Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Black Eye XL

The day after the Big Super Bowl, and I have a black eye!
I'll let you guess why, and I'll be back later to explain.
A. I couldn't keep my mouth shut during the Super Bowl...
B. He had to tell me more than once...
C. I took a bowl to the face...
D. All the above!

(After hours of cleaning, errands, and business taxes later...)

For all those hanging on to your computer seat in suspense, I will no longer keep you waiting.

No, I wasn't in a martial dispute during the Super bowl, if you were wondering. In fact I didn't watch the Super Bowl and neither did my husband. Not that I wouldn't let him either! He just doesn't get the whole hoopla over a bunch of men he doesn't know, playing football. I did tune in for all of two commercials and five minutes of Bruce during half-time, which was all I could stand. I guess I was just expecting something a little more exciting, like the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.

As for the biggest wife beater day of the year, I was Not a victim. For any ladies out there that might have been. I by all means am not making fun of your situation. Domestic violence is not a laughing matter. Although I do think it is uncalled for, and easily prevented. If you are putting yourself in that situation then you might as well expect what you get. I get really bent out of shape about those with children involved. It is your duty as a mom to protect your child. You leave with them and don't look back. I don't even want to hear the whole "But I love him BS either"!

Girls, Single/Married women listen up, cause I'm talking to you!

Have a little self respect for yourself. Get a man who will treat you like a queen and settle for nothing less. Yes, marriage is a give an take relationship. Therefore you respect him just as well. What I am saying is you don't EVER let a man lay a hand on you. The first and one time he does, should be his last. There are no second chances!

Okay, now that I'm done with my Parenting/girl-friend lesson for the day...

On to my black eye...

If you guessed C, you were correct!
I did take a bowl to the Eye. (Not a bowl of chips for the Super bowl, if that's what you thought!)
No, Jacob was playing with a small stainless steel bowl and a ball. He was tossing the ball up and catching it in the bowl, as I sat near watching him. One miss of the ball, and Mr. attitude chucked the bowl as hard as he could, smacking me in the face.

All I can guess is that someday, he will give Jason and I plenty of reason to take interest in the Super Bowl. I just know in the future he will be a famous quarter back.Trust me I have an Eye, from his talent.


  1. Lol, not sure which scenario to pick, I think I'll just wait for the explaination. Sorry about your black eye though!
    Take care

  2. If you wanted excitement during the Super Bowl, you should have been in Tucson, AZ.

  3. LOL You are crazy! What are you doing watching him throw a ball in a bowl!? LOL Im just kidding.

    I totally 100% agree with the beating thing. First time is the last! Amen sister!

  4. I'm a first time-last time gal too. Great advice. Sorry about the eye.

    Formerly thislittlepiggy

  5. I agree with you completely on the first time being the last. My saying is "you'll only do it once". Though my bf is wonderful and I know he would never lay a hand on me like that.

    As for your eye, I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope it heals quickly. Maybe you should call that meat guy back to get a steak to lay over it ;)

  6. YIKES! You should post a picture.. You know sortof as a *this is what to avoid while parenting* type thing.. Not just because we are lookie lous!!

  7. Poor mommy I hope you look better now !


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