Monday, May 4, 2009

Dang it...AND, I forgot to buy cheese!!

It's a typical Monday and I've been slammed all day. I know it's no excuse for being a blog slacker. So, to give you an insight to my day here's a few pictures;


Can't guess what that was?
Well, over the weekend Jason sprayed the yard to get rid of our ant issues.
Great right? Well one problem.
In trying to flee the poison soaked ground, they decided to try and move their nest eggs into our mailbox!
Nice huh!
So, That's our ant invested mailbox.
Wasn't that picture enough to give you the itches?


No, it's not a dead skunk!
In saving money, I attempted to shave Koda myself.
I figure if I can't get my hair cut, neither can he!
Let me tell you though, it was a pretty bad idea.
What a mess!!
I could have made two stuffed dogs, with all the hair that came off of him.
The more I shaved the more I had to shave.
It just kept getting shorter and shorter, in my attempts to get him even.
All I can say is, I didn't have to pay $50, to walk away unhappy.
I don't know I guess he didn't turn out all that bad.
What do you think?
Do I need a paper bag, to take him out in public?


I took Kailey to the orthodontist today for a consultation.
Looks like I have two options;

1. We'll be pity-poor but she'll have a pretty smile.
2. We'll be middle class poor and she'll have crooked teeth. (courtesy of Bush)

Darn those things are expensive.
Can you believe it's $4500. for braces!? That's a new car.

And last but not least...


This is the third day in a row, Madisen had come home from school with a pile of toys.
For some reason her friends are giving her toys.
If I had to guess, knowing miss Madisen.
She's made up some exaggerated story, about how she doesn't have toys.
Meanwhile I can't find room, she has so many.

I can't imagine the pity stories that must be circulating the phone lines with that.
*deep breath*

So, that about it. Not too exciting I know, but hey it's only Monday!


  1. Yeah....I am with you on the braces!! I am currently in braces and mine are 5500...then my oldest needs them and hers will be a little less....praying the next two don't need them!! What kills me is the insurance company will only pay 1200 towards braces...I mean it helps but dang!

  2. I also gave my Parent's dogs a hair cut this past weekend. Mercy, is a took 2 hours to shave her & I could have made 5 stuffed dogs with all of her hair! I butchered her up pretty good, at least it was free. Your dog is super cute though, and looks much better than the shave I gave my dogs.

  3. Hey you did a great job on Koda! He should be proud to hit the dog park with the fresh cut-do!

  4. The ants are freaking gross! That is exactly why I live in Alaska. The dog actually looks pretty good, and men are wimps! Cute post!

  5. Ants! EEK!

    Emily woke me up screaming yesterday. There were earthworms in the kitchen. EARTHWORMS. They wiggled in under the loose stripping on the back door. YUCK!

    Koda looks happy. BWAHAHA.

  6. ::shudder:: to the ants. Koda looks fine ;) I vote go for the braces...she'll appreciate it later ;) I know I did.

  7. Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! I love your blog title. I hope you have a wonderful day. Now I'm off to read somemore:)

  8. What a cute and funny story! I love the toys part haha that's too cute! Found you on SITS and love your blog :) Keep up the great work!

  9. You did a great job on Koda. I am sure he was a very happy dog after the haircut.

  10. I love the fact that your daughter is that resourceful. She has the gift of politic if you ask me :)! Stopping by from SITS to say "HI!". Love your blog and can't wait to read more.


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