Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just try it...I promise you'll like it!

I get asked all the time, how do you get your kids to eat That? I for one know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat meat and veggies or sometimes anything. I have definitely had my share of frustration in that area. I've heard all the whining comments and excuses from my kids. What's that smell is that dinner? Ew...I'm not eating that! I'm not hungry! My tummy hurts, I can't eat another bite. Aw...Do I have to eat it? Chances are; 1. They've ate it for years and just decided they don't like it. 2. They've never even tried it. 3. They aren't full because they are asking for desert. Some of the things I have tried and had success with are 1. Associate whatever they are eating or going to eat with a movie, cartoon or animal. Mine will eat it every time. What are these? These are chicken nuggets from the movie 'Cars'! They will examine it a few minutes and then just swear they see the character. "Oh yeah I see it...look I'm eating ..."Take for instance Broccoli, what are we having? Dinosaur trees of course. They tend to associate it with the box of cereal that has the characters on them. Where's the box? When they want to see it? Oh darn. It just went out with the trash! See where I'm going with this. You just have to try and out smart them. Condiments can be very helpful but expensive. Our wonder sauce is Ranch. They will eat anything if you put ranch on. You don't like it? Here try it with ranch. Then all the sudden it’s good. I personally think hot dogs and ranch is disgusting, but what ever works, right. You can also try pretending to steal their food. It can be lots of fun when the whole family gets involved. They will eat really fast so you don't get, meanwhile they are eating more than you imagined they would. For the really little ones I found puppet shows work really well. Especially, when they sneak up and try and steal food. Be careful which games you teach the little one in the high chair. For instance Peek a Boo...mmm NOT too good. They will continue to play Peek a Boo every time whether you want them to or not. Yes the dishtowel constantly being held in front of the face doesn't make for an easy time. Trying to take the towel away even harder...believe me. Even with no towel they will be relentless at hiding their face. Really bad idea! Acting crazy making silly noises and faces doesn't seem to hurt either. You might feel stupid doing it , expecially when no one is home, but the baby will eat. As a mom you can always find new ways to be inventive in getting that belly full. If nothing of this nature works for you, remember there’s always money as a last resort.

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  1. It's sad that parents are forced to get creative at mealtimes. But sadly we've got some incredibly stubborn kids here and all those plots have failed. We're to the point where we say eat it or starve. Period.


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