Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't take the Tiarra too!!

I finally discovered the underlining culprit, to our frequent stomach bug epidemic. For a while I was very puzzled over this mysterious diarrhea, that was effecting the kids. Here I was a little frantic thinking they had some kind of stomach bacteria or something. When really it traced back to these little guys...

Gummy Bears!

That's right Gummy bears! Oh, but not just any Gummy bears either these are Sugar-free Gummy bears. The first time I ran across them I was standing in line in a drug store, while on vacation. The second I read the bag labeled Sugar-free, it was if a light shined down on me from the heavens above and I could hear angels singing "Aaahhh". The solution to our cranky, screaming baby in the car, was sitting on the rack right in front of me. "Hal-le-lu-ah, A new secret weapon for gaining control, Qua-psssh!"

Little did I know I was a far cry from winning the mother of the year award on that purchase. You see printed on the very back near the ingredients is a tiny little warning.

Warning: Substitute sweeteners can cause a laxative effect...

Laxative effect... ding, ding, ding....Every 'H-ello Way to go idiot!', Alarm went off in my head as I read it repeatedly.

It was made with Splenda! With my new love for sugar-free products, our house was oozing Splenda.

Now Splenda-free, the kids bowels stay under control.

(sigh) And let's just say my ego, isn't too fond of the constant reminder, every time I see a Splenda label!

*mumbling in guilt* "I might as well just have fed them laxatives..."


  1. Well, at least now you know what to do if they are ever backed up.

    And why would they put the warning in super fine print anyway?? They know we never have time to read that stuff.

  2. I am not off to read the labels on our MANY sugar free snacks.. Peyton has been having a bit of diarrhea this week. Humm, I wonder... I didn;t even think about Splenda!
    Glad the kids are feeling better.

  3. I didn't know they had Splenda in them............

    (Going to go check the back of the bag on my bears..could explain a lot of rumbles in the tumbles...)

  4. WOW! why isn't there a giant sticker on the front. It should say something like "Do not use on children unless they are experiencing constipation issues" Gotta love the advertising companies that let us think we are doing a good thing for our little ones then we find out they lied! LOL well at least you know that your kids aren't really ill & I know why my son had explosive butt issues around the holidays when everyone was making sugar free junk

  5. Oh, this is so me. I'm allergic/intolerant to every kind of artificial sweetener out there. Until they came out with TRUVIA! It's not an artificial sweetener, it's natural, but it's still 0 cal. I haven't had any trouble. It's not in any products yet, but it is available in granular form. Give it a try!

  6. well I hope you all stop with the bears!

  7. I'm so sorry to giggle at this post and at your suffering, but this happened to my hubby at the movies when we were first dating. He was so excited to buy a bag of sugar free candy to eat and he ate the whole bag...we barely made it home (don't tell him I told you this!).

  8. Good thing you checked that label. I wouldn't have even thought that could be the cause.

  9. Huh. I didn't know Splenda did that. I knew that too much sugar free candy had the possibility of that effect, but never made the connection. Glad you figured it out.


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