Friday, November 30, 2007

Tag your It!

Okay I've been given the chance drop 15 years and play Tag today. I loved that game as a kid!!
A NaBloPoMo Member has tagged me: Northern_Girl She ran this way so go see if you can catch her; Whaling Season

Did you find her? She has a great site though, doesn't she!

Alright on with the game....

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7 Facts about Me;

1. I am still madly in love with my husband after 13 years. He still gives me butterflies in my stomach when I see him.

2. I really like the Disney shows for the kids. I catch myself continuing to watch their shows long after they leave the room.

3.Apparently I must have Cat genes in my blood. Lots of people say I have cat eyes and I love being petted!( Ask Jason he rubs my back and feet every night) If I had to say what breed I am, it's a Scaredy cat. I am afraid of everything! If I watch something scary I'm terrified of the dark, and any little noise.

4.I am very stubborn. When Jason and I first got together I made a cake for him. When he came home he said "It doesn't look like the one on the box". That cake went straight to the trash , he didn't even get one bite.I didn't bake him another cake until 2 years ago!

5.Mrs. Sugar-Holic here. My coffee in the mornings looks like a milkshake.I have such a sweet tooth. I really buy all the candy and Debbie cakes for myself, the kids are just a good excuse.

6.I have learned after attempting Yoga class, I have no coordination. I spent the whole time I was there, trying to hold back laughter. My sister was with me and she Just couldn't get it either. By the time we figured out one pose they were off to another.The glares from the instructor were enough to know I didn't need to go back.

7.I'm very absent minded. I can't tell you how many times I have locked my self out of the car. I hate making that call to Jason to come and get me. It's always at the worst times too.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't tell me how to raise my kids

Last night on the world news I watched a story on a bill passed in Massachusetts that prohibits spanking. First of all there is a huge difference in spanking your child and beating them. I for one firmly believe in spanking. A little swat on the butt is by all means not child abuse. I think half of what is wrong with some children today, is because they are not disciplined. When I was growing up I had to cut my own hickory, if I got in trouble. For those of you not from the south, a hickory is a thin branch off a tree. Believe me if I even thought of doing something the thought of that hickory changed my mind quick. For the asinine thinking from psychologists out there saying it causes a child to be violent, they are wrong. Some psychologists are like scientists they like to just form their own opinions and call it gospel. As a child and as an adult I do not think hitting is okay. I don’t spank my children every time they do something wrong either. Every situation is different and is dealt with appropriately. Sometimes that just means you need to talk it out or have a time out. I remember when Kailey was very young she would pitch a fit the minute you got in the store and not sit in the buggy. She was screaming she didn’t care what I was saying at the time. She was smart enough to think she could get by with it. You can't give timeout sitting in a buggy in the store. One trip to the public bathroom for a little swat and talking to and she never did it again. Had I just ignored it, the screaming would have continued all through the store and she would know she could always get by with it. My girls are very good kids, they don’t talk back, and they respect adults. In fact I can’t even remember the last time they even got a spanking. If you ask them they probably don’t even remember, because for one it wasn’t a big deal. Now at their age I just threaten it and they immediately straighten up and act right. I think for the government to step in and say how we can and can’t raise our children is absurd. I am all for them protecting children against abusive parents and such but in this situation it’s wrong to categorize everyone. The government wants separation of Church and state and freedom of religion, well this goes against my religion! The Bible plainly says don’t spare the rod, and you can’t argue with Gods word. The government has taken God out of everything so this is no different I see. Look at what has happened to the school system since they took God out of it. Hence my whole point! I think a mother knows her children better than anyone. We need to be the ones to decide what punishment is best for every situation, and every child.Not a bunch of old men sitting in the white house!

Control your Kids!!

One day I was in the grocery store with my kids. My girls were walking quietly each with one hand on my buggy through the store. As I am there deciding on some produce, I hear this mother coming up the aisle with her two kids. I say hear because I heard them way before I ever saw them. I look over and these two kids are running up and down the aisle screaming and playing. One is pushing a childs training buggy trying to hit customers and the other is running after. Meanwhile this mother is just oblivious to anything happening. At first I thought they weren’t even with her. My kids were just as stunned as I was. Madisen clearly a lot younger than one of those kids looks at me, and say’s “Mom their being really bad!” It’s sad when a child even notices. As I continued to shop I happened to see them again on another aisle. Now one is laying in the floor kicking and the other is throwing cans off the shelf. I absolutely was floored! They clearly could have used a good spanking for sure! How could this mother think this is okay behavior? Why do they let them just go out of control in the stores? I hate shopping for clothes and having some kids playing tag within the racks. Their screaming and running into anyone in the way. Nothing drives me crazier. I can’t imagine how it is in their homes. No matter how bad I think mine are being at times in the store, I know now my complaints are only petty. I’m glad I have taught mine better.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm starved when's snack?

Madisen bless her heart is eating us out of house and home. Every morning, the minute her feet hit the floor she wants cereal. I have literally seen her barely have her eyes open enough to focus and ask for cereal. After she finishes a whole bowl, she will then eat again with Kailey. I’m not talking about just a small amount either. It’s a full plate of waffles or whatever I fix. For her snack at school I have to send two snacks, because one is not enough. I have watched her on the play ground before school gets out toting along her lunchbox to finish whatever is left. On the way home from school she will go through kailey’s box to see if she has anything left to snack on. Then once we walk in the door she goes straight to the kitchen to scramble through the cabinets. Meanwhile stating she is starved to death and can’t wait for me to start supper. You would think after eating all day she wouldn’t even think of eating super. Wrong…..she always finishes her plate, and will start eyeballing my plate for extras. Most nights she eats more than I do, at the table. While I clean up the kitchen after super, she still sits eating her desert. Not even thirty minutes after that she awaits for her evening snack. I don’t know how she can be so hungry just getting up from the table. I end up chasing her out of the kitchen many times until snack time 7:30pm. This child never stops eating, or worrying about eating. I don’t understand how she stays so skinny. I just wish I had a portion of her metabolism.
No matter where we go she has to pack a lunch. Why? Because she might get hungry so she says! It’s a battle to get her out the door without a lunch, even if I know I’ll be coming back home in 30 minutes. I have enough to gather for Jacob without packing an entire lunch just to run up to the bank! Every week it is all I can do to buy enough snacks for the house. Last night Jason was rumbling through the cabinets looking for an evening snack and I hear him say “whoa now that’s a big box”! He had run across the box of cheez- it’s I bought. It’s is as big as a box of cereal. (Thank goodness for Wal-mart) The sad thing is I doubt it will even last till Friday. I don’t know how we will afford groceries when they are all teenagers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Rolly Polly

This is so cute I have to share it! Jacob is at that age where he is starting to figure out crawling. Well he hasn't quite figured out what to do yet. He knows what he wants and where to get it, so he came up with another solution. Instead of try and crawl I'll just roll there! Take a peek it's too funny!

Becareful what you whine for!

My girls have some funny fascination with a school bus. They have both rode on one before on fieldtrips and such to know it’s not that big a deal. Listening to them you would think they were missing out on some big party or something. Everyday we pass a school bus and the whining starts. “We never get to ride the bus!” and “why can’t we ride the bus to school?” Their school charges to ride the bus, and I am at home so I drive them. So for future use, I’ve decided to make a video of their begging. That way when they turn 16 and beg for a car, I can bring out my little video. Then I can say; “don’t you remember when you begged and pleaded to ride the bus, we’ll now I’ve decided to let you!” I’m thinking they won’t find that joke too funny! I’ll make sure to get their expressions on video also.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jabber Jaws

Madisen is our little ‘Jabber Jaws’, she constantly talks. All the way to school, all the way home from school, and then she will follow you all over the house talking. It seems like she doesn’t even take a breath. It’s just on and on and you can forget getting in a word. We have finally found a good use for all this talking. Now when we get those annoying solicitors or debt collectors calling, I just let her answer the phone. The first time I did this, I said “here answer this and tell whoever is on the phone about when you lost your tooth”. She thought I was crazy but still went along. It didn’t take them long to hang up. The more they tried to say “Is your mommy or daddy home?” the louder she talked about her story. After they hung up, she said “uh…they hung up on me!” I just laughed and explained to her what I did. Now that’s her favorite game to play. Needless to say most of those calls have stopped!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I want that for Christmas ....

Madisen has drove me crazy today over this horse for Christmas. This $250 horse! Why? Why? Why? We already have a real horse. Makes no sence to me. All I know is , it's not happening. Every year there is that one toy they just have to have. So far I have been lucky, they haven't mention any particular toy. (Till this horse today) It's just been everything on the T.V. Every commercial that comes on the T.V you here: "I Want That for Christmas!!", which always causes fight. They think whoever says it first gets that toy for Christmas. So of course the one who said it last pouts till the next big commercial. I've had to threaten them about that. Except they don't much believe I'll take away Christmas.
Every year there's that one hot toy. I rack my brain searching all over for whatever it is. Last year it was the Heeley shoes, Love them!! They keep them busy for hours.Tired of your kids being bored while you shop? Buy Heelys.
The other big thing was the 'Baby Alive' for Madisen. Everywhere I went they were sold out. I called stores searched all over the Internet, to find No baby. Finally last minute, my sister found one in Arizona. This doll should have been marked with a bad toy award. I wish I never would have found it. Anything entitled 'Alive', buyer beware.Yes, she eats and poops. Madisen was constantly feeding her. Which I'm glad she played with it, but the diapers are not cheap. I was constantly buying diapers for a DOLL! They weren't exactly Huggies brand so,It makes a huge mess too. The stuff it poops gets on everything.
I'm holding my breath, on what this year will bring. I hope she forgets about this horse!

Friday, November 23, 2007

What we did with leftovers!

Here’s what the girls and I did with our leftovers today. We ate some of them and then we came up with our own ideas. These aren’t your typical Martha Stuwart crafts. Ours were a lot more fun!

We took our turkey bones and made a wind chime.

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With leftover sweet potato casserole, we created our own day spa.
(Mash it up really well, and it makes a great skin mask)

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Look how relaxing this was!

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We even have our very own testimony videos of Sweet Potato Facial results!

The girls even brought thier Mamaw in on the spa!

(Here's her rendition of a Redneck grandma after a facial)

(I seriously don't know her!!!! ) Lol

Boo Hoo Friday

It’s all over the news: Die Hard Shoppers out for Black Friday. I try to avoid shopping with all three of my kids at all costs. There’s all the bathroom breaks, the fighting, whining, and it always involves crying at some point. Today you get up before the crack of dawn to fight the crowds of people and stand hours in lines, all to save a little money. Normally I would cringe at the thought of doing all that totting around my kids. At 6am here I am So jealous! I would give anything to be apart of all that hair pulling chaos. Instead I’ll just sit here and huff over the fact I don’t have any money to go. (Must keep busy) Hmm…Wonder what I can do with all those leftovers? Check back, I’ll post all my ideas later today.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks

Our family had many things to be thankful for.
Ernie- My sister was Thankful just to be awake enough to eat, because she worked all night.
John- My Dad was Thankful to still be alive and hear what everyone was saying. (So he thought)
Katherine- My mom was thankful her famous biscuits turning out light and fluffy.
Terry & Tammy- My brother and his wife were just thankful to eat by 1:00, because they had to eat again with her parents.
Jason- Was Thankful for the 35lbs of meat on the table.
Kailey- was thankful she got twice as much whip cream than pie!
Madisen- was thankful for the rock hard biscuits she made for mamaw.
Jacob- was thankful for all the extra attention, and his first bites of Pumpkin pie.
Myself, I was thankful my turkey was good, even though I cooked it upside down for the first two hours!
All and all ...Everyone ate too much and got lazy. It was a great Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting ready for Turkey Day

Been to the store 4 times, and still missing whip cream!Busy busy, I had one Pilgrim to get ready this morning. Then juggled two Turkey parties at school today. Bouncing back and forth across the halls. Now I'm cooking two pies, making a pumpkin cake and boiling deviled eggs all with a baby on my hip. I can defiantly relate to this woman getting my Turkey into the sink to thaw today. So much to do such little time!

Look how cute Madisen was!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

8am and I already need a Break!

5 am I go running out the shower this morning, because of the monitor alarm is sounding. As I pass by my bed, I see Jason soundly sleeping through it. Wet and running through the house in the dark I ran smack into Kailey panicking over the noise. Go flying through the nursery to see Jacob snuggled at the top corner of his bed. False alarm! Ten minutes before rushing out the door, Madisen gets a clump of tooth paste in her hair. Jacob poops just as we need to leave. Late and finishing up homework in the car, I hit a wall of fog. With a two lane road and traffic slowed down to a minimum, we arrive at school just in time for them to rush into class. At 8:30 I arrive back at home to start the rest of my day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Daddy's sick

Jason has suffered all weekend with a terrible cold. (You know a Man-killing cold only men seem get.)

Kailey & Madisen ; "Daddy come play a game with us"

Jason; "Daddy is sick, I can't"

Madisen; whinning..."Why not?"

Jason; "I'm sick!", " Back up Madisen, your too close, I'll get you sick"

Kailey; "What's wrong with you?"

Jason; "I don't know, I just have a cold or something."

Madisen; "What kind of cold?"

Jason; "I don't know just a cold."

Kailey; "Ew...I hope it's The Virus, because you don't throw up with The Virus!!"

Jason; ??? blink...blink ???

Ashamed to Buy Baby Formula

Back in September it was Labor Day weekend and I went to pick up a few things at one of the local Ingles stores. I hardly ever go to this one particular store, because it is always busy and hard to get parking. With it being a holiday weekend they were even busier than usual. I had gone by myself without the kids, which I rarely get to do. One of the things I needed to buy was baby formula. Since I switched Jacob to the bottle, I give him the Lipil Enfamil brand. The formulas containing Lipil are to help with brain and eye development. Ever since I started purchasing it, I noticed they keep these powder cans in the front of the store. Nothing I ever thought much about. So, that was my first stop to grab a can. As I am standing there one of the managers comes up and asks if he can help. I explained I was looking for the larger can of the Lipil and I didn’t see it. He asked how many I needed and went behind the service desk to get one. I figured there wasn’t enough room on the shelves, so I thanked him and went on my way. As I continued to shop this man was constantly following me in the store. Once I finished shopping and was checking out, he came to the register I was at. He started to push my buggy and help me out. Not that I needed any help with only 3 bags. He didn’t give me a choice, so all I could do was follow him. The store was packed with people; I only had three bags, so I thought this was a little weird. If I was there with a buggy full of groceries carting three kids, no one would even offer to help. I felt so silly going to my car with him right beside me. He continued to carry on petty conversation. While here I am thinking “Buddy I am married with three kids, back off”. The whole situation was just very uncomfortable.
Now 2 Months later, I go to Bi-lo’s to purchase more formula. This is another local grocery store where I know everyone. As I am looking for this particular formula I come across a big sign on the shelf. It read ‘Please go to service desk if you are looking for Enfamil with Lipil’. Here I am panicked that there has been a recall or something. Everyday you here on the news it’s something else. I’m thinking great now what will I feed him as I walk to the desk. I see one of the managers I know, and ask about the formula. I told him I needed some and asked what was wrong. He proceeds to tell me they are a high theft item. Oh I see, for those who can’t afford it or something? “No” he said, “Apparently it is some ingredient being used to make new drug out there, cocaine he thought”. What??? Oh my! Last year it was cold remedies, if you bought Aleve you had to sign for it. What’s next I’ll have to give I.D to buy baby formula? Here all I want to do is give my baby the best, and I get marked as a criminal. I guess that explains the guy following me before. He wasn’t hitting on me; he thought I was a dope head! I’ll be sure next time I go there to make a point for him to see me shopping with my kids. Now I hate to buy it when I am by myself, afraid what people might think of me. What is this world coming to?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Never thought these words would come out of my mouth.....I HATE shopping!

I am so sick of going to the grocery store!! Everyday I have to go for something. It never fails. I will do all my shopping on one day while the girls are in school. I drive 20 miles to the nearest Super Wal-mart to get everything I need. Of course I don’t buy everything there. I need whatever I couldn’t get there and all my fresh meats and bread from the local grocery store. I just love when I get there to find out they are out of what I need. Then it’s off to yet another store. I also buy all my produce from the local farmers market down the road. Doing all my shopping this way is a big headache, but I save a ton of money. At the same time I have three or more shopping lists. I try to keep up when things start to run out, but when buying in bulk sometimes that it’s impossible. Especially when I am the only one in the house keeping these lists. It’s not like a get a memo saying “Hey mom, I put the last soda in the fridge”, Jason’s big saying is “we’re out of toilet paper!” Somebody had to have put the last roll in the bathroom, so why didn’t they say anything? I can’t put it on the list if I don’t know! Of course truth be known those list’s really don’t do me any good. Yes, I admitted that! Shhhh…Don’t tell anybody. (Especially Jason) As you know my brain turned to mush the first time I ever found out I was pregnant, and it’s never been the same. I am the post it note queen. I have notes for everything! Notes for school, homework, stuff needed, activities, bills, groceries, dates, birthday parties, church activities….Everything. They are on the fridge, in my date book, next to the computer, on my calendar, in the diaper bag….Every where! Most of the time I forget them in the car when I go to shop, then it’s a mind game of what I can remember. If the girls are with me, you can forget it. My main goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible. I come out with way more than I ever had on the list. I’m busy trying to read and remember what I forgot, and they are begging for this and that. Most of the time I just say “Yes whatever” so they will hush. Will you stop fighting!!!! I can’t think!!!!! That’s why I try to go without them. Even without them it’s a headache. It never fails, the minute I get half my groceries on the conveyer at the cash register. That cashier light starts flashing. There’s either someone trying to cash a check, or they need a price check. As if it wasn’t bad enough, they don’t have enough cashiers and I’ve had to stand in line. You can only entertain a 5 month old for so long. It takes me so much longer shopping with him anyways. I expect to have to stop every so often to tend to him. It’s the shoppers that I get annoyed with. They stop you every few feet. Looking at the baby, touching the baby, and talking about the baby! If I hear, “what aisle did you get him on?” one more time this week I will scream. All the employees at the local stores know me. I think Ingles should give me a part in their stock or something. Instead all I get is a free Thanksgiving turkey. I went to pick that up today, since we were out of toilet paper. I should have picked up tin foil too, which I forgot. (got to get a post it) Guess I’ll get that tomorrow. All I want is One day, of not going to the store!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I won't be asking her to take out the trash!

My girls have been watching some show on the Disney channel about hobbies, and collecting things. Most children collect things like stickers, rocks, or stamps. What does Kailey my oldest collect? Trash!! I can not get it through her head, that you don’t collect trash. I keep telling her collect something normal, I’ll even help you. Her grandmothers have bought her figurine horses and snow globes, but it doesn't help. I have even bought lots of sticker books hoping she might get into that. Yet no matter what I say or do, she continues to try and collect trash. She begs for empty macaroni and cheese boxes, cereal boxes, soda bottles, candy wrappers anything that is trash. I am constantly telling her “No, it’s trash throw it away!” In her room I find stashes hidden, and I load up. I don’t know where it all comes from. I really hope she isn’t digging through our trash! Everyday after school I go through her book bag, to see what I’ll be throwing out for the day. She has snack at school every morning, so I find other kids wrappers & empty snack bags. One day there had to be 30 plastic rings from off of sports bottles. She must have had them in her desk at school for a while and decided to bring them home. Well this Friday I open her bag and it has paper wads. Which that’s not unusual, she get others kids to give her their graded papers. Not only did she have some of those, but she had 5 empty toilet paper rolls!! I have No idea where those came from, and I’m afraid to ask! I have no clue what to do, to stop this! It’s been going on for about a year now. At first it was cute, I thought awe she just doesn’t understand the concept of collecting. Than I got annoyed that she wasn’t listening. At this point I am just plain scared! What is this a sign of? I don’t want her grow up and be a hoarder, or a garbage picker. I think my next step may be to get her into collecting Garbage Pail Kid stuff. Seems like a great collection that appeals to her interests. Remember these; stickers and cards!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

I’m Teething and Mommy is Sleep Deprived

This morning I was so proud of myself. You see I let Jacob sleep in his crib 30 minutes before my alarm went off, this morning! I know that doesn't sound like much, but it was a huge step for me.Not only do our pets seem to get separation anxiety, but I have it! Only I don't have pills like Saddie.
I don’t let my kids do much of anything. No sleepovers, but at grandmas, and hardly any fieldtrips at school, if I can’t go. I drill them about strangers, phone numbers ect.. every morning before school. Then I end up crying after I drop them off. Stupid I know!! Even up until Madisen was 6 I made a place next to my bed every night, for the girls. Just in case they got scared in the middle of the night. Let me explain..There is no extra room in the bed when your husband is spread out like a hot breakfast. As I told you in a earlier post, the girls share a room. It wasn’t that we didn’t have room enough for them to have there own room. I just wanted them close to me. I had their bed faced exactly where I could see them, straight across from our room. That way if I opened my eyes at night, I could see them. Finally just 2 years ago, Jason convinced me to let them move there bed, and stop making a place in the floor. I didn’t sleep for a while, and finally got used to it. As for the bed in the floor, the truth is they hadn't been using it for 6mos. prior.
Now that Jacob is about to turn 6 months, Jason’s on my case again! HE thinks it's time I moved Jacob out of our room. My stomach knots up at just the thought. He did have a point that he is getting a little big for the bassinet. He clearly showed me the tag which reads max 18 lbs. He’s exactly 18lbs, so I think he’s fine. He does have at least another inch or two before he touches the ends! It’s not like I was planning on leaving him in it, until he is sitting up or nothing. I can see it now….He’s sitting up turning on his mobile himself in the middle of the night! Okay that would be bad. Anyways, Jacob has been cutting teeth here lately so he’s been a tad bit cranky. It’s made for some very sleepless nights. (If you have read any of my posts lately you’d know for sure…I had to do a little revising!) Last night was no different, and at 4am he tossed and fussed, till I got up to feed him. The only difference was when I laid him in the crib to make his bottle, he went to sleep immediately. I decided I only had 30 minutes till the alarm went off, and I was so tired, so I went back to bed. I laid there a few minutes just listening, Not a Peep! He ended up sleeping 2.5 more hours. Apparently he just wanted his crib, so Jason just had to point out! So, today I decided to go out and buy a little sleep. I bought a new and improved monitor to assure all my fears. Not as if that was easy. They had to have 100 different monitors. I bought The Angel care monitor. Supposedly it detects a heart beat. I still don't think I'll sleep but we'll see. (I think I’ll test it with a bag of sugar tonight , before I trust to leave him. Jason may find me sleeping next to the crib in the morning!)Does anyone have this monitor? If so drop me a line! Oh please tell me I’m not the only crazy mom, do any of you suffer from this craziness?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you God for…..…

(Thought this story would be appropriate for church night Wednesday)
In our house we pray every night before eating supper. The girls have a trundle bed , so whoever sleeps on top prays for the week. Had to make that rule after the fighting to pray started. Nothing like having to pray after a big fight at the table. Usually Kailey starts it. There’s “ She’s takes too long , I’m starving” , and “ It’s my turn” ect… They end up arguing , I can’t remember who prayed last night. The food I prepared is getting cold, so I get upset. Jason jumps in adding his two cents worth, because he is starved. Then after all that someone begins to pray. That really makes it hard to get your heart in the right spot to pray. Therefore, the new rule was established!
Every night when it’s Madisen’s turn. She is so precious, but so long winded. Thinking she gets that from her papaw. If she takes a breath sometimes you have to tell her to rap it up. Ready or not she starts praying. Most the time your caught in mid sentence talking or walking to the table. She doesn’t give you a chance to even shut your eyes and she’s off. Her prayers always start out with everything but nothing. It’s thank you god for the silverware, the chairs, the food, plates ect.. Then she comes out with something Every time off the wall. One night she prayed for God to take care of everyone. She names off every one , but my husband Jason. She gets through and he looks at me and say “ We’ll I guess I don’t need praying for”. One time she ended her prayer with “ and be with all the Mexicans , Amen” . We go from sick people to the Mexicans!? My husband and I were there trying our best not too laugh. I am choking on my own spit by the time she is done. Madisen is one to get very offended so you have to be careful. She’s now getting to where she looks at your expressions and knows something is wrong. She looks up so innocent and say’s “what?”. I usually have to just get up and hide my face! Kailey for the longest never listened to what she said or just didn’t pay it any attention. Now she’s one of the first to comment. I constantly have to blare my eyes at her to hush. Then she just sits there. “What? She doesn’t know any orphans in the orphanage”. I defend Mady and tell them to eat. Poor Madisen just goes on about eating. Bless her heart she tries and that’s all that matters. I know Gods getting a good laugh.

Pink for a Week Wednesday

Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Dailey Forecast...

As for where I stand , we have Live breaking news! You would think here in the mountains we wouldn’t be susceptible to tornados , well were not. Of course today I would say it was at least a F 4, that came whipping through !! Look at the devastation this Tonado (Madisen) brought us today…

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It’s a good thing she didn’t destroy us all.

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I’ve seen a lot come through these walls but this was a bad one.

You can see where she came right through the door.

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Tore through the living room.

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Didn’t leave a single toy unmissed.

We are thankful to have the troops to come in and help with the clean up.
One was not too happy , but with a little money incentive was eager to volunteer.

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Some were just happy to still be alive!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

That’s IT, No more Babies…..

After having two precious little girls, my husband and I decided to try again. Once I was pregnant with Jacob I knew my sports car days were over. I adjusted to the fact of having to submit myself to a SUV, boy was that a change. That was a sad day selling my convertible camaro. I still can’t bring myself to be like all those other moms I see on the road. I don’t have the bumper sticker that says “Mom’s Taxi” , or the baby on board sign hanging in the window. In fact you will never see me driving a mini van or station wagon and wearing mom jeans! That image doesn’t exactly scream Hot mamma to the hubby. I’m a wanna be Sexy fun wife/mom .One of the whole reasons I refuse to have another little one, because my Tahoe can’t fit another car seat. I have enough against me without all that. I just refuse to let go anymore of my youth. Turning 30 this year was bad enough. The pregnancy hormones at the time made sure of that. All and all the hormones I could deal with. Or I should say my husband could deal with. Crying for no reason, worrying about everything under the sun, and my brain turning to mush. He never knew how I would be or what stupid thing I would do next. Like putting the milk in the cabnit or throwing away his paycheck by accident. (That was one fun day digging through trash outside). But seeing how that was the least he had to go through, I don’t feel so bad. I’m telling you I thought after going through two prior pregnancies , I’d be a pro this time around. I expected to be sick, emotional , gain weight and all the other little woes of being pregnant. Little did I know what would be to come. I brushed up on all the new books, articles ect … Oh yes they all say every pregnancy is different yada yada . Let me explain some of the things they don’t tell you, and some new things I went through. This time I had feckles the size of moles suddenly appear. I added a little extra makeup and went on , no big deal. Well then my right hand constantly went numb. Something that the Dr.’s never could explain. Nerves I never knew exists were now killing me. Try a shooting pain up the side of your jaw up your face, with every contraction. I didn’t know which pain was worse . Another thing those darn books failed to mention.
During the birth I thought, it would be as easy as my girls were. I wasn’t in much pain, so I ended up Waiting too late to have any kind of pain medication ! Big mistake, they should mandatory all woman to have a epidural! Let me assure you Forget any prior pregnancies and pretend it’s your first! Be scared out of your mind and do anything and everything to a sure you will have an easy time. See, I was just spoiled my first two which were cake walks. No pain and no meds …. Not this time around. Although, ask my husband and it was like ordering fast food. Fast and easy! I don’t think so, here I am having a near death experience and all he had to do was stand at the bed catch the baby! Pushed out a 7.5lb baby boy and I thought the worst was over. It may have been the worst but not everything was over. I still had a numb hand for a solid month. I now magically had a unexpected perm added to my straight long hair. Which would have been nice had I actually went to a beauty shop. Nope this one came free with baby, go figure. And here all I was expecting was a free gift bag. Now I spend an hour every morning straightening my hair. Once I quit breastfeeding at 3 months because of problems, I started going bald, so I thought. My thick luscious pregnancy hair was now falling out. Oh I’m not talking about a little falling out as they claim in the books. Clumps of hair!! We had hair balls everywhere. They were all over my clothes. So, with every wash my husband had to pick out the hair clumps found in his underware. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy. Ending breastfeeding not only ruined my hair , but my once full Big Boobs were now gone. I’m not talking back to regular size. They got the life sucked out of them and so they become shriveled up little prunes. I surely don’t remember seeing that stated in any book. Then he had to deal with my crying AGAIN. He comes in “ What wrong?” , “Gee I don’t know I have nothing to wear, my hair is dry, I’m going bald and I have NO boobs. I just feel SO pretty !!!!! All he can do stand there looking at me like I’m crazy. Why?? Because he can’t possible ever understand. Men have it so easy, no periods no nothing! Here’s my title for the next big pregnancy book. ‘ You’re a Total Mess ...taking out the sugar coating of being pregnant’ .
So, if you’re like me. Just keep telling yourself “Give it time, you just had a baby”! Everything your going through is worth it. Listen to all the giggles in the background and wait for your hubby to come home and make it all better. Even if he really doesn’t understand. You can at least smile at him and think “ He wouldn’t have survived the first cramp!”.