Friday, April 3, 2009

Fess up Friday

Alright Alright I Confess!!

I really don't have it altogether! I know this may come as a shock to all of you.Yes, I put on a good front. Hair and makeup is always done. I never take the kids anywhere in my sweats. Unless it's the gym. The kids are always dolled up and presentable. I arrive on time anywhere I need to be. I have a little OCD, when it comes to keeping my house clean. Oh you get the point. Well, for all of you who look in envy and strive to be the way I appear. I'll have you know. I have my hormonal freak outs in the mornings with the kids, when the are moving in slow motion. My house isn't always perfect. Drop in on any Sunday afternoon and you'll think the homeless have taken it over. Yeah I may get where I'm going on time. But, I'll have you know it wasn't without ramming through the gears getting out of the driveway, ("So that's what's wrong with the transmission!" Sorry Dear!!) or speeding and weaving through traffic, half taking out grandma in her Cadillac. ("Do you know how much a new transmission would cost us?" Oh Jason, let it go!!) Still not convinced? Alright! Just the other day I took Jacob with me to one of Madisen's school field trips. I was stressed to the gills, from running like a chicken with it's head cut off, cleaning my house before I had to go. All because of my can't leave a dirty house issues, I ran off forgetting my diaper bag. Here I was across town, with no diapers, no wipes, no extra change of clothes and no where near any stores. Unaware, of anything I had forgot I calmly enjoyed the trip. That was until Jacob decided to throw a huge temper tantrum in the middle of a play. Therefore forcing me to cut the trip short and leave. On the way home he fell asleep and somehow I managed to get him in the house without waking up. After he awoke from his nap, I go to change his diaper, and to my surprise he wasn't wearing one!! By the grace of God, luckily he hadn't done anything. Can you imagine what a disaster I could have been in? Now do you see? I've had two other kids before him, I should be doing a little better than this. Don't you think?
So fess up! What's your Confession?


  1. I heart this post! I am much the same way (needing a clean house and liking to be on time, but still far from being super mom ... oh boy, not even close!) ... glad your little one survived being diaperless for awhile :) !! Too funny!

  2. I am so the "you, without the OCD and compulsive cleaning". When my youngest was about a month old, my oldest broke his arm. Hubby was not home to keep the baby, so I loaded the two of them in the car to go to the ER. I did have 2 diapers and a blanket and some wipes in the diaper bag. The baby was only a month old, we didn't go out much. While waiting in the ER for 3 hours, we went through the 2 diapers and all the wipes. Then, he had one of those explosive breastfed baby poops that overloaded that last diaper. All over this sleeper and carseat. I was a basket case. No clean sleeper, no more diapers, no nurse in sight. No idea how much longer we would be there. To top it off, the ex-husband was there looking on. GREAT! So, I wrapped him in a blanket and strapped him in to the carseat sans a diaper or clothing. Good thing it wasn't cold out. Nice.

  3. I confess! I've been deleting my parents emails when grades are emailed home if I get a bad grade on a test. They still don't know. I should probably just get better grades instead. Haha silly me. Love your blog. Keep it up

  4. That's so funny because I just did that. Quick frantic run-around bathe the kids and go to a volleyball game. It wasn't until my son was standing in soaking wet pants that I realized I dressed him without a diaper. Another mom loaned me a diaper and snowpants. Of course, it was too hot in the gym so he took the snowpants off and ran around in a diaper much to the dismay of his 13 year old brother who was playing. You don't know how lucky you were.

  5. No diaper? Hm. You are a blessed woman.


  6. How in the stinking world did you get so lucky???

    That would have been the hour or two after COnnor found a prune box, with my luck!!

    Connor walked up to me, out of the blue and slapped me on the head. I, without even thinking, wapped him right back.

    He laughed and walked away while I stood up in shock of what just happened!

  7. OMGosh! I only have one, but don't I know what your talking about!!! For an example the other day I was on the fly, needing to get somewhere 'yesterday'! Before I realized it I hear my son say "Mommmmm, I don't have my seat belt on yet!!!!" LOL I'm with you sister!!!!!

  8. Hey Jonina,
    I miss you and your little funny stories about life.
    Are you okay?
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. I know what you mean about the diaper. I don't have any mini humans in my house, but sometimes I put on my pants, and I'm like, something doesn't feel right, and then I realize I forgot to put on underwear. But then I fix that, and all is OK. I win at life.


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