Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you sure you only gave birth to one? Then you better talk to Dad!

What would you think if strangers were telling you, you have a twin? Yes I know they claim everyone has a twin out there. But, what are the chances that they live in the same county you do?
Tell me how you would react?

1994- I moved from AZ back to our home town here in NC. It was the middle of my sophomore year in high school, and I'm standing in the school office registering. The bells rings for classes to change, and kids are scattering through the halls walking by. More than a few kids walking by stopped and waved through the window. My thoughts were, boy their awful friendly here. It wasn't until after starting classes did I learn as to why. You see some girl who apparently looks just like me, had went to that same school. She had moved away just prior to my arrival. Everyone I met told me how much we looked alike and how they thought I was her. During the school year I would constantly get the long stares and the comment of "I just can't get over how much you look like her". At the time it was much of a nuisance to me, so I didn't ask questions about the situation. I do know they said her name was similar to mine and we even dated two of the same guys. Weird right?

Long story short I didn't think much of it all and ended up moving away. In 1996 my husband and I moved back. At that time I was no longer in high school and working as a cashier. That's when it all started again. My brother who knew nothing about it all, claimed he saw her in the local Wal-mart. A few weeks later a guy I worked with came into work mad at me. He was complaining how stuck up I was since I had bought my new car. For one I hadn't bought a new car. I was still driving my same ole red Camero. Funny thing was I had been talking all about how I wanted a newer one. Which was what my look-a-like was driving the day this guy saw her. He claimed he walked right up to her car talking to her, and she rolled up her window and drove off. He wouldn't believe me until I showed him my car sitting in the parking lot. After that he was completely embarrassed and in shock.

Life went on and we moved again. I know, the moving is getting to be ridiculous isn't it? Believe me it's a lot worse when your the one actually moving and not just reading about it!

Anyways, lots of moving and three children later we're in 2009 and living here Yet again!

Can you guess the rest?

Yep, it's happening again!! The other day I'm shopping in K-mart for Easter stuff. Some guy walks right next to me on the hair aisle and keeps going. Continuing to shop I didn't pay it any attention and went on. Standing in line checking out with Jacob, a Pepsi guy comes over and is filling the soda cooler. A little uncomfortable I notice he keeps staring at me, instead of working. Trying to ignore him I stood waiting playing with Jacob. Then it comes. Excuse me? Has anyone ever told you , you have a twin? Yes. He says the same thing as all the others, I just can't get over how much you look like her blah blah blah. He said he walked right by me a few times in the store, just to see if I would notice him. This really creeped me out! He even called her cell phone, while watching me from a distance, to see if I would answer my phone. (No wonder she let this guy go.) According to him she lives in the next town over from me, and is a dead ringer of me.

Now we live in a very small rural area. According to google there's less than 57,000 people in the whole county. What are the chances of us looking so much a like, around the same age, and moving in and out of the same area? I asked my mom if she was sure she only gave birth to one? Her answer was next time you talk to anyone you find out who her mother is!

I have so many questions about it all.
Would I recognize her if I saw her, and would she really look like me? With this just happening again recently it's really got me on high alert. I tend to look and analyze things a whole lot more. Now when someone glances or stares I wonder what they are thinking. If she doesn't have children I bet they wonder, I just saw her 4 months ago, how did she get kids? You know that may explain some confused looks I might see.
How many of my friends has she ignored or offended?
Does she get the same response from people?
Wonder if I'm the good twin or the bad twin?

Wonder? wonder? wonder????

All I know is I have thoroughly explained to my husband, I would never cheat, and if you ever see me out with anyone you better call me!


  1. That's so... Well... Kinda creepy!
    It's a wonder that YOU haven't run into her, all these years that everyone else has been seeing her.

  2. That would completely drive me nuts. I'd be going to the next county and finding her. Then I'd probably be arrested for stalking! :) You have to go and see. Next time you get questioned ask these people to show you a photo. Get her name...google her. I'm dying to hear the outcome of this one!

  3. Wow, that's crazy! You should totally meet this twin ;) And be sure to take pictures!

  4. That is soooo interesting...defenitley makes you wonder if there is some long lost sister out there!

  5. Well, that's kinda creepy.
    I would need to meet her, just to find out who she is.

  6. Thats pretty crazy! I bet she is getting the same thing too. It is probably inevitable that you will run into her sometime. Hopefully, so you can see for yourself!

  7. Wow, that is crazy... and if you find her you need to take pics so we can see!! I want to know why too!!!




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