Thursday, February 19, 2009

The car line isn't so bad after all

A few months after school started, I relinquished all the girls rights, to riding the bus home.
Let me explain, in case you can benefit from my ignorance.

This was a new school to us with a bus stop, pretty much right at our driveway. Being such a convenience I was willing to over look some of the bad baggage, that came along with it.

The Language~ My girls learned all kinds of new words. They learned real fast what exactly a bad word was, and shut-up was no longer one of them. Which looking back, prepared us for the day Madisen's friend a 1st grader called and wouldn't stop saying the F-word. (the first and last time she called!)

The gestures~ The middle finger was no longer viewed as just a finger. I was absolutely thrilled the day Madisen (2nd grade) came home, making a butt hole and finger action with her hands. She was mortified and I was shocked when Kailey (4th grade) was able to explain what it was.

The teasing~ One of which was when a boy was the ring leader in teasing Kailey, because she doesn't shave her legs. Were talking a K-5 elementary school bus, like any of the girls shave their legs! That led to Jason and I reluctantly teaching her ways to tease back. ("Is that your face or did your neck throw up?"...) I know were bad parents! It was either that or I was going to ring the little twerps neck myself. I will say this, bad tactics or not it worked. She didn't get off crying again!

It's the public school system, we expected it to be a little bad. We were saving money with gas at $4.00 a gallon and they can't always be sheltered. They'll be exposed to it eventually. The main thing was just to teach them right. I knew from growing up riding the bus myself, it would be bad. My thought was, it's only Elementary, how bad could it really be?

The straw that broke the camels back...
The day Madisen came home to fill me in, about a 5th grader that tried to pay her to play in his pants! Thank god, she had enough sense to say 'No', AND tell me about it! I can't tell you how shocked and furious I was. That was the last time they have and will ever ride the bus. I contacted the principle right away and gave my piece of mind.(as if he could do anything to stop it) Can you believe it? A fifth grader!! I am sure his home life has some part in his actions. I still would have killed him, if she listened to him. I can't and don't want to imagine what would have been next?

I am so glad our girls are raised in a home where they are taught right from wrong. It makes me feel good for them to come home and question the actions of their friends. Instead of joining in, they do what they know is right. I'm sure it's just their age, but I hope they always keep the communication open. *huffing* I know, who am I kidding? I'm just days away from turning uncool. You know it's only a matter of time, before they are cussing me behind close doors and sneaking out with mini skirts in their backpacks! I guess my only hope is that they never out grow the urge to tattle. Surely one out of three will eventually crack and keep me informed.


  1. A child in my daughter's school was expelled for doing what that 5th grader did to your daughter.

    That is harrassment - and you should file a police report (as difficult as it may be for your daughter) but that kid needs to be scared straight!

  2. I so know where your coming from! My girls (ages 6 & 7) have been riding the school bus since nov & I absolutely hate it! Though nothing quite as horrible as the incident your daughter had to go through has happened; I wouldn't put it past some of the "special" little children who ride on my daughters' bus!! I would have had a word with that boy's parents!!

    Keep the writing coming; I love your blog!! ♥r.

  3. Don't blame the buses. We live 7 blocks from elementary school, 7 blocks from the Jr high and 5 blocks from the high school. all are kids (5 in total) walked. And they got in plenty of scraps and learned plenty of alternative language skills in those few blocks. I don't believe in home schooling. . BUT I do believe that home is the FIRST school. Do right there and it will come back. Now that I am a Nana I see my kids did learn what we taught at home. Have faith ladies, it does pay off.

  4. Omgoodness, I cannot imagine how that must of been, but I would be imagine you'd be incredibly proud your girl knew what was right and rightfully said NO to this, this, sick little boy and proud that there is such an open communication line between you and the girls, that they do come home and are not at all scared to ask Q's as to what they see and hear at School, and anywhere for that matter! Good job Mom!

  5. Oh my gosh!! Oh my GOSH!!! That makes me want to puke!!

    Oh soooo good for you daughter to tell you!

    Oh my gosh!

    Can I just keep Connor here in this house, forever???

  6. first - I can't believe that student was not expelled????

    And secondly - THIS is why I drive my kids every day!! And I will continue to do it everyday!

  7. Oh man. I wish I had a choice about sending my daugter on the bus, but the school is 30mi away! She started riding the bus here in 3rd grade and immediately befriended girls in jr high and high school (small town, the school is k-12)... at 10 yrs old was asking me what an abortion was.

  8. It's even better when it's your son doing the talking! (Not really, but it's amazing how your own kids will do things you never thought they would!). The school can't do anything for you...bus companies are private contractors (at least they are here). You can file a complaint with the bus company. They might go so far as to kick the kid off the the very least he would be moved next to the driver. Or your girls could be by the driver. We have seating assignments on our bus.


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