Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can I grab just one more?

All during our trip, Kailey collected brochures at every stop we made. There was no mistaken we were tourists! Which pains me to say! She had enough paper in her hands to cause a fire hazard. Here's the one she was really intrigued about!

ZORB ball fun.

According to the information Kailey read about it online;
Your allowed to ride with two friends and a bucket of water in this thing, down a hill!
I asked her if this was something she would like to do next time, and she said everything BUT, Hell No!

She said, "I don't care how much fun they make it look like. Or how many good comments they write, I'm not doing that!"


  1. I have two kids that would be in that thing in a heart beat...over and over and over. It makes me queasy just looking at it!

  2. I have always been a silent blogstalker...reading your blog FOREVER. Cracks me up! I guess now I can't be a silent stalker since you are being nice enough to leave comments on my blog, I should be nice and return the gesture?!

    Anyway, LOVE the blog!

  3. They use one of those in the Cirque de la Mer at Sea World...crazy looking thing. I wouldn't get in one, let alone with two other people and a bucket of water.

  4. Ooh! Ooh! I would LOVE to go Zorbing...er...however you say it. I saw Samantha Brown do it once on the Travel Channel. Except there was no water involved. She just climbed inside at the top of a hill, and a big net caught the ball at the bottom. Sounds like FUN!


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