutes after I took this picture the perfectly fun afternoon turned into a nightmare. As she zoomed way up the road past me she tried to scare Madisen on her bike doing the same thing. Only Madisen just beginning to learn to ride with training wheels, got scared and tried to move out of the way. It just so happened to be the same way Kailey turned, causing them to collide. They are both laying on the ground screaming as I ran up the hill with Jacob to get them. They are screaming, blood is everywhere and my heart felt like it would absolutely beat right out of my chest. Frantic trying to find out where all the blood was coming from, I noticed Kailey's permanent front tooth hanging down. I can not even explain the fear that rushed over my body. As I walked all three home, blood is just gushing from her mouth. Somehow I managed to remain calm, get a towel and call Jason for help. Inside I was crumbling and scared What are we going to do? There's no way they can fix this! I knew I needed to be strong for her, no matter what I felt. So, I told her it was okay don't worry we'll fix it, and anything to calm her down. All the while trying to convince myself and not cry. Minutes after Jason arrived we rushed her to the ER, and we were told there was nothing they could do, we needed to just go home and take her to a dentist the next day. As a mother I'm sure you know this answer was unacceptable. My baby was NOT just going home, blood is still gushing, she can't even close her mouth and she's in pain. (I don't think so!!) At 5:30 pm and having No family dentist all other options were just out. Desperately making phone calls I happened to reach a known Dr. in the area, whose phone line was still on. As I begged and pleaded crying for help, the Dr. without hesitation said bring her on. One hour after closing the office, he welcomed Kailey as though he had expected us all day. Taking his time all awhile comforting us, he stayed 2 hours after closing fixing her tooth. We would have never gotten through the night had it not been for him and his willingness to help. After talking to him all evening, we figured out he was a close friend to some of my family. (We live "where everybody knows your name..da da dat ta!") Even before knowing this, he treated us with great compassion. (with No insurance he even gave us a huge break on the charges) In the end after many visits, Kailey's tooth was back to normal and we were left with two mangled up bikes, and a fear of riding!
Now this photo will hold more than just that memory. This past Saturday night that Dr., on his way home from visiting some of our family members, wrecked his motorcycle and died. At age 35 he left a five yr old son and wife. The scary thing is this happened out on a old country road directly across from my moms house. (too close for comfort!)The place he wrecked in was just unfathomable. Things can happen so sudden, and in a moments notice your life can change forever. One of the last things he said was, "I'm just out lovein life..!", makes me wonder can I say the same? Sometimes, I get caught up in the day to day routine, and forget what's important. No one knows what the future holds or when it's their time to go. So, hold those loved ones tight and make sure they know every moment that you love them. You never know when the last time you see them might be. Lastly take the time to enjoy life and know the little things you do might leave a lasting impression on someones life forever.
*Posted for participating in*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tick Tock you don't stop

You know, If I picked up a hitch hiker I'm pretty sure I would know. The fact that you have someone else riding along with you is the first clue, and without a doubt wouldn't be unnoticed. You don't just go along and all of a sudden say "What the heck! Who are you and where did you come from?" It looks to me like, at some point and time you have to stop for them right? Well in this neck of the woods, that doesn't seem to be the case. You can just be minding your own business and Bam!.."Hello new friend!" It seems most of the time they are ugly, disease ridden, creepy buggers. Some stink and are so dirty, probably from getting around so much. You see them and automatically think "Ewe where did you come from!" I hate seeing them all around and this time of the year it's like they come crawling out of the woodwork. Where do they all come from? I'll tell you most of them come from my moms backyard. She is just over populated with them laying around. You go over and the next thing you know they are hanging on to your pant leg, it's so disgusting. Somehow every time we go over one ends up sneaking home with one of the girls. The school playground is just as bad. Everyday Mady comes home telling me about the buggers bothering her friends. Today at school the teacher happen to find one (a Tick!!!!) setting up home in my baby's Kailey's head. With her having gobs of hair it's clear he had plenty to grab onto, and likely be over looked. (which still didn't make me feel any better about it) Never the less a little alcohol (for the tick! Not me) and he finally let go, for a nice swim down the poop pipe. So, now were left to sit and stress up to 21 days to see if she gets sick! We are just so loving our summer friends, Not!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - We're in for it now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Child Care Ad


Open to all positions on a needed basis, when told. Charges are based on what change mom has extra at the time. All fees are due at the end of services. Some charity work is available, if needed. (Based on the desperate need of the individual) Care taker is not responsible for unattended children due to any distractions pertaining to computer access or television. (unexpected lack of interest subject to change at any given moment) little sister backup is free and included with all duties. Care takers have 12 Months of baby experience, and head position has 7 years experience with bossing and applied controlling skills. All poopy diapers are not included. Due to overwhelming use of service, you may need to make numerous calls for attention.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Walk a mile in my shoes, or at least my first ten feet!

Advanced help with Children Volume 2

Dealing with a Snubber

What is a snubber?
This is a child with and attitude directed towards an authority figure. Where the child refuses orders, rules, or any contact by displaying an attitude.

What are some examples of a snubber?
A baby that refuses to be handed from one parent to the other, by hanging on for dear life to clothes , hair, arms or legs. This may include screaming, turning their head or shying away.
In toddler children the child may slap at you or run like a Tasmanian devil in the opposite direction.
Grade school kids are greatly known for this on field trips (no matter what arrangements or sacrifices you had to make to get to go). They act as though you aren't even with them, and any rules you have established no longer exists. A very common reaction is the hand and shoulder shrug as if to say "Don't touch me!" One of the first clear signs of the symptoms getting worse is if they back talk you under their breath in public . If your child exhibits this behavior you should be very afraid. (That is the sign of a true risk taker.)
Older children may cross their arms, roll their eyes at the sound of your voice, hide in their room and ignore anything you say. If you did not nip in the bud the first signs above, now your child may not think twice about back talking you to your face.

Anytime you have to use the phrase "Hello, I'm talking to you!"- Your being snubbed!

What can bring on a snubbing?

Most of the time they have no reason and it just slips out like an unexpected fart. (only it stinks worse and lasts longer) Yet, there are many little words or sentences you use, in which it is also triggered.

ex; A simple answer of "No" to Anything!

"It's time to go.."

"Sorry, but we can't buy that today."

"Your not wearing that!"

How Long can I expect the attitude to last?

Babies and toddlers are moment to moment, they can make a 180' change in seconds depending on the situation.
Grade school children usually stop the second they are out of the public eye. After your blood pressure is through the roof and you think your at your wits end, they magically turn into an angel.
In teenagers you just have to wait till they mature through this stage which could take months or even years. Unless of course it was just a sparatic tood, in which you can expect it to come and go monthly.

How can I deal with a snubber?
That depends on the age of the child. can forget it, they are sweet gifts from god and they can do what ever they want. Unless, of course its mommy they are snubbing. Then you tell that little bugger, your the one that did all the pushing in labor not Daddy, and you better not start that attitude!
Toddlers... They have a short attention span. Let them run it out and eventually they remember who feeds them. Can't wait that long? Empty promises of candy or ice cream is a great trick.
Grade school children...One short trip to the bathroom or a threatening whisper can be a great public advantage. Usually the threat of telling daddy is more than enough, but the use of guilt can be the most important tool.
Teenagers...If you did not catch the snubber earlier, now your just screwed! Your only hope is bribery and money at this point.

No matter what the age it makes you feel unwanted and like crap.
You will just have to use reverse psychology and ignore them and how it makes you feel.
Expect at times to be hated and at other's to be the best mom ever!
It's just another one of Motherhood's great perks.

For further questions or concerns. Contact the Motherhood in crisis hot line at 1-911-MOM-HELP, or through my contact info. in the sidebar.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Beach Baby

Summer 2005

I love this photo, it's also a reminder of this week. I've been letting the girls help, with the planning of Jacob's up coming birthday. I was thrilled to say Yes to Madisen when she excitedly said , " Can I pick what we do for Jake's birthday?". (She's not jealous but helping out, this will be great!) That was until she said "I think Jake wants to go to the beach for his birthday!" . "LOL...I'm sure he does sweetie! It's five hours away and we know how YOU love the beach!". Needless to say she wasn't too thrilled with my answer , and now we are trying to down grade her plans.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time after Time

First of all let me say, I know how everybody is glad to see rainbow bright, strawberry shortcake and all the other pathetic comebacks from our childhood. (I know not really it's like why can't they come out with something new , right? No one played with them then and they won't now!) Let's all agree and leave all that junk back in the 80's! Although, I am thrilled the bell bottoms I swore I would never wear, came back. (Somebody, please tell me what ever possessed us to tight roll our pants? What were we Thinking?!)
( Please press play on the player, to go back in time...)

This all brings me to letting you know No Cindy Lauper not is back!
Thank goodness!
(Even though some days I wonder when I see girls getting off the public school bus dressed like floozies.)

Today was dress funky Day at school!

(Wait a minute...What is Kailey doing in that 2nd picture?
She looks like she's mentally challenged and has to pee!)
Oh my! Anyways, They didn't tell me until 20 minutes before walking out the door, So I had to quickly throw something together. (I know , it's not my best work!)
A couple things you can't see;
1. Kailey is wearing Christmas socks with feathers around the top.
2. Madisen's pants and are pink camouflage with flowers.
3. Madisen's socks have a golfer's pattern on them.
4. The neighbors are driving by starring.
5. Jacob is hanging on to my boob for dear life while I take the pictures.

I was a little worried, when we arrived at school and all the other kids I saw were dressed in their school uniforms. (Yet I still just drove off! ) Was it really dress funky at school day? My children have been known to get days mixed up. I had no note, and had heard no announcement. The first I had even heard about it was this morning. I was going on their instructions alone, hoping they knew what they were talking about. So far I haven't received any school phone calls, so that's good. Last thing I want is to hear something like this;

Mrs. Regish, I'm sure you understand the children should not be dressing themselves. Our school has rules and standards, and their attire is just well um...Unacceptable!! Could you please come bring your children a pair of regular school clothes.

If I'm lucky maybe I'll arrive to pick them up and they will be wearing some of the schools clothes, with a teacher to greet me. Wouldn't that be embarrassing!
I remember when I was in school and if your shirt had anything on it derogatory it had to be put inside out. Or, girls if your shirt was too low cut, you were made to wear some gawd awful school shirt until someone brought you something. In that case you weren't supposed to leave the house with that on anyways, and you wait till you get home! So, because you were sneaky and changed at a friends house, you were now forced to wear the puke green stained polo all day for punishment!
Boy times have changed, or have they?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What'cha got there, little Birdie?

Yesterday after such a hard day, a little Birdie flew in my blog. While I was shooing my children the birdie thought I was shooing her and she must have accidentally dropped me this award.
No matter how it got here fear, pity, the bread my kids throw outside for the squirrel, I don't care! I'm proud to have it.
I'm not good with sharing but in this case I must so....The award goes to,
Drum roll please!
Oh lets go to a commercial first...

And, Now the moment you've all been waiting for.
The award goes to...

She's very creative and always has the coolest patterns for sewing. Easy made darling little things for girls. Which if I ever have time I will do! (seeing how I can't convince her to do it for me!)
To the funny girl out in Sheboygan, WI we'll send out this award via-snow mobile.
(who ever takes it, make sure you tell her about Britney shaving her head!) Oh my Her wit and wisdom is priceless! Just remember to take a tissue with you, you'll laugh and cry at her posts. (Don't worry it's mostly crying from laughing so hard!)
Apple Joos
Love her tree hugging mind! Just by reading one of her posts she made me loose all track of sanity. I actually pushed all the memories of the torture I went through, when Jake was born and was wanting another. Anyone that can do that in five minutes is due some major credit!

Outnumbered 2 to 1
To the gal who keeps my sides hurting, and my wrinkles coming. No one can make me laugh or slightly pee myself the way she does!

Tiaras and Tantrums
Anyone with kids can relate to her! The trials and smiles of parenting. If she lived closer we could be the mean moms together at school.
(watching the show 'The new adventures of old Christine' we could take lots of notes...think about it!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You mean, It's Only Tuesday?

It's been a long exhausting day!

Throw some chicken nuggets out for my kids, step over me and move on to the next blog.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Mommy Cam

Monday's Mommy Cam

Little tid bits of my Mother's Day!

Mommy watch me...

Not Daddy's little girl!

Serenading mom...

Hitching a ride!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

You're a Mother if you ever ...

1. Found the vents in your home filled with everything from toys to candy wrappers.

2. It has taken you 2.5 hours to watch a 1.5 hour movie, because you kept having to push the pause button.

3. Had your car windows covered in stickers or smeared slobber all over them.

4. Found crayon and boogers on your walls, and wasn't surprised.

5. Had more baby product coupons cut out than food.

6. Had a purse containing diapers, emergency snot rags, or children's Tylenol.

7. Found soured milk at some point and time, and it wasn't a jug of milk in the fridge.

8. Started to eat something, and everyone comes running to get a bite, until your left with nothing.

9. Spit cleaned a paci that fell on the floor, or child's face.

10. Had to pick up poop filled panties with your bare hands!

11. Your shopping interrupted for a desperate potty break.
(No your self doesn't count!)
12. Chased after someones wet, soapy, naked butt while laughing.
( have a dirty mind, I'm taking about a baby!)

13.Heard some one calling Mom so many times in one day, that you have thought of changing your name.

If any of these apply to you;

May God bless your home as he has mine

~Happy Mother's Day~

Saturday, May 10, 2008

She's hoping for just a card

Two years ago the day before Mother’s Day, I was running all over town looking for a rooster. My mother has a collection of roosters in her kitchen, and I had some hair brained idea I would buy her a real one. So, after hours of searching to find one for sale (last minute’s notice) my brother and I ended up at a live stock auction in this huge barn. Now even thou they are very popular here in the south, I had never had the pleasure of attending one. (Thank goodness, what an experience) When we arrived the auction was well in progress, and up front there are these men holding up each live stock being auctioned. (bunnies, chickens, goats...) It only took minutes before the guy on the mic talking 90 miles a minute was on to the next animal. The next thing I know they are holding up two roosters in the air by their feet. My brother turns to me and says “Hurry, do you want me to bid?” I’m standing there dumb founded not knowing what to even say. (I don’t know?? I had imagined some cute rooster, not some fowl hanging upside down lifeless, as if its dead.) Before I could go over all those details in my mind it was already too late. They were finished with the roosters and said that’s all folks thanks for coming. (What the heck it’s over? But, I have No rooster!) Teary eyed and bum frazzled we left empty handed. We drove a mile down the road clueless on where to look next. It was getting late I had No mother’s day gift and no other ideas. As I complained and pouted my brother had one last bright idea. (“Let’s go back and I’ll see if I can talk to someone.”) Like a child being given into, we went back (with little hope). As we went in I just kind of stood back waiting on him to sweet talk someone into sympathy any kind for a rooster. While I’m standing there some backwoods looking woman walks up to me and just hands me a baby bird. Reluctant to handle it, she made me hold it. She says “Here take this bird home and take care of it, it fell out of the rafters” "umm…excuse me? What?? No no no I don’t think so!” After a bit of explaining, how there was no way I was taking this home, the crazy tobacco chewing broad finally moved on. Finally to my relief here came my brother. He announced best of luck this man still has plenty of roosters left from the auction come and pick one out. Thrilled to death I’m peeking through these crates that are completely filled with roosters, they have no room to move much less breathe all hunched down. Not what I was expecting but I wasn’t going to complain. Choosing a rooster I picked the biggest red one I could find. The man reaches down in the cages grabs it by his feet and tries to hand it to me. At this point I don’t think my eyes could have gotten any wider. (There was No way I was touching that thing) My brother who is used to this kind of thing just expected me to grab it and hold it all the way home. (Apparently he’s crazy!) We ended up getting a box and hauled it home. It turned out to be a big Mother’s day shocker for my mom, who was overjoyed. That was until a few days later the sedative (some one obviously had given it) wore off. We quickly realized this big red Rooster she had named Roho, was a fighting rooster!
(Just my luck, I know!) We new this because anytime my mom went out side it would come slowly by, sneak up pretending it was pecking the ground and then it would charge after her. (Great present right, yeah she wasn’t too thrilled about it after that) Anyone who went in the yard would have to carry a broom to defend themselves. (Even then he didn’t back down, still trying to flog whoever it was. ) That was until the one day my kids were playing outside and Roho decided Kailey was a great running target. He’s running after her, my dad was running after him, and everyone was screaming.
(It was just like in a cartoon , I swear!) Luckily Kailey got away with a small scratch on her face, and Roho was on a fast trip back to the auction. Needless to say this year my mom is hoping I will just get a card, or even a wilted flower will suffice. I have all day to figure something out, so we will see!