Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What are you smoking crack?

I think the schools bus driver has been breathing gas fumes way too long...

You would think I am a fugitive with all the attention I am getting. I've got helicopters out looking for me, there's undercover FBI agents parked out at the kids school, and they keep breaking in on the news to run my story.

Okay, not really but it might as well be!

A little confused? Let me fill you in...

Kailey's classroom is under construction, therefore today her class was to meet in a unused room, which is outside of the school in the very back. To access this room she must be dropped off on the street above the school (the normal drop off area), walk approx. 400 ft to enter the school, then go down a flight of stairs to the lower level, and out the back door. Once she is out the back door she is completely alone. From there she must walk three doors down to get where she is going.

Alright now stop right there and lets evaluate this situation. She is a gorgeous little girl with long blond hair walking alone, less than 300 ft from a street with houses. Exactly where a drunken man walks, or at least tries to walk it's more like stumbling, everyday! It is absolutely the worst possible neighborhood for an elementary school. Now, let me ask you does this sound safe?

It's 20 degrees out, parking the car and walking the girls in would freeze everyone especially Jake, who would get it twice. Besides that it's stupid to walk so far in the cold, when I know I can drive right up to the back door. This way the girls can quickly get in out of the cold and I can have peace of mind they are safe.

What is one day breaking one rule, right? It's a heinous crime that's what!

Here's the bus drivers delusional vision of the crime;
"She came speeding through the 'drop off forbidden' parking lot, and almost took out three children!"

Can you believe it??? This is what she ran and blabbed to Madisen's teacher, and god only knows who else!

Speeding through! First of all, Were talking about a school parking lot not at the mall you crack addict lady. A huge sale at the mall, sure I might risk hitting a few children there, but not at school!!

I simply followed the bus to where I pick up the kids, everyday after school. Crawled to a STOP when the bus stopped in front of me, and waited to pass. Once everyone was in the clear, I slowly proceeded through the parking lot and parked right where I could watch the girls (walking all alone).

I don't care who I have offended at least I know my children are safe!


  1. Idiot. I would've done exactly what you did.

  2. I can't believe any elementary school would think having kids walk alone ANYWHERE acceptable!! THAT'S the issue that needs to be dealt with.

  3. The first day of the school year, my daughter was put on the bus when she NEVER took the bus home before. Thought she would never be found for about 35 minutes. What's going on with school's lately????

  4. Hear hear! I would have done the exact same thing!!!

  5. **WILD APPLAUSE**!! You did the exact right thing. I would go further and bring to issue that the SCHOOL is responsible for your child,and they should provide an adult to safely see the children to their class!!

    As for the bus driver, I would buy a drug test and DEMAND he take it...

  6. You go girl! This world needs more mothers like you, who are concerned about their children's well-being first and foremost. Why is it that some people don't understand that parents know what is best for their children, even it if breaks the 'rules'?

  7. You go girl!!! I agree with K*E....more mothers like you!!

    We'll fight with you!

  8. That's pretty crazy. Considering the fact that bus drivers aren't the best drivers this lady sure is one to talk. I think you did the right things and should continue to do it as long as your girls are displaced from their classroom!

  9. Not cool. I think you were right. Safety is the most important thing.


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