Saturday, January 19, 2008

I deserve my birthday spankings this year

Every year on my birthday my girls do all they can to make the day special. They sneak around and make cards or they find something they have to wrap up to give me. As for Jason it's never much because we always seem to be broke this time of year. I can at least say he has never forgotten ( yet). Well I don't know if it's all the snow we've had and the fact that I've been stuck inside with the kids since last Tuesday or that I'm just in a fowl mood just because. Anyhow, I did something so mean I should just punish myself with timeout for the day. Sunday is really my Birthday but I received a birthday card in the mail from my brother yesterday. Jason as usual brings in the mail after he gets in from work. Inside all the bills was this card. After I opened it I told Jason it was a card for my birthday. He immediately panicked thinking he missed my birthday, the girls upon listening panicked also. Kailey immediately says "today's your birthday?" ! Playing along I said "Yes and not one person has even mentioned my birthday, no card, no gifts and all you two have done all day is FIGHT!" Let me tell you the look on all their faces was priceless. As I could see the tears welling up in their eyes, I said "I'm just kidding, but you could stop fighting for my present on Sunday." Their relief took a second to sink in and then they were stomping off like Sephanie on Full House. " How Rude!" Yes, I guess I admit that was rude, I was just having a day and took advantage of the moment. Jason bless his heart gave a huge sigh of relief, and said he was getting ready to fake a heart attack for sympathy before I confessed. Now that they all have had a two day advance notice , they better come up with something good. Although after that I'm sure I'll be getting more birthday spankings than anything else.

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  1. No way! Today is my birthday too! (The 20th, right?!) Well have a great one, from one stressed mom to another. :)


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