Friday, January 9, 2009

Running in circles

"Madisen sweetie, I want you to forget all mommies rules."

"Don't play with her!"

"Don't sit close to her!"

"Don't hold hands!"

"Don't braid each others hair!"

"In fact just don't even go near her!"

"Don't even accidentally look in her direction!"

"Yes, I know I have always told you be nice and share with others!"

"I knooow she's your BFF!"

"OkAY! Then today lets just play a secret game that only we know about..."

"It's called TAG, and little miss BFF is IT, now anytime she gets near You run away as fast as you can , okay?!"

(I mean really, I know it's hard to get rid of lice, but it's going on 4 weeks!! Whatever happened to the big day in school where everyone lines up and the nurse checks your hair? Then, if you had it you got a slip and went HOME! Hey, and don't you wish you could go back to 2nd grade, where a BFF ment something! This girls got Bugs for Gods sake, and she still won't abandon her, now that's friendship!)

Dear Lord,
Please shield my child from the girl with lice!

And, Last but not least my Photo for Friday's Foto Fiesta with Candid Carrie!
(Because there's hope just in case!)


  1. Lol. Hope the little buggers vanish soon.

  2. Ugggh. That just makes me shudder. I hope she avoids it.

  3. Oh! We went through that the end of last school year!! It's horrible and they wouldn't ever send the little girl home because she had already missed too much school!! So, lots of time and money later, we had to deal with getting rid of it!

  4. Neener! I made it over here. Hi!

    I knew exactly where you were going with the whole stay the hell away from your bff no matter what thing because it just went around at our school!

    Thanks because now I am itching again. And it is winter so the kids scalps are all flaky and crunchy-like anyway so when their hair moves I think it is lice but it is really dandruff. Egad!

    Welcome back, welcome home and if you ever go away that long I will stalk you and haul you back out here! Or I will steal your identity and make stuff up. Give the people what they want!

    Love you, miss you, keep writing ... you are on a roll now girl!

    Oh, and thanks for participating!



  5. Haha! Have you tried mayonaise?

  6. EEEEK !!!

    Now my head is itching !! :-)

    Hair conditioner works ... heaps of it ..

  7. OH NO! Maybe your daughter can wear a hair net? Hope things clear up soon..

  8. Wish I could forward this to the girls mom who has it, Amy & Karen!

  9. LOL I love it!

    Ponytails, lots and lots of ponytails!

  10. Ugh, I was the girl in school who always had lice. The last time was in 7th grade, and they kept sending me home because there were still eggs in my hair, even though I had a note from the doctor saying the eggs were not viable (if you put them under a microscope you could see that they were broken and dead). I had to cut my hair so my mom could get everything out. I was so mad, because my hair was down to my waist!

    I hope she doesn't catch it, or that it will be short and easy to get rid of if she does!

  11. oh my oh my - I have yet to have this wonderful expereince

  12. The nightmare relives in my brain. . .how dare you bring it back. 3 daughters with Very thick shoulder to waist length hair, my own hair past my waist. Girl Scout campout. Misquito bites, Lice and sunburns.
    And to top it all off. . .I was the troop leader so all the other moms got mad at me.
    we kept infecting each other over and over and over again.
    I am so glad that phase is over with. Now I get to see it happen to the grandchildren. I feel for all of you.

  13. ewww. Thank goodness, we've never had lice in our house. Fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that ...


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