Friday, January 6, 2012

This many more days...

During the week of Christmas every morning while watching the weather Jacob, would count down the days till Santa would come. As the cute little clip art Santa made his way across the days Jacob was more and more excited as the number of fingers he held up were less and less. He couldn't wait to make his big announcement every morning as to how much longer we had, secure in his knowledge referencing the proof on the weekly forecast.
Christmas finally arrived and the predictions of the weather channel & Jacob were at last confirmed!
The excitement dwindled down as Christmas ended and we began a new morning count down, New years day.

The only difference was as the little clip art baby moved closer, the less excited our little man became. Okay, he's 4 , nothing to him is exciting about a new year. No ones bring presents, he's too young to stay up all night to party I get it.

New years eve morning as we sat watching the news Jacob crossed his arms and sat pouting instead of counting. Apparently, we assumed New Years Day meant everyone gets a new baby. No wonder he had been so clingy and lovey all week. Bless his heart, all this time he was worried he was getting replaced with a new baby! It was too funny. Jason and I had fun teasing him over this one.

Every strange noise out side: " Is it UPS? I bet it's the BABY!"

New Years Day: "Son, are you ready to go to the store and pick out the baby? Do you want to get a white one like the rest of us, or a different color? A boy or a girl? How about two!! You get to pick."

With a smile and a mean look he let's us know he can take a joke & where he stands on another baby.

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