Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making Babies

Making babies was my passion. Fake babies that is! One look and I was hooked, I instantly became a reborn addict. Back before Jacob was born I was a Reborn Artist for 4 years. I'm not sure if any of you know what they are. These are Artists which take ordinary baby dolls and reborning kits to transform them into babies that are so real. They look and feel so real it is scary. You can even make them with a heart beat. The only thing missing is their breath of life. Being a Reborn Artist gave me a way to bring in extra income, set my own hours and have a great outlet from the kids. I was able to meet lots of friends by guilds, forums and customers. It was very rewarding and had excellent pay. I was getting from $250-$600 per doll. It's a lot of work but a ton of fun. Why am I not still doing this? I kept my business with them up until Jacob was born. I thought I would take a short break and go back to work. As you know with a little one they are just so time consuming at this age. I decided it was just too much with all I have on my plate and just quit altogether. It was very hard to give up something I had loved to do so much but I knew it was just time. I have a real baby to get my baby fix and so I moved on to blogging for an outlet which is less time consuming.
The link to my sight in the sidebar Silent Angles is now inactive,
Here are some examples of my past babies.

Not very many people know about reborning and they are really missing out. These babies feel so real and just flop in your arms. I had allot of customers who had lost children who bought them for to keep to remember a loss. There were also many who purchased those that resembled there children to cherish that memory of them when they were so tiny.
I have a dear friend I met through this work in the business.
JaNan Duncan with Forever Babies.

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing one of these you should look into her site she does some amazing work! My Forever Babies

If you have a interest in the field and are a talented artist you can find more information through the guild I was a Charter member to at Life Like Reborn Artists

Just don't do like I did, and tell your husband you want to make a baby. He might just get the wrong impression!


  1. Those are incredibly lifelike! I think you should find time, somewhere to continue making those.

  2. Wow!!! That's impressive!! They do look real!

  3. Those look so real. What an interesting idea. Maybe I should do one of me and hubby from baby pictures, (just update the clothing of the 70's)..

  4. I love these babies. Sorry you had to give it up, you are very talented. From one busy mom to another, I can feel ya girl. Somethings gotta give. Enjoy the chicken nugget days. They aren't here for long. I really love how your humor shines through in your writing. I am marking you in my favorites. Thanks for sharing.



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