Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I truly am a miracle worker

You would be amazed how a Mystery surprise can turn test scores from F's into A's over night.

First A - A plastic tree with roots
"Look at it this way honey, if you don't get another A, at least you will have a fake tree for your Barbies!"
(I'll let you imagine the look she gave me. But, I'll have you know it wasn't becoming of her.)
Second A-
A Plastic container
"Don't worry sweetie it's not a bedpan!"
"A what??... EWWW, mommy your gross!"
Third and consecutive A- A bag of rocks.
(Have you figured it out yet? She has a few guesses one which is right, but not yet confirmed!")

Blabber mouth Madisen has begged and pleaded to know the secret. After she was sworn to secrecy, we told her it was a Multi-color lady bug farm. Eyes as big as quarters, she wasn't pleased with the answer, but dying to squeal the big news.
(Little does she know, we know her all too well to tell the truth!)

The Fourth and final test, for the grading period, another A!! ~
Can't wait for them both to come home and be surprised, at the little Turtle swimming in their room!

Isn't bribery wonderful! A little pricey, but well worth outcome. Now I know what she's capable of, and that's priceless.


  1. What a great idea! Way to think outside the box there :)

  2. How cool is that? I hope you tell the story of their reaction. :)

  3. oh my dear are you aware that turtles carry the nasty salmonella??

  4. Hey Tiara wearin Chick-a-dee! I know.. but the girls are old enough now to understand the importance of Germ-x Everytime. Especially because they are around goats at my moms.

  5. Turtle...equals...being sick in the house??? Oh wait that was before.

    And I take it back...use hand sans with turtles...yuck.


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