Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost in translation

I know what your thinking I've been gone long enough, right? Well, today the girls finally went back to school! So I guess it's time I stop ditching the house work and blogging, seeing how now I have no excuses. Besides laying out by a pool watching my imaginary children would just be plain weird. I just have to face it, play time is over and it's time to go back to our normal routine. Which I have to say was a hard pill to swallow, when the alarm was going off, at the the butt crack of dawn this morning! I don't know if it was all the anxiety about the girls going to school , the full moon or what , but I got No sleep. I tossed and turned all night going over everything in my head. What all I need to do, should have done, or didn't get to do rassled through my brain over and over. I think this morning I was more nervous then they were, about their new school. I gave them more instructions then they can comprehend in a month. The basic who, what, when and where's...

Who they should and shouldn't talk to.

What they should and shouldn't do, say, or act like.

When they should, shouldn't, can and can't.


Where they should, shouldn't, can and can't.....

By the time we were in the car, any and all fears they may have had about school quickly disappeared. They both agreed they knew exactly where to go and tried to convince me my assistance getting them to their classes, was unnecessary. After lots of questioning them about their fears from the night before, when visiting their classes, they announced I would be embarrassing. Embarrassing? What? So that's how it's gonna be, huh? Reluctant they let me walk them in regardless. Well, not really it was more like they let me follow them in. I toted Jacob as they ran off down the hall and left me in their dust trail. Once I caught up to them, I didn't see a single forth or second grader noticed me, but I kept all hugs and kisses to a minimum. You know not to Embarrass anyone or anything! It was clear when their was no eye contact and a shoulder shrug that it was my time to go.

So now I am left with a less quieter house, with plenty to do and no idea where to begin. Here I spent days waiting for this moment and here I sit like a lost puppy. A rejected lost puppy that is!


  1. welcome back girlie!!
    I keep saying I am ready for quiet days as well, but I will as lost as you are right now!! Gues syou can always clean the house right ? oh, yeah, that idea sucks!! Let,s see - paint your toes?? Eat ice cream? Oh, eat some chocolate peanut butter cups - THAT always makes me feel better!!

  2. awwww yes, you need Nanny's hardcake dear. They always make you feel better. Last time Sissy asked me to come visit her at lunch I did and after a few minutes I noticed that she was acting kinda quiet & a bit off. I asked if she wanted me to go ahead & she said "Yeah" *L* Ouch...they grow up so fast.

  3. They grow up fast huh? Just think - only 15 more years before they want you around again. :)

    Welcome back - You've been missed!

  4. Awe, too cool for school! Welcome back!!!

  5. welcome back... embarrassing... my least favorite word.

  6. aww, my kid is such a nerd she still likes me to be around and she is 10. then again school hasn't started this year here. I'm glad your back.

  7. Awwwww...so how did they do with school?
    My kids are a senior and freshman in high school and the other two arent even two. Sometimes I wonder if it gets any easier because I still have my moments with the older ones.
    Did you get much accomplished?

  8. Welcome back! Even thought you couldn't kiss the kids in public, I'm sure they were happy you were there. Good luck with the new school year!

  9. Did you make through the drop off with no tears?

    Welcome back!

  10. Hey, you're back. Now the party can return to its previous rockin' level!


  11. The house is quieter, isn't it. You are right about the butt-crack of dawn...it's killing me because I'm still staying up until 2am, but now have to get up at 6am to get the high-schoolers out the door, followed by the elementry and then Middle School. By 9am they are all gone and I'm ready to go back to bed! The toddlers say otherwise!

  12. Why do they do that to us... running away at full speed, wanting no affiliation with us once we are in sight of the school? My daughter hasn't even had her 1st day of kindergarten yet and she already hugs and kisses me good-bye outside of the before/after school program door. At least yours waited until the 2nd and 4th grades, lol.

  13. Awww, ::hugs:: I bet they'll make up for it when they get home.

  14. This was the first year that I was not 'under any circumstances mum' allowed to take my eldest to his first day back. I almost cried. I asked how he'd find his classes and get all of his stuff organized, but nope, he wanted to do it on his own. So after a little screaming match in the morning when a friend came to skateboard to school with him and him not being able to find his helmet and me forcing him to walk next to his skateboarding friend he was off. Waaahhh. I couldn't even get a first day photo. This is the first time EVER.


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