Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I believe there's going to be day, when Jacob is forced to seek therapy.

Future Therapy session;
"I have this strange uncontrollable fear come over me, every time a phone rings..."

Do you think a simple phone call, could scare a child for life?

Put yourself in his shoes...

Your 3ft tall.
The phone suddenly makes a loud siren like noise. Everyone within hearing distance (which is anyone with ears, because our house is so small) is startled. They drop everything they are doing & RUN!! Your in a panic because everyone is running. Your scared, confused, sometimes pushed or trampled on. You have memories of the last time this happened, when everyone ran and left you in a room all alone. You try to run as fast as you can to keep up. Although with everyone going different directions, looking for the handset, you don't know who to follow.
All you can do is cry "It's okay and Uppie", and hope someone comes by and grabs you.

Sad isn't it? For all he knows the phone is the Boogie man.


  1. Poor little man!

    We have cell phones and Connor isn't afraid of those. In fact, they are fun!

    New fun game- Mommy's cell phone+toilet= grumpy mommy and broken phone!

    Guess who I'm calling today to get a new phone?

  2. Oh my gosh!
    Fantastic observation. I've never thought of that.

  3. Funny, I do the same thing as he does when the phone rings!!

    There's a real boogie man??

  4. Telemarketers are boogeymen. And women.

  5. I, too, run like a mad woman each time the celll/home phone chimes. Really, if I don't get to it in time will that person never ever again call me back? Honestly, what is the rush. I can TOTALLY see how this would instill fear of the phone in someone short and confused by much of what goes in the world. Hilarious.

  6. Hilarious. He'll totally be a non-phone talker and never know why he hates the phone so much.

  7. First visit to your blog....just had to comment on how great it is and how fantastic your first pic is!

  8. haha! Poor kiddo... sometimes it's hard being the little one!

    I owe you a little bit of an apology. You commented on my poetry blog back in the beginning of January, and since I didn't have comment moderation on (doh!) and hadn't posted in months on there, I didn't even notice until this morning!! I swear I'm not usually this bad at getting back to people! So I am sincerely sorry :) Next time I'll answer you straightaway, since the problem has been fixed!

    Have a great day!

  9. funny - no children are allowed to answer the phone in our house!


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