Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay dear take a break, your only TWO!

Yesterday we celebrated Jacob's 2nd Birthday!

The chainsaw I bought him, has been a huge hit.

After opening it, he could careless about any other presents or the party.

He didn't even take a second look when we brought out his big gift, a riding ATV!
It was all we could do, to get him to stop working just to cut the cake.

You see what's in his other hand...

He worked and worked...

And worked and worked...

(Sweetheart, I believe there's a law against this? Don't you wanna stop and open more presents?)

But Even though it sounded like a real chainsaw and ran like a real chainsaw,

it just wouldn't make that tree fall.


(He watches Extreme Loggers with Daddy, so he's an expert.)

5 hours later we still aren't bored with it yet.

We did manage to set it down long enough to take a bath. But not without it being in site!

He even had to sleep with it. (Well, until he fell asleep.)

Today; He had it right out of the bed, Ate breakfast with it, took it to church...

And all this time, I was worried about him getting attached to a blanket or stuffed animal.

I can just see him going to kindergarten with this chainsaw in his backpack! Oh my =0

Happy 2nd, Little man!


  1. That is just too funny. It's funny how they just get attached to stuff like that. Bree will be 2 in September, and I am trying to think of something to get her that she'll love just as much Jacob loves his chainsaw! I love seeing her fall in love with something. It makes me remember my childhood, and for a second sends me back to different toys that I couldn't go without. :D Happy belated Birthday to Jacob!

  2. Thanks Samantha! I had no idea he would go so crazy over it. Best of luck finding something.
    Today is his actual birthday, so your not late!

  3. Isn't he just adorable?! That chainsaw looks like so much fun...Lucas would love terrorize his sister with (I'm sure of it).

  4. That is sooo cool. I need to get one for Robert to vchase the dogs with! LOL Robert won't be 2 until January but i might start the search now. Where did you find it? Happy belated birthday Jacob :-)

  5. It's made by My first craftsman. Kmart/Sears carries them. $14.00, Well worth it!

  6. Happy Bithday little guy..He's too cute....

  7. that's hilarious!! btw he's gorgeous!!

  8. HA - I LOVE that he sleeps with it - we have one of those - the batteries wore out and I NEVER replaced them - you won't either!

  9. Happy belated Birthday buddy! That is seriously too cute!

  10. He's a doll! LOVE the chainsaw. :o)


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