Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow is glistening and I'm not listening

Well a 1/2 inch of snow wasn't exactly what we were hoping for this morning. The forecaster teased us again, with their cry of wolf. By now we are all used to it, so it was no big surprise. It was enough to get them out of school and that was the main goal. The kids were disappointed there wasn't enough to sled on, but they would have an easier time sledding on dry grass. With the wind chill at what it is, the kids can't even go out and make spit balls out of it. Therefore were forced to entertain ourselves inside today. We spent the day organizing and trying to find room for all their new toys. The only eventful part of the day was when I fell off my bathroom counter putting on makeup. I know I know I shouldn't have been up there to begin with. What kind of role model am I? Here I am constantly telling them not to climb and warn how they can get hurt. Then who ends up hurt? I do! Jason has told me hundreds times not to sit there. I do because I can't see, and if I had only remembered to shut the drawer this never would have happened. The phone had rang and I go spinning around to jump off and I flipped right over the open drawer onto my knees face first on the tile. I'm lucky I didn't knock myself out. I guess it's a good thing we didn't have snow to sled I would have never been able to. I have hobbled all day like I've been in a train wreck. With bruises everywhere, back pain, and a completely cracked toenail, I guess I have learned my lesson. Hmm... which is... that I need to pay attention better or get glasses I suppose. What? I'm not actually going to quit sitting there. The draw is now broke so I should be fine. My kids don't listen , so why should I?

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  1. I am a late fan and was reading this from your Wednesday 4/23 post. But keep sitting up there, if you got the glasses you would have to take them off to do your makeup anyway. Now you have an excuse to remodel. Thanks for writing I really enjoy your blog.


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