Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey! That woman's wearing my shorts!!

Yesterday, I decided to do some much needed cleaning of my clothes for charity. If it was; too big, too small, so old the elastic disintegrated, or something I know I will always refuse to wear, it went in the bag! After I was done I was a little shocked at all the room I had and the fact I had nothing to wear.
The biggest shock came this morning. I thought of a shirt I had from last summer and realized it was missing. After searching behind the drawers and through all my stuff, I thought of at least five other summer things missing too.
With all the rain we've had, we have yet to break out the shorts in this cool weather. So, it hadn't dawned on me that I don't even have any shorts in my drawers. Out of site and not needed, out of mind, I guess. I don't know where they all went? Did I pack them all away last fall? If so, I can't find them anywhere!! I have searched everywhere for my clothes. It is driving me crazy. I am really panicking here. If summer ever does get here, I have nothing to wear. All I hope is I didn't pack them away last fall and they got mixed in with my charity bags!


  1. ROFL! You are so funny, Girl! I forgot how much I really do miss you! The really funny thing about that pic is that it almost looks like it was taken at the convenience store by your house. LOL!

    I dreamed about you and your family again last night - this time it was about Kailey's birthday (long, convoluted dream). BTW, Charlie's 18YO girlfriend is named Kailey too. What a coinkidink!!!


  2. I hope you find them! Of course, perhaps it's time to take a little shopping trip to get yourself some new summer staples. I'm sure OHmommy would have a thing or two to say ( ;)

  3. How funny! I've done the same thing I don't how many times. The only thing is that I wasn't packing up my old clothes for charity, I just couldn't find them anymore!
    That picture is funny, but in another way kinda scary too!! lol
    Take care!! ;0)

  4. I think sometimes I get into these rage blackouts, and I throw away clothes that I don't even realize I am throwing away! Every season, it seems like I don't have any clothes...and I have no idea where they went. That picture is kind of creepy. Looks like one of the hookers that hangout downtown where I live.

  5. Now I show my age.. . I have a box I keep in a spare closet that has SPRING written on the outside. Each Fall I pack away the shorts/tanks/sleeveless in it. Each Spring I pull those out and pack the Cords/turtlenecks/Bulky Sweaters. I know it seems organized. But I had to do this cause I was like you and lost stuff. Not that I am opposed to buying new stuff each season. I love to do that. But this system forces me to weed out old stuff at the end of each season so it can all fit into the same box.
    Now. . . .where did I put that Poncho???

  6. I hope you find your clothes but if not, now you have the perfect excuse now to go SHOPPING!!!

  7. Oh snap! I had a bunch of my best fabrics in a trash bag once including some great vintage fabric and my son threw it out - argh!! I was sick. I hope you find your stuff.

  8. Ugh! I once gave away my snowpants with some of the kids' that were too small. I'm still frustrated about that! But yikes, you're missing a whole boatload of clothes--hope you find them!


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