Friday, January 25, 2008

Boom Box on wheels

Well Jason worked out in the freezing cold last night and got my boom box on wheels working again. Yes that’s right I have my very own supped up Chevy Tahoe. It has large tires, tinted windows, amplifiers, and a subwoofer box in the trunk. Oh Yeah… Oh I know all you ladies are jealous of that. Mmm- huh yep the girls and I really kick it with Hannah Montana at 7am in the morning. You know I just can’t imagine how we would ever listen to it without all that bass. Yep I’m one Hot momma. I’m sure I have chicken nuggets rolling around under the seats which thump around with every beat, melted crayons in the carpet. Toys and clothes tossed on the floor, trash falling out the door. He...I mean I just can’t wait until we have the money to buy a lift kit for it. I’ll be able to just toss Jacob up right in his car seat, after I crawl up through the door with him on my hip. Oh and just think of what calves I will have from loading groceries on my tiptoes, won’t that be wonderful!

For all those wondering about the Volcano project, I'll wait till the grade comes back before I brag. I'll I know is the glue gun and I do not get along. Regardless Madisen and I had fun, and we weren't outside near as long as Jason.


  1. Sounds like one hot ride. I'm so jealous because all I have is a van. I feel like such a soccer mom.

  2. I'm from Detroit...everything does sound better with a subwoofer.


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