Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wakey wakey Wal-mart shoppers!

Wal-mart around here is definitely not the place you want to go, if you don't want to be seen. You are bound to run into someone or everybody you know, it's just a given fact. And although I know Wal-mart isn't the fanciest place to shop, it doesn't hurt to take a little bit of pride in what you wear. Is it too much to ask for shoppers to hide their muffin tops or at least wear actual clothes. If you wear it to bed most of the time, it's not considered outer wear! Just because you can wear it to run out quickly to take the dog out or get the mail, doesn't make it okay to shop in. Since when did Wal-mart start holding sleepovers? I know I didn't get that flyer in the mail. Seriously, I have literally seen woman shopping out in their pajamas, dirty pajamas at that! To me this is just appalling. While it may be cool if your 15 wearing pajama pants out, believe me it's not when your dragging the hubby or a load of kids. No one wants to see your nasty slippers as you make your way down the aisles. For goodness sake could you not have just taken an extra five minutes to remove the hair curlers? All I'm asking for is a little self-respect people. It's a little confusing to my children trying to shop with you.

"Look mommy that woman is wearing her pajamas, and you wouldn't even let me wear my pink boots!"

I just don't see how you aren't embarrassed by yourself!
Why just the other day I was forced to take Madisen in wearing her pajamas, and I was so embarrassed! I had just picked her up from pajama day at school and had to run by wal-mart, before going home. Here she is 8 years old and begs me to ride in the buggy. Frustrated having all the kids with me I reluctantly just gave in. As I rounded one of the corners I just happened to run into an old friend (as expected). I found myself persistent on making sure she new why Madisen was dressed that way. All I could think was; I'm sure everyone in the store is assuming I have brought my germ infested sick child in to shop with me. Mothers all over the store were mumbling under their breaths "yep that's why are kids stay sick, it's mother's like her who won't stay home!" I'm telling you I could not get out of that store fast enough. All I know is the school needs to give the kids a sticker or sign to wear on those days.

Another thing seeing how I've stepped up on the soap box for today. What about the old bitties Wal-mart hires at the front of the store, does anyone know their purpose? They don't wipe down the buggies when they are wet, in fact they don't even keep paper towels on hand. From what I've seen they don't even hand you a buggy, even if they see you struggling with your hands full. Their rude and all they do is stand and hold a social club for seniors, right where you walk through the door. As far as I've seen all they do is collect a paycheck! All I know is I hope I can be so lucky as to land such a job when I'm an old hag. Hag! Not even!

Straight from a Wal-mart Ad ;
'Tonight's sleepover will include Bingo games, with prizes awarded hourly...'

Photo courtesy find by Mrs.Boring stay at homer ! Thanks hun too Funny!


  1. LOL I'm so glad someone else says that about the grumpies at the door. Mine has grumpy men, who think they work for Costco and need to check your reciept when you walk out. Really I'm dragging 3 kids do you think this TP under my cart I'm trying to sneak out with? UGH

    I just blogged about undies there, you should check it out. :)

  2. So. It's not just the Walmart in my town huh? Go figure.

  3. yes, it's me again. stranger who reads your blog.

    but i just got this in an email tonight and thought of you!!

    hope it works for you!

  4. LOL so true!! It's like "Hey, did your mother teach you anything?"

    I tried once going out in my pj pants, you know, just to see what the buzz was about and the whole time I'm thinking, I feel homely! I went home took a shower, and went out to finish the rest of my errands!

  5. LOL. I could easily be one of those shoppers. Minus the dirt, slippers and hair curlers. I gives a damn whose there (which is slang for NOT giving a damn whose there, lol) and who might see me as I pick up a few things in my hoodie and pajama pants. I can kinda feel you about the so-called "cart handlers/receipt checkers" at the entrance of the store. But heck, if Wal-mart worked me like a dog, without breaks and such (and they do), I'd probably be socializing with the rest of the hags too, lol.

  6. You had me when I read "When did Wal-Mart start having sleep-overs?"
    You, my new blog friend, are VERY funny! :->

  7. okay - I couldn't agree more - I hate that women don't take pride in how they look! and then complain - lady - wash your face please - put on a little mascara!

    Now - for the old ladies at Walmart - they are there for returns only - so you don't walk into the store with an UNSCANNED item!


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