Monday, December 10, 2007

The Tree is Iffy

We have all our ornaments we have collected over the years with the kids on our tree. I have the sweet crafted ones they have made every year and those I have bought them each year. Jason and I also have irreplaceable ones from when we were babies on there. This year the girls hung all the ornaments themselves, so we have two or three to a limb. They are so proud of their decorating, so I will control my impulse to move them. We also have a new ornament this year. Yes it's Maxi, I can't seem to keep him out of the tree! He keeps climbing our tree and stealing ornaments. It's a wonder our Angel hasn't broke as much as it keeps falling off. The lights are barely hanging on and the tree skirt no longer looks like a skirt, more like a tree scarf! Every time I turn around I see the tree start swaying and every ornament is hanging on for dear life. Grabbing for the tree I Look and there he is half way up the tree peeking out. I gonna kill him! As if that wasn't bad enough Jacob makes a mad dash for the tree in his walker every chance he gets. He gets just close enough to grab an ornament and then screams if the tree touches him. He is so afraid of the texture of it, yet he won't stay away.No matter what the tree looks like I just hope it makes it till Christmas.

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  1. LOL! I came over from the wordless Monday Edition (I'm all those Raven blogs) ;) I love the pic of the cat in the tree. :)

    Linda et al


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