Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's Summer Tips

With summer here All the kids are out of school, leaving us with that burning question; What do we do? I thought it would be fun to take a day where everyone could share their Tips & Advice for Summer. So...
What inventive ideas are you coming up with to keep them busy?
(crafts, games, places to go, things to do!)
Now that everyone is out of their element with the kids home and not at school what tricks are you using to keep them in line?
Any advice to all of us mother's?
Even if you don't have kids you too can share ideas too! Some of us have Mother's we need to keep busy. hint hint , wink wink...Also, I know Some have kids going to camp, sleep overs, so we do need adult activities or vacations thrown in too! Have a great get away? (I promise I won't show up dragging the kids and bother you in your secret spot!)

If you'd like to join in and add a post, which will also drive up your traffic on Tuesdays. Comment, Post on your site with a link back & send me the link! I'll post your link, below my post and everyone passing through can click your link to share Summer Tips & Advice!
Thank you to all those who participated last week!

Clearly too young for this Toy!

No matter how bored they are, Do not let them play with old cell phones (with No service)! If you do this might happen to you...
Officer:"911 what's your Emergency?"
Me: "Yes, I'm really sorry but my two girls were playing with an old cell phone. They just brought it to me scared saying the call actually went through. I really apologize I had no idea it would do that."
Officer:" Yes, they actually called three times! Even with no service the phone will still call 911. I am going to need all your information to make out a full report."

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  1. http://ceciliaky.wordpress.com/2008/07/15/louisville-zoo

  2. Great tip!
    I don't really let my kids play with our old phones but my 2nd oldest daughter "found" a phone & dialed 911 and wow, she was surprised. (and we were quite embarassed)
    ps I did my summer tip today too. I tried emailing you, but it keeps getting kicked back to me as spam:(

  3. Recommendation for all moms: 10 or 11 AM swim classes will cut your day in half (for toddlers anyway). Spend the morning getting ready and revving them up for class, drive to class, 30 minutes of class, get cleaned up after class, get them home, then a 2-3 hour nap from the exhaustion of swimming. How to address complaints that the session didn't last long enough? "I will take you again Thursday if you don't mention it again before then." But be careful...don't punish yourself!

    After nap, run 1-2 errands, and the day is done. And they are pleased.

  4. Wow, good to know. I didn't know they did that.

  5. I have an old cell phone that my daughter uses as a toy. I worry about her doing that. I probably should lock the phone so she can press buttons without worry.

  6. really? ?I had no idea!!!! Hmm. I have to check out that theory. No service at all?


  7. The beach bum family is almost ready to go to the beach! Are you ready? Lets go!!! see ya in a few hrs! hehehehe


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