Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The candles were a fire hazard

They claim a woman feels sexiest and finds her true self in her 30's. So far I haven't found her and to tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid to! From the way they talk I should be looking for a slutty, confident, half fertile broad. I don't know maybe she is slowly taking over me and I didn't even see her sneaking up.(Ja-son stop!! I'm trying to focus on writing my post.) Does anyone know how this works? Is it like having multiple personalities? Cause the way he's acting right now you would think she's already been here! Come to think of it I have been feeling a little frisky lately.

"No! I said, Mommy's 32 28 today and every year after!"


  1. Really, they say 30's??!!

    i felt sexier in my late teens than I do now!

    Yes Jason, stop....she is trying to talk to us!

  2. Happy Birthday! I think the 30 women you are talking about are the single ones with no children. I know I don't have time to be any of those things... to many needs to attend to like diapers naps,cleaning & meals. LOL Hope you had a good day :-)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have fun with Jason!~~!

  4. I did feel very sexy and pretty in my 30's!!!!!! but that was before I had kids!!

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