Saturday, December 29, 2007

Madisen and the Tooth Fairy

Last night Madisen finally lost one of her two front teeth. With some of the bottom ones still missing she truly looks like a jack o lanturn. The same as the others this one was left for the tooth fairy. Only this time she actually saw the tooth fairy. Yes I know, I was shocked over the news also. This morning as she came running into the kitchen claiming she knows who the tooth fairy is my heart stopped. Until she continued on and on and on with her story. Oh she told me how she felt her tiny little hand touch hers and she looked and saw she looked like Tinkerbell. I heard all about how she put yellow dust all over kailey and she saw Madisen and screamed this tiny scream. It was this long drawn out story describing every little detail of her experience. Now I don't know what this child saw, but to her it was all too real. I just stood there relieved to hear all about her, so glad to know she didn't leave a twenty dollar bill this time. Yes apparently she once reached into her tiny little bag which Madisen claims is carried by her tiny little cat, and took out a twenty instead of a dollar. That was a surprising morning for all of us!

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