Monday, October 25, 2010

He's THREE & sneaky, things happen!

Before I tell you what happened here's two major facts that will help you to better understand my situation;

1- A couple of days ago while driving through construction, a little car was driving right in the blind spot of my SUV. For that reason, I had the crap scared out of me when I almost squashed it while merging. Luckily I didn't trust my mirrors and saw it before having to swerve or hear a pissed off honk. Even so, knowing I will be driving through the same construction daily, I positioned my mirror down specifically to target the lower blind spot on the driver side.

2- We never stop for fast food breakfast in the mornings. If fact we never even get to eat fast food at all anymore. That was until this weekend when I stopped and treated the younger two to McDonald's happy meals, for Madisen's birthday.

That being said; This morning I dropped the girls off at school and headed back home with Jacob. For most of the way home, I was driving through the construction paying attention to workers, unmarked changing lanes, and traffic.
Now that Jacob is 3, we're pretty much passed all the craziness of riding in the car. He doesn't throw toys at me anymore or unbuckle his seat belt and try to climb in the back. He just sits and plays with his toys and enjoys the ride. That is when the girls aren't there to fight with him.

So, hear I am driving down the road when I happen to notice this woman riding my bumper.

Driving in a highly known speed trap area, I just over looked her as it's very common while driving through there. Another fact is I have a lot of people ride my bumper on a daily basis due to the signage on my car for my business. Lots of people follow close taking down information. Therefore I've gotten very accustomed to just paying them no attention what so ever.

As I continue driving down the road I look over and now the woman is right next to my car driving with her window down trying to talk/yell at me. Now she has become unignorable. (if that's even a word)
Once again something else I used to do to my business. So, I slow down, and roll down my window to hear her. Quickly she yelled at me

What THE??... JACOB!!

Turns out it was trash from the night before;

1/2 a cheeseburger

his leftover bag & fries

and a water cup he didn't finish. (THE WATER BOTTLE)

All out his half cracked window!

Jacob's excuse "I was just throwing out my trash"

Bless his heart...the only child who will pick up after himself.

Once I finally get home and give my window rules & trash speech to Jacob, I notice I had a message on my machine.

Who else, but the lady on my bumper called my business!

Turns out she wanted to report the incident to the owner, with a long spiel about my vehicle, license plate & enactment on what was happening. Very upset she recommend I be reprimanded & taken care of at once. She ended the message with," if you were the driver SHAME, SHAME, ON YOU!!"

I don't know if it was hormones or what but I was a mess! I was angry she had the nerve to make such a big deal out of a little boys mistake. Too, I was understanding on how she felt driving behind such a freak show. Embarrassed, and hurt that she would judge me as some careless, unfit mother who would allow this to happen!

Swallowing my pride & tears, I thought it would be right to call the number back on the I.D. (Not that she would expect that, when she didn't leave her name or number.) Calmly and as nice as I could be I called her and left her the most sincere apology for what had happened. I assured her I had no knowledge of what he was doing, and it was my fault for not seeing it.
Also,Not that it matters to her...

I assured from now on his window will be locked or monitored!

The approach I took may have been as weakness, but at least I feel I did the right thing!

So, if you get wind of the latest download craze on You-Tube of a woman & her Mc'D's litter Boy, it's probably ME!


  1. Oh my stink!! I can't believe that lady called and everything. It's not like you were doing it on purpose!!!
    Next time, I'll pull up next to you and both our boys can blow bubbles out the window. Cool?

  2. At some point I will stop laughing and leave a real comment!


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