Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mommy Tantrum

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Monthly Contest

What does a toddler do when it wants something? They scream kick and throw a temper-tantrum to get their way.

Do you…

Have a Mom blog?

Need more traffic?

Want free Advertising?

Has anyone ever stepped on your last nerve?

Have you ever thrown a tantrum?

Don't have a blog? You can still vote!

How to enter & Rules;

This is a Monthly contest held to all Mommy bloggers. All you have to do is remember

one time whether it was yesterday or last year when you ended up throwing a fit. What did you do to get your way? All mommies do it. I know you’ve gave somebody the What for, at some time in your life. No reason to be ashamed or embarrassed! No body will put you in time out or anything. Whether it was at the kids, to a teacher, a neighbor, loved one, it doesn’t matter.

Add a post to your blog telling us your story.

Once you have posted it, fill out an entry form. After it's reviewed, I’ll post it and you can face other mothers and their stories. Whoever is voted to have pitched the biggest fit, wins! It’s That simple. I'll give the mommy with the best story at the end of the month, a Mommy Tantrum T-shirt, and a feature spot on my blog. First Month, all voting ends January 30,08 What are you waiting for...

Grab a badge and post it and your story together on your blog. The sooner you enter the quicker everyone can vote!

Only Mom bloggers please!

Please vist the forms page to copy your Html for your badge


  1. I'll work on it - thanks for the invite!

    And the picture of Jacob? My Alex LOVES that stupid Dish remote so much I think we're going to have to get another one just for him!

  2. OK, my post is up and I filled out the entry form... I hope I filled it out correctly! :D

    Great Idea!I had fun writing the post :D

  3. I'm in too!
    Leave it to me to come in at the buzzer.


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