Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Seconds

I've been going through piles of stuff the kids have outgrown. I never have time for a garage sale and I don't always have someone to pass my hand me downs to. Therefore it all just sits around cluttering up closets until I find someone or toss it to the salvation army. I would sell it on Ebay but why, with all your fees and competition you don't make anything and it's all a waist of time. Somethings I look at and wish I could keep them. Things that are just so cute! I've done that so much in the past that now my trunks are over flowing. Now with Jacob I have even more. The girls are just getting too big for that anyways. So, I've decided to find a good use for all those sweet things. I have set up a new website to hand these things on for others to use. Please take a peek .... I promise it's worth the click! Besides I've worked the past two days on this and it was my birthday, so make me happy and just peek. The best part is it's all FREE!


  1. You are genius! That is a fabulous idea and I'm glad you did it.

  2. I thought this was a great idea. I commented there as Wendy.


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