Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mommies wild ride

Last Thursday was just a typical day for me, the day to day routine and I was feeling fine. That evening I had all three kids in the bathtub. The girls were playing sponge ball and I was leaning over the tub washing Jacob, who was trying to make a hoop himself. Without any warning whatsoever, to me everything in the room flipped upside down. I have Vertigo which is a balance disorder. Bet you thought I was on drugs there for a second huh? No this is something I have lived with for many years. It must be something that is inherited because my mom and sister both have it also. Usually I just have a quick bad dizzy spell and a bad headache for a day when it happens. I haven't had a bad episode in over 2 years. That consists of medicine and the rest of the day of dizziness and nausea. Kind of like morning sickness in a way, only worse. It comes on so sudden with no warning. You instant hang on to the nearest object for dear life and instantly get hot and bad nausea. Well this time I had the worst one yet. Here I was clinging on to Jacob's arm with one hand and grabbing the tub with the other, as I went on my wild ride with my head. I was able to tell Kailey I needed help before hitting the floor of the bathroom trying to puke. Unlike before this time I was helpless and instantly drenched in sweat. I have never been that bad. As I was lying there Kailey my little hero wrapped Jacob in a towel and set him in his empty bathtub near me. She ran and handed me the phone and I could barely figure out the numbers.My hands were going numb and I was blacking out,something I have never experienced. I thought something was bad wrong as I reached Jason and my mom on the phone. Within minutes he was home and she was on her way to take me to the E.R. I wasn't worried so much for myself as I was for my babies. Here the girls were so scared and Jacob was crying. I felt so miserable and looking at those helpless eyes just wanting me to help him killed me. Jacob that is not Jason, well I guess him too a little. lol...I knew Jason was going to have a hard time with Jacob once I was gone, because we are never apart. After going to the E.R to get lots of medicine and a cat scan for safety, I was okay. Kudos to Jason for doing a great job with the girls and dealing with a sick baby who was missing his mommy! After two days of rest and lots of Medicine I am finally feeling better. That is one thing I wouldn't wish on anybody. Thank goodness it's over. Now I just hope and pray my kids never get it.


  1. I hope you're feeling better. That would be scary! Let's hope the kids don't inherit that.

  2. Now that I've read your post I can finally give a name to what happens to me. I don't puke or anything. But sometimes I'm doing (fill in the blank, could be anything at all) and my surrounding start spinning. My knees get like watery and I have to hold on to anything because otherwise I'll fall down. I have to sit or lay down right away and wait for the feeling to go away. I try to keep my eyes closed for fear that the spinning room could make me nauseaus. It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour before I feel really better. I've always had a balance problem. When I was a kid I would get car sick all the time, and so does my dad, even now. If I'm standing up and I close my eyes I can drop to the floor in a matter of seconds unless I'm holding on to something. But until now, it hadn't occurred to me that I could be suffering from Vertigo. Thanks for posting about it and giving me a name for my problem. Most people just tell me its because I got up from my seat too quickly or something silly like that. They don't understand that I could be fine one moment and almost passed out the next.


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