Thursday, April 16, 2009

Darn it, I should have paid more attention to those Dr.Phill episodes!

My girls are both out of school this week for spring break. I had lots of fun planned for the entire week. Although, so far it hasn't gone much as planned. We've had lots of rain and a few places I had planned on taking them turned out to be closed. I can't say this doesn't surprise me, seeing how the first day of spring break started with a real shebang. I should have known it was a sign my week would be doomed.

Last Friday evening~ Out of the blue Kailey with her head tilted, followed with air quotes says, "Mommy when are we going to have THE TALK? You know about how you make babies! Mrs.___ at school was asking the girls in my class if we had it yet, because she wants to show us a movie about it. Most all the other girls have had it, so when will I?"

Clearly I was unprepared for that! She's in 4th grade for God's sakes! I know we live in the south, but isn't this a wee bit early? Or maybe I'm late? I did toss out those child development books after the first year.
Wait a minute come to think of it, I was in like 9th grade before they showed us such a movie. You know, I'm 32 and still haven't had THE TALK , with my mom. Mom's really do talk to their girls about this stuff right?

Why in the world would a teacher leave that food for thought the day before break? Of course prepared or not I sucked it up, swallowed a lump down and leaped right into that cold water. Last thing I wanted for her, was to have what happened to me. She'll start asking questions to her friends and then she may get wrong or too much information. Which I'm sure will eventually happen, but at least I have laid down the ground work.

Now that it's over, I have to say it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I tried to keep things as simple as I could without giving too much information. Leaving it with, we can talk about this more when your older.

It just seems so weird going from THE TALK , to let's go see the new Hannah Montana movie!


  1. kudos for you for doing the "talk". I was recently at a party with a bunch of other moms and this discussion came up. many of the moms were leaving the "talk" up to teachers and their child's friends! so sad. and we wonder why so many teens are having unprotected sex and having babies of their own.

  2. My mom never had the "talk" with me either. Might be why I am very familiar with the back seat of Novas. I haven't talked to Emily either, but she's only 9. I took my 16-year old son condom shopping, said use this and don't have sex with anyone you wouldn't want to marry (don't forget to check her family). I'm surprised the teacher didn't send home a note asking for permission to show "the movie" before mentioning it. Gives you the option to talk to her or let the school do it. You got put in a corner with no choices!

    Spring Break?! Wow, we had our Spring Break a month ago. Only 20-something days left of school. Woohoo!

  3. This is the reason I contemplate doing home schooling. Granted he is 1 & I will probably be shoving him out the door to preschool just to get a break in another 2 years. My mom didn't "talk" to me either so I want to give you big thumbs up for talking to your daughter. I just can't believe they are bringing this up already. Shouldn't kids have a chance to be kids before the burdens of adult life. grrrr

  4. That's awkward. I don't think I ever really had the talk with my mom either. I think it's something they made up for the movies. ;)


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