Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doesn't anyone hire Americans?

Advanced apology letter;
Dear Readers,
Please forgive me for the post you are about to read.

For all of you two second regulars stopping in from the sand countries, this especially applies to you.
(Yes, I know you secretly come by. The camel dung, gave you away.)

I apologize to anyone who may find the content of this post offensive. Please don't throw shoes at me
, or overload the comment box. I love all of you and just like to poke a little fun. Besides, where I come from teasing is a form of affection!

Advanced prayer;
Dear Lord,
As Larry the cable guy would say "Please forgive me and be with the pygmies in New Guinea"!
Oh, and Ps; help those who read my sad and pathetic blog, to find humor in my pinkness!
And be with all the sick people...
And help me to have patients as a mother. Especially right now with Jacob attacking me while I'm typing praying.
Pss; Be with Kailey today at school, as she learns to ride a bike with one hand. In which I think is unsafe. You know Lord, I better pray for her teacher also. She really needs her head examined! By the way thank you for being with Kailey, the last time she rode her bike and knocked out her front tooth.
Okay I better rap this up Lord, I'll talk to you later.
In Jesus name, Amen

Can anyone tell me? Does anyone hire Americans?

Why is it everywhere I call customer service, after 30 minutes of yelling "CUSTOMER SERVICE" at the automated machine, I get this guy...

He barely speaks or understands English, and he's on my LAST nerve!
Did I mention the biggest factor of all...He's in INDIA!
In India, answering a US problem! Do you not see the problem with this?


  1. Why are you picking on foreigners? They are supposed to speak crappy. I live in Boston where American people can barely speak English. "They gat no idea'r how dumb they appe'ah. But they-ah wicked good kids no matt'ah how they'ah talk'en" You know? Seriously when you live here Splenda rhymes with blender. Oh and car rhymes with blah. Oh Idea

  2. Lydia it's not the fact that they are foreigners. It's the fact of why is someone in India helping me with a US problem?!

  3. Had this very problem when I was having computer woes. I was stuck on the phone for an hour and a half with a man named Michael. We discussed Bollywood at some length while waiting for the kinks to be worked out.

  4. Seriously. Maybe they should try hiring here instead of outsourcing and see what THAT does for the economy. Just saying.

  5. Tank you, comb again!

    I wholeheartedly agree!

    why on earth would a teather teach their kids to ride with one hand???

  6. isn't that sad? so many companies can't hire here because 'we' don't want 'menial' jobs...or what is considered menial.

  7. You are not the only one that feels this way. There is actually a ranting cartoon (for adults) that has a 3 part complaint on this issue. If you want to check it out its

  8. MM- It's everything I call here.
    Problem with phone- transferred to India
    Internet service- INDIA!
    problem with TV- INDIA!...The list goes on...

    BC- Thanks ;) , I'll check it out. lol

  9. You don't know how much I agree with you!!! I feel the same way. It's gets irritating doesn't it?
    All I have to say is "you go girl!"

    Take care!! ;0)

  10. Girl, you are so right! First of all, you have two people here (BF and I) giggling and laughing all through your post. And second, I feel exactly the same way every time I rent a frigging car over the phone. I don't understand them and they don't understand me and I'm afraid that by the end of the call I don't know if I rented a car, a refrigerator or a cow. Anyway, you're very funny, I always love your sense of humor.

  11. My sentiments exactly. The most difficult part is when I try to be polite and say "excuse me, I an having a problem understanding you. Can you please transfer me to someone who perhaps speaks a bit clearer." At that point they will always start speaking LOUDER believing that loudness cancels out an accent. I look for the day that we have some semblence of decent better customer service.

  12. Can you believe that when we call customer service from here guess who we get??? Yep, that's right INDIA! From Japan! Go figure...

  13. These jobs get outsourced because Americans are arrogant and won't work such low-paying jobs. We've become a society who wants a lot for nothing. If companies had to pay what an American wants to do the same job they wouldn't be able to provide customer service for their products. Yes, I find it terribly annoying... I even get downright pissed off sometimes, but I guess the annoying accent is better than no service at all. I wonder how bad the economy has to get before Americans will "lower their standards" and work such jobs. (Talk to some unemployed people...they'll whine about no work, no money, too many bills...offer them a job of low pay and they won't take it). We are doing this to ourselves.

  14. I think it is a conspiracy to convince us to either give up or solve our own technical issues! They know we will get frustrated that "Bob" can't speak English and we will just go away.
    PS: I love that they always have names like "Bob" or "Stephanie", yeah right.

  15. So agree with your views on this issue. Love the pic, cracked me up! I have been there and dealt with the idiots who won't flippin' listen to you even though you repeat yourself 150 times! Though I'd have to say I beg to differ with Gayle's opinions here because I know plenty of people who are overworked and under paid and slave away at menial jobs day in and day out just to make enough to provide some semblance of normalcy for their families. I don't feel it's because Americans "don't want" to do this kind of work, it's more that as an American you have rights and laws to abide by and as a foreigner you don't!


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