Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's really freaking me out!

After school yesterday I received a note to all parents about a man that has been seen on our campus, and also at other schools in the area. The letter said the school would be in lock down from now on. Last night we had another ball game and I was told alot more information. One this guy is a crack head and just got out of jail for theft, drugs, ect.. Then I find out he was seen at our game on Thursday night. It was also reported someone broke into a classroom during the game and stole items and recked the room. Here Thursday night all our little girls are freely running around. I even walked out to my car in the dark with three kids hoofing a stroller to my car, where there are no street lights and everyone was in the game! How safe was that? I am paranoid to begin with never mind hearing all that. Last night I toughed it out and stayed till the game was completely over to walk out with others. Even though that's not convenient when Jacob needs to get to bed. There was no way I was going out by myself. I hate to scare my kids to death, but they need to know. I have always told them stories and warned them about things that could happen. Now with the stories of this guy and the fact that they could see his picture it has made the danger all too real to them. I tried to explain to them that the danger has always been there, you never know who is good and who isn't. The fact that Madisen actually saw this man at the game on Thursday, really scared me. I agree with Madisen's words "It's really freaking me out!" It's sad to have to worry about your kids so much, especially when they go to school, a place they should feel safe at.

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  1. Goodness, this sounds very scary. Poor Madisen. I would be terrified as well. I really hope they get him into custody soon.


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