Monday, February 9, 2009

The solution to staying in shape

Do you Yoga?

I went to a few classes once. Okay, it wasn't a few it was two. The first time, I went to the class it seemed quiet and relaxing. I say quiet, all but the occasional little toot here and there. It was really slow, easy and best of all, peaceful. After it was all over with I was actually considering going back. That was until the instructor informed my friend and I, that we had attended a therapy yoga class for people with injuries. Which was mainly a bunch of old people that had hip replacements. I guess thats what we get for arriving late and not reading the entire gym schedule. (I say 'we', it was more like 'She'! )

My second class of real yoga, I decided to drag my sister to. In a room of about 30 experienced die hard 'Yogans', here we were thrown in the mist. Without knowing the moves when they were called out, it was difficult to keep up. Constantly trying to figure out what foot and arm goes where was a nightmare. They seemed to fly through the moves. By time I copied what the person nearby was doing that darn instructor would call out "down ward dog" blah blah blah "down ward dog". Here everyone is following in sync and I'm about three moves behind just trying not to fall over. I was at least figuring out the moves, my sister on the other hand just was not coordinated for any of it. Every time I looked over she was falling. Which in return gave me the giggles. It was all I could do to keep it in. Letting out a loud snicker here and there. By the time it was over I was beyond ready to leave, and the instructor looked as though she could kill me. All that meditation crap is just too serious for me, and besides that, it was a lot harder than I expected!

So call me a quitter but I haven't been back. I have since found the ultimate solution to staying in shape here at home.

If you...
Have kids?

Don't have the time nor the money Jennifer Aniston does to go to the gym?
Want to have fun while getting in shape?

The ultimate solution has been available to mother's since the 1960's. Yet somehow it's flew under the radar all these years. You can buy it in the toy department for less than $20. I don't see how they have missed making a workout infomercial for it. (One easy payment of $19.99, get the abs you've always wanted...)


Yoga that permits you to laugh and have lots of fun all at the same time.

Play twister for an hour with the kids, and I promise you will feel just like you attended yoga.

You will feel the burn with every slow spin, till the next pose.

Twister V/s Yoga

stretch you
work your muscles
keep you breathing (yelling to hurry up and spin is considered breathing, right?)
are done barefoot
use a mat
take concentration
can be done in your home

must be done in quiet
no talking
no laughing
if in a gym, no children
can be done alone
classes cost money

noise doesn't matter
lots of fun and laughter
involves your children and gets them active
your spending quality time with your kids
best of all Free!!

Really it's a no brainer , Twister is the way to go!


  1. I love Twister!!

    I'm a big fan of the Wii. Just as fun and just as many different positions!

  2. And they are both competitive as well... You can't tell me those old people with hip replacements weren't trying to one up someone by foofering. ;o)

  3. I like Yoga - but it's all that damned stretching and bending I can do without.

  4. Ha! Never thought of twister in that way. I think you're on to something here.

  5. Getting fit and at the same time having fun with the family!
    You go girl friend!
    I love your blog..
    Hugs girl!

  6. Oh I love Twister! I've never thought of it as a workout before though. What a neat idea!

  7. That is awesome! I so need to pick up twister the next time I am at the store. I think my son & hubby may laugh a lot harder at mommy falling repeatedly on her butt than actually participate, but at least it is family bonding. Thanks for the great idea! :-)

  8. What a great idea! Lol... lots of those kids' toys are great ways to work out- remember the skip-it? And the hula hoop? The pogo stick?

    I honestly don't know if I have the stamina for some of those toys! lol :P

  9. yep - total no brainer!

    and No I do not yoga - or even exercise for that matter!

  10. We don't have Twister, but i till remember the workout we got with my kids' Twister Moves game.
    "Red, blue, green, green, purple, purple, duck!" By the time we got done I could barely move! LOL


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