Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear it's okay, hardly anyone reads my blog anyways.

What am I staring at?

I can tell you it's nothing that will be saving me money on or for ANYTHING!

Well, I take that back. I guess it could save us money if we were going to a football game. There would be no need to purchase a big FOAM FINGER when you have a guy with this sitting with you...

This is Jason's new excuse to get my attention. I guess he figured he better step it up a notch, Seeing how these never seemed to work;

All the times ,Getting sick , I mean dying (funny how he's still alive and kicking)
The chronic back pain, with a chiropractor insisting he needed to be seen weekly.
(Come on! I could not believe he was falling for that one. Anyone who walks through the door automatically has one leg longer than the other and needs to be on a regimen of weekly treatments)
Ear pain ~where he claimed to hear ringing & couldn't hear
( which I think was just an excuse to ignore me!)
Never mind the endless searches on webMD.com...
The time he had Shingles, because my mom had it.
(Only his was just a stiff neck)
His big toe was killing him ( he swore he must have Gout)
The spot on his belly (Defiantly was Ringworm, NOT!)
Chest pain, when he almost called me to say his goodbyes
( which was nothing more than hot peanuts he had ate)

And...I figure these will get me in enough trouble so I better stop! But, I'm telling you I could keep going.

Personally just between You, Me, and the fence post I think he just purposely tried to get hurt. How else does a man who is constantly playing with power tools get hurt on a measly ol' ratchet strap?

"Honey, sure I believe your story. You were adjusting it and it smacked back and tore open your finger. I know, I believe you!" (*shaking my head No*)

Bless his heart, look at these nasty stitches.

In his defence, it was alot more swollen earlier, and it was so painfull he practically fainted when they washed it.

"Yes Dear, your right!"

I forgot to mention He didn't even have Tylenol.

"I didn't even have Tylenol when I gave birth, but it's not like it's a competition."

A few days of resting, with his finger stuck straight up in the air, and I'm sure he'll be as good as new. Well, with a little less feeling in the finger, seeing how he cut a nerve, but New.

"You know Dear if you just wanted to stay home with me, all you had to do was take a day off!"

"Settle down, I'm only Joking!! I know you really got hurt. Alright alright,I'll make it up to you. How about a nice back rub? Or a ... DEAR! come back..."


  1. Snort. If Jack gets a sniffle he takes to the bed.

    I'm sorry about the hubs's finger. Those stitches look nasty. EW.

  2. You'd think he had an episiotomy or something.

    There is a reason why men do not give birth.

  3. Don't get me started. I really do feel YOUR pain. married for 23 years to a hypocondriac (SP?) he meets his Medical & Dental deductible EVERY YEAR!

  4. LOL!! Your right though, if they want or need to spend some time with us all they have to do is say so!!!
    I think God did make the right decision to let us women have the babies!

    Hope his finger is feeling better though!
    Take care!! ;0)

  5. Wow. I believe him. I totally got a woozy there looking at the stitches picture. But the way he got it was kind of funny, gotta say. ;)

  6. I fear for ya girl...guy's are big babies...Hope it heal's soon


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