Friday, January 4, 2008

Poor man's playpen

Jacob just loves his new playpen. He loves doing laundry with me. He's such a big help, although some of the clothes come out a little wet afterwards. He loves to play in it long after the clothes are done. Not that we can't afford a big playpen for him. He actually has a really nice expensive play pen his Grandma and Poppy bought him. It's really nice it has a changing table, mobile toys on it and it even vibrates. It also has a plug in feature for a MP3 player, which we haven't even used. I'm not to sure if there are babies out there who own them or if this is strictly for adults use. Sounds silly I know to even think it's a for the baby, at least that's what I thought. I don't know we really do spoil our kids this day and time. I remember I didn't even have a T.V or a phone in my own room until I was in my teens. I was 22 before I had a cell phone, which my 9 year old is dying to have. Before that all we had were those beepers on our belt loop. Remember those? Yep that was our way of text messaging! You had to run to a pay phone (which now barely exists) to call who ever was beeping you. Which never really was important but oh we thought we were cool! We didn't have Internet to use for our parents to fear. Guess that's why kids back then got in less trouble. We had nothing to do! That is if you compare it to now, Yet we have plenty to remember. All of which we can say was never boring. Now they all have T.V's, DVD players, phones, computers etc... by the time they are old enough to use them. So I guess really a baby owning a Mp3 player isn't all that far to fathom.


  1. Awww! I have pics of my youngest in a laundry basket too!

    We just got our 6 yr old a iPod Shuffle for Christmas, so I now what you mean (actually I won it in a blog contest). I wasn't even allowed to have a radio until I was a junior in high school.

  2. My 6 yo got her first iPoid shuffle too, and my 13 yo upgraded to a nano, so my youngest (3) got her shuffle. All four are now plugged in and i suppose if we had a baby still we might have filled one with baby tunes and plugged her in too.

  3. lol. my 6 yo got her first shuffle for Christmas and my 13 yo uprgraded with a nano so my youngest (3) got her shuffle. So it's not to farfetched to imagine that if we had a baby still she wouldn't be jammin' to baby tunes with her very own iPod hooked up to her playpen. Except we never actually used our playpens for much more than corraling the toys... the girls never took to them.

  4. I love the laundry basket pics!!

    I remember those beeper days....and not having a CD until I was a teen...yep.

    Those were the days...

    BTW, you're on TopMomma!!! That's how i found you.

  5. I love the pictures of the "boy in the laundry basket"! :)

    My son also had some "baby in the bucket" pics before. He loved taking a bath in the laundry pail. Now he's too big for that :). Ah, children...


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