Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fridge Report

Here's a list of what's on the side of my refrigerator this week.
Pictures of the kids and Magnets of course.
The school lunch calender
Invitation for a birthday slumber party Madisen was invited to.(which reminds me I need to buy a present for!)
Madisen's spelling test words for the week.
Kailey's spelling test words and bible verse for the week.
Sticky notes:
Appointments for both of the girls to go to the dentist.
Jacobs check up Dr. appointment date.
Madisen's Dr. appointment for her ears.
Kailey has a science test on Friday.
Madisen has a history test on Thursday.
School notes:
The girls both need a recorder for school
Note to self: reminder Friday send in school tuition. (What a chunk that is, more than a house payment would be. Guess that's why I don't have a house payment. At least they are getting a good education. )
Each child needs to bring in $5 by Friday for PTO, for the purchase of gifts for teacher appreciation day.
The 7th is picture day, volunteers needed
The 7th is 100th day of school, please send in 100 things for each student. 10 bags of 10 things (That would be 200 for us.)
For the 100 day of school please send in things to decorate a cake and room with. (must add that to my shopping list)
Volunteers needed for the 8th Teacher appreciation day.You will also be contacted regarding donating food or drinks for teacher appreciation day. ( I'll have to watch my caller I.D for that, gee I don't know why I didn't get a call? That's terrible I know..)
The 8th is a ball game, cheerleaders be at school by 4:00 (Kailey & Madisen are both Cheerleaders, schools out at 3:00, so that doesn't leave us enough time to come home. Guess, I will be at school from 3:00- about 8:00. Yeah that will be so much fun with a 8 month old. I can't believe I signed up for this willingly. I even hawked a ring for them to do it. How crazy is that! Never again.)
Valentines day party scheduled please sign up for donating to class party. Please send in Valentines day cards to hand out, here are the list of students. (Again both girls! Yet more to add to my list of things to buy. Wonder how I'll even afford a card for Jason on top of all this.)

And I wonder why I'm always broke and have no time for anything?

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  1. I wonder what we ever did with our pathetic lives before we had kids.


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