Sunday, December 2, 2007

Do we have to go to bed?

Every night we have trouble getting the girls to go to bed. Jason and I together tuck in the girls every night. And every night it’s the same excuses as they come back down the hall. There’s the drink of water they need, or something they need to tell that just can’t wait till morning. We have the usual “she’s bothering me” or “I can’t feel the fan” complaints. One of my most favorite excuses of all Kailey uses all the time. Here she comes down the hall two minutes after you have tucked her in and says, “I can’t sleep”. As frustrating as it is, because I have just gotten a chance to sit down, I can’t help but laugh. How can she possible not sleep? She hasn’t even had a chance to close her eyes and try. As she sits there on the couch looking so serious, I’m laughing trying to explain she needs to go back to bed.

About a year ago I bought them masks to help them sleep. I thought if they can’t see each other than they won’t bother one another. They looked so cute on them, but they took some getting used to on my part. Every time I would check on them in the middle of the night, here were these big eyes looking at me. That’s not too funny when you’re half asleep. The masks didn’t much help with them going to sleep. Here they were walking down the hall with a mask flipped up on their forehead still complaining. Oh the things we will miss when they grow up.

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