Friday, August 22, 2008

A stand in for Romeo

It all started back in first grade when Kailey met Tom. He stole her heart over a game of tag, and from then on she has been whole heartily dedicated to him. He has bought her many gifts through the years and been the center of all her future dreams. Even when he moved to another school last year they have kept in touch. They only get to talk about once every six months. (He's the one who took her rafting for her birthday) It's very sad considering they only live about 2 miles a part. ( Long story but a divorce and witch of a mother is the cause for that!) Each one is just as dedicated as the other. All along I thought wow, Jason and I must be great role models in this area.
That was until today!
New school, new boys and suddenly we have a new perspective on the (Do you want to be my girlfriend? circle Yes or No.) dating scene.
Jumping off the bus she was telling me all about this boy who has a crush on her. How cute he is, how him and his friend were whispering about her, yada yada, he wants to be her boyfriend.What is she supposed to tell him about Tom? Talking away without pause, she resulted in her own conclusion.
"I think it's just good to keep my options open, I think I'll keep him as a substitute back up."
Yes, I too was surprised by that comment. Hmm... Now that she definitely didn't get out of mommy and daddy's marriage! (And she certainly doesn't know about the days when I was a double dater!) Guess, that whole BS about I'm her biggest role model really is a load of crap. Or, Maybe it's just in the genes?
Either way, Oh my what I have to look forward to!


  1. Double Dater?? I think we need to hear more about that.

    Oh and she is a smart one to already know she should keep her options open. :)

  2. It sounds like you are going to have some interesting stories in the future! Its amazing where kids pick things up! Good luck!

  3. LOL I love that she has her options open. No settling down for this one!! LOL

  4. oh my daear - how can this start already??
    A substitute boyfriend? LOVE IT!!!

  5. happy to see you back.expecting more posts..

  6. Double dater? There's got to be a blog post or two in THAT story. As long as she's honest with both boys, she'll be just fine. :)

  7. I like the way she thinks, she's too young to settle down. Besides, men like to chase. If Tom finds out that there's competition on the horizon he might call more

  8. Look out world here she comes! Full of sass! Gotta love a girl with a plan!

  9. Good for her. Footloose and fancy free is the way to go!

  10. A substitute back-up, eh? hahaha... That's great! At least you know, if nothing else, your daughter won't settle for second best! :D She's a smart cookie, keeping her options open.

  11. I just found your blog and it is amazing!!! I tried to pull up a chair with a cup of coffee but decided on the bottle of wine instead!



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