Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's my Excuse note...

To anyone that may have dropped by and missed my presence~
Please excuse my absence for the following dates above. The following reasons will help you to understand my situation;

1.I've been overly tired. (from Jacob waking up to party for two hours every night)

2. The stress from 1., resulted in me giving Jacob a bath in his socks, because I forgot to take them off.
& 3. An entire pile of clothes slathered with bathroom cleaner, before I realized it wasn't the stain remover.

4. I've been spending countless hours in the bathroom with Jacob potty-training, at his interested leisure. Which so far I think is going really well. (Even though he thinks it's funny to hind behind the shower curtain and pee on it!)

5. The billboard size birthday card the girls made me that hung on the fridge ALL week, brought on a huge self pity-party. (a two day melt-down)

And...6. As if turning 32 and the fact I have nothing to show for it wasn't bad enough, that day I found out my dad has bone cancer.

7. I've spent hours sorting through a (crammed 12x12) box of receipts. It's an entire years worth of important receipts, that have accumulated daily through Jason's building business.(Which have been scattered all over his van. I'm talking nasty trampled on dirty receipts! I've had to sift through the garbage just to find the important stuff. )

(read and sort, categorize, and sort,clean the house, get Jacob out of the receipts, sort again, enter in the computer...)

Oh and to top it all off...I'm sick!


  1. Oh my stinking goodness! What a rough week!I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Our prayers are with him.
    Get better soon. Drink lots of water!

    Don't worry about the sock thing, they get water in the wash anyway.

  2. This is overwhelming just reading it. I'm so, so sorry about your father.
    And how I wish you weren't sick!
    Big ((HUG)) for you.

  3. OH MMAN! Run away. far away.. Ever think of taking a vacation to Japan. I know a guy, who knows a guy.

  4. All mommies going crazy believe me I'm slowly going crazy I been home with the girls just before the new year due to my job closing there doors to move to Mexico! i been home now for a few weeks slowly going crazy, I think im ready to go and find work again!

  5. I missed you and also I have been away too. I'm back not in full force but at least every few days.

    The weather here in the winter time is really nice. I don't think I can take it in the summer when it can get up to 110...ick!

    Lee :)

  6. ::hugs:: You're in my prayers, especially your dad. I hope you get to feeling better yourself too.


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