Monday, July 27, 2009

You just thought, YOU were having a bad day!

He's just a two year old how hard could it be?

Ah-ha, thought you'd never ask!

Here's just one example of what I've been going through...

Just the other day...

I had to make a very important phone call. As the phone on the other end is ringing, I spotted Madisen and asked her to run and see where Jake was. ( As I know it only takes a second before he's into something.)

"He's fine, Kailey's going to play with him while your on the phone." , She said.

Approximately 20 minutes later I get off the phone, turn around, and see Jake walking towards me waddling like a duck. He's covered from head to toe with paint, making paint footprints behind him.

"Look Mommy, I paint!!" he said in a lovely shade of purple.

I can only imagine the haunting shade of white my face became, as the shock rushed over me. I immediately grabbed him up and went running for the bath tub. Screaming in panic for the girls to hurry and help, I went as fast as I could.

"Strip your clothes off, and what ever you do, DO NOT let Jake out of the tub!!"

I knew wherever the paint was, time was of the essence to get it up. As I followed the painted footprints imprinted in the carpet. (Of our RENTED house might I ad) I was led straight to the masterpiece corner! He had somehow managed to get open two containers of paint. One Red & one blue.

(Which were in a case and up high. Obviously not high enough!)

Mr. Man, had painted the walls, his toys, his bed, his bedding, and HIMSELF!

He poured big piles of each color right on the carpet, and even made a mixing pile of purple.

Little Picasso had made such a mess!

I grabbed towels, a bucket of water and every bottle of stain remover I could find, and immediately went to scrubbing like a mad woman.

All the while yelling "Are you watching him?! Do NOT let him move!!"

After lots of scrubbing, and seeing how much progress I had made, I started to breath again.

Taking a deep breath, I began to laugh...

I still have paint stains on the floor.

Jake is sitting in the tub covered in paint.

I ran out of stain remover and need to go to the store.

The kids haven't had lunch yet.

AND, Kailey has to be at the orthodontist in 35 Minutes!!

Everything after that was a complete blurr.

Somehow I got it all done and made it to her appointment, and On Time at that!

At some point in between all the madness, I did take a few seconds to grab my camera.

They were taken at the time where I was breathing, so they are blurry and most of the paint was cleaned up. On Jake too! At least I captured something, right?

Can you believe this little monster?

All I know is; Thank God for Oxi Clean, and the fact it was kids paint!


  1. I'm laughing. Feeling guilty because I'm laughing, but I'm laughing. Hug? HUG.

  2. Good grief he's a cutie!!
    You gotta take pictures, someday, Lord willing, you'll be able to laugh. And, also, if karma is correct, he'll have a little guy just like him someday! ( :

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE OxiClean. It has saved me many times from different catastrophes. Poor chica. All I can say is that every time I look back on something horrible that was done, I look at the pictures and I now laugh. I am sure you know about this already...but don't you just love digital cameras. :-)

  4. That is great! He reminds me of my little two year old angel. He does things that make me so mad, then he sweetly looks at me and says "I yuv yoo mommy". How can you resist?

  5. Combine a three and four year old and they can do some damage. I'll have to try out that OxiClean. Sounds wonderful.

  6. I know how it is ~ my just 3 year old did a very similar trick with purple marker recently. :) Ahhh. . . isn't life grand. :)

  7. I think all moms can say been there done that and don't want to go there again! It's amazing the destruction a child that age can do!! (Just a few months ago, my dtr "painted" my kitchen with jelly. . .)

  8. OMG! How nuts! So is this what you are hinting I have to look forward to with a boy??? Mine is only 7 months!!!

    Anyone know how much military school costs? Is there such a thing as military preschool so I can be preapred? LOL

  9. *chuckle, chuckle*. I know I shouldn't but he does look pretty colorful :)

    I hope there is such a thing as military school b/c I've been threatening my teenager with that for the past month or so. God help me when the twins are his age LOL.

  10. Ahh you gotta love being the parent of a little boy. They are so creative & destructive at the same moment. I can't wait the 6 months for my son to turn 2 & mommy gets fitted for a straight jacket. lol. I do applaud you on your quick recovery technique :-)

  11. Wow. Note to self: when I have children lock ALL art supplies with a key that is kept around my neck. Lol. Glad it all came up!

  12. Oh my goodness! I freak out over a little marker or playdough on the carpet.

    Hope you get through the two's paint-free

  13. Oh My!!! What a mess! I know exactly what 2 year olds are capable of! I've cleaned up plenty of messes ;) luckily not paint! And I don't know what I would do without my Oxiclean!!! I end up soaking clothes daily!

  14. What a cute little guy! I have survived the 2's 3 times now! I need a vacation.

    Sending you good vibes!!!!!

  15. We can all laugh because it's not our kid! I can just imagine mine doing the same thing!


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